It may not be the largest continent, but Africa holds the title as the continent with the most countries: 54! Unfortunately, many travelers tend to lump all of Africa together, and more so than any other continent you’ll hear people referring to it en masse – when in reality this is one of the most diverse places on earth.

From the biodiversity to the people and culture, there are huge differences between a trip to Morocco versus South Africa versus Uganda. The solution? See them all. Just kidding (maybe).

Personally, I’ve only had the opportunity to visit Morocco so far – but that only means I have plans to return. Where am I returning? I’d love to see even more of Morocco, which I thoroughly fell in love with – from the gardens of Marrakech to the Sahara Desert to the delicious tagine. Other countries high on my list are Botswana, Madagascar, Rwanda, South Africa, and Egypt.

Take a road trip through the Atlas Mountains

Morocco’s famous blue city

“Africa has her mysteries, and even a wise man cannot understand them. But a wise man respects them.”

-Miriam Makebar

So You’re Considering Traveling in Africa?

Start planning your own trip to Africa. Are you going to go on Safari and see wild elephants? What about an ethical gorilla trek in Rwanda? Enjoy the cosmopolitan side of South Africa? Or maybe you’ll spend a week in Marrakech, before exploring Morocco’s other gems, like sleeping overnight in the Sahara, having a traditional hammam spa day, or wandering the famous Blue City of Chefchaouen…

Use my blog posts below to help plan your trip.

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