The Caribbean is often described as a “necklace” of islands, all located (no surprise here…) in the Caribbean Sea. It’s worth traveling here just to witness the sea – which is a uniquely bright turquoise, and often completely clear all the way down to its sandy bottom. Go snorkeling, and you’ll see stingrays, barracudas, starfish, lemon shark, and more swimming happily along.

There is a lot to learn from the resilient people of the Caribbean, which is why I think it’s more important than ever in this region to make an effort to step off the tourist trail. Invest in locally owned businesses and experiences, and you’ll see that the Caribbean is so much more than bland hotel franchises and overly consumerist cruise ports.

Explore Nassau without touristy cruise excursion

Beautiful Cuba!

“Caribbean reality resembles the wildest imagination.”

-Gabriel Garcia Márquez

So You’re Considering Traveling in Caribbean?

There are over a dozen Caribbean countries and territories. Each one shares the iconic Caribbean Sea, but the cultures, history, and geography are quite diverse between each nation.

Visit vibrant Cuba (but be sure to snag the correct ever-changing visa), or the Bahamas. Volunteer with manatees in Belize, or go on a yoga retreat in Aruba. There’s also the Turks and Caicos, Saint Martin, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Haiti, and so many more.

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