The first time I stepped foot in Asia, it was to the tarmac of Nepal’s Kathmandu Airport. I was there to trek to Everest Base Camp, a decision I’d made in a hospital bed just  six months prior. Witnessing the majesty (there is no other word) of the Himalayas, the power of my own body, and the kindness of the local people – some who remain good friends to this day – were experiences that I do think changed the course of my life, and instilled a lifelong love of both Nepal, and Asia itself.

Within less than a year, I was back in Asia: this time for a good friend’s week-long wedding in India, and then to explore the island nation of Sri Lanka (and systematically drink all its banana lassis and hike all its hills).

Each visit just makes me crave more – and I’m looking forward to a lifetime of exploring the largest continent’s diverse experiences and cultures.

explore this incredible journey through Sri Lanka

the views were spectacular!

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

-Mary Anne Radmacher

So You’re Considering Traveling in Asia?

A decision to travel in Asia is one that may change the trajectory of your life – if you let it. As the world’s largest continent by both area and population, and second only to Africa in number of countries, the wealth of experiences found in Asia is vast.

In southeast Asia, you’ll find palm trees bent over secluded Sri Lankan surfing coves. You may wander miles of green countryside striped in tea plantations, or learn to eat with your fingers off banana leaves. If you’re lucky, you’ll overcome the adrenaline of crossing one of India’s tuktuk-jammed city streets.

In central Asia, you may sit in the smoky air of Kathmandu’s cremation temple, or ride a helicopter over the tightly-packed city and into the towering Himalayas.

Wherever you choose to visit in Asia, adventure and the kindness of strangers awaits.

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