The Coolest Singapore Airport Sleeping Pods (2024)

Singapore Changi Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and a gateway to travel in Asia. If you have an upcoming layover here, then you may be wondering where to find the best Singapore Airport sleeping pods.

I am a big fan of sleeping pods and have traveled through Singapore Airport multiple times. In this article, I’ve compiled the best options for sleeping at Singapore Airport – focusing on sleeping pods but also including airport hotels and snooze lounges where you can sleep for free.

The Jewel in Singapore Airport – there are a couple sleeping pod options here!

Singapore Airport Sleeping Pods: Available Options in 2024

So, you have a layover at Singapore Airport and you need a place to sleep… well, you’ve come to the right article!

My favorite option for sleeping in airports is always going to be a sleeping pod. They are the perfect mix of convenience and comfort.

There are multiple choices for sleeping pods at Singapore Airport. These range from real sleeping pods to similar options like private napping suites.

The bad news is that many (but not all) of these options are located within airport lounges and you need to either pay or meet certain criteria to use them. Don’t worry, I share all those details in this article.

The current Singapore Airport sleeping pods are:

  • Changi Lounge (Jewel)
  • Plaza Premium Lounge (Terminal 1)
  • Ambassador Transit Lounge (Terminal 2)
  • Ambassador Transit Lounge (Terminal 3)
  • The Blossom Lounge (Terminal 4)
  • Jet Quay Lounge (Jetquay)
  • Snooze Lounges (Terminals 1, 2, 3, and 4) – FREE!

Keep reading for more information on each of those options, including prices, directions, and eligibility.

I also have sections below on the best Singapore Airport hotels, and where to sleep for free within Singapore Airport if you end up deciding the sleeping pods are out of your budget. Let’s get to it!

EnergyPod sleeping pods – available at Changi Lounge in the Jewel.
EnergyPod sleeping pods – available at Changi Lounge in the Jewel.

Changi Lounge – REAL Sleeping Pods at Singapore Airport

Location: Jewel Changi Airport, Level 1 (public area)

The Changi Lounge is the only place where you can find REAL sleeping pods in Singapore Airport. The lounge is conveniently located in the iconic Jewel (the land side area with giant indoor waterfall and shopping mall).

This lounge uses sleeping pod technology called EnergyPod, built by MetroNaps. The pods are gravity neutral and feature a pull-down visor for privacy.

If you have ever had a long layover at London Heathrow Airport – or read my Heathrow sleeping pods guide – then you’ll recognize these as the same sleeping pods in the British Airways Forty Winks Lounge.

They are super comfy and your best option for a real sleeping pod at Singapore Airport.

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The sleeping pods in Changi Lounge at Singapore Airport. Photo credit: Changi Airport Group.

How Can You Book Changi Lounge Sleep Pods at Singapore Airport?

The sleeping pods within The Changi Lounge at Singapore Airport are pay-for-use, unlike the ones at Heathrow. Prices start from S$22 for 1 hour.

Who is Eligible?

You must pay to enter Changi Lounge, or be eligible for free entry through certain memberships or credit cards.

Entry fees start from S$25 for 3 hours, but depend on variables like adding meals, drinks, showers, or (of course!) sleeping pods. Check the full entry price list here.

Eligibility criteria for free entry:

  • Priority Pass
  • LoungeKey
  • Dragon Pass
  • Dream Folks
Changi Lounge – home to the best sleeping pods in Singapore Airport! Photo credit: Changi Airport Group.

Plaza Premium Lounge

Location: Terminal 1, Level 3, Departure Transit Hall (above Gate C1) 

Plaza Premium Lounge is an airport lounge located in Terminal 1. This lounge has three private “resting suites” which are essentially small rooms with a bed and nightstand. There are also separate shower facilities.

How Can You Book Plaza Premium Lounge Sleep Pods at Singapore Airport?

You must first book entry to the Plaza Premium Lounge, and then you can book one of the resting suites if it is available.

Resting suites come at an additional cost:

  • Single suite: 6 hours for S$155.51, with S$21/hour extension
  • Family suite: 6 hours for S$225.54, with S$21/hour extension

Who is Eligible?

The public can pay to enter the Plaza Premium Lounge. Prices start from S$55 for 3 hours. You may be eligible for free entry if you meet certain criteria.

Eligibility criteria for free entry:

  • DragonPass
  • LoungeKey (including Mastercard Airport Experiences)
  • Priority Pass
  • Holder of select Singaporean credit cards

Ambassador Transit Lounge – Terminals 2 and 3

Terminal 2 Location: Level 3, Departure Transit Hall 

Terminal 3 Location: Level 3, Departure Transit Hall (next to the Movie Theatre)

Ambassador Transit Lounge has two locations, one in terminal 2 and one in terminal 3. Both lounges have private napping suites, which are the closest thing you’ll find to sleeping pods in terminals 2 and 3.

These are essentially tiny rooms containing a single bed, which can be booked by the hour and include use of a shower and basic toiletries.

How Can You Book Ambassador Transit Lounge Sleep Pods at Singapore Airport?

You must book entry to the Ambassador Transit Lounge, and include a nap suite in your package.

Private napping suites cost:

  • 6 hours for S$120
  • Extension of S$15 per hour

If your primary goal is to use a napping suite and sleep, then consider booking their Refresh & Replenish Package, which is S$145 and includes 6 hours in a nap suite and 1 hour in the lounge.

Who is Eligible?

The good news is that anyone can use the Ambassador Transit Lounges, but you have to pay to enter (although Priority Pass members do get 3 hours of free entry). Prices start from S$68 for 3 hours of lounge use, but depend on variables like whether you want to book a shower, nap suite, or other amenities.

The Blossom Lounge

Location: Terminal 4, Departure Transit Hall, Level 2M (near 7-Eleven)

The Blossom Lounge in terminal 4 offers something very close to ACTUAL sleeping pods!

The lounge includes a newly built Relaxation Area. Within that room you will find multiple reclining massage chairs that are separated by short walls and curtains – creating their own little pods.

How Can You Book The Blossom Lounge Sleep Pods at Singapore Airport?

To use the sleeping pods within The Blossom Lounge, you first have to gain entry to the lounge and then you have to book the pods separately.

The Napping Plus Package includes a shower and a sleeping pod. Prices start from S$96 for 3 hours.

Who is Eligible?

Like the other lounges I’ve mentioned above, you can either pay to enter The Blossom Lounge or you may be eligible for free entry. Prices start from S$55 for 3 hours of lounge use.

Eligibility criteria for free entry:

  • Priority Pass
  • LoungeKey
  • DragonPass
  • Select credit cards with Plaza Premium Lounge access perk

Jet Quay Lounge

Location: JetQuay CIP Terminal

The Jet Quay Lounge is for “commercially important persons” (CIP), AKA, the elite. It is in a separate terminal that offers exclusive, private check-in and immigration.

This is not going to be an option for most of us, but I thought it was worth mentioning here because they do offer what they call “sleeping suites” – I’m sure this is far more luxurious than your average sleeping pod, though!

Snooze Lounges – Sleep For Free at Singapore Airport

On the other, more relatable, end of the spectrum you have Singapore Airport’s “snooze lounges,” which are free-to-use areas with reclining chairs.

These areas are not private and I personally would not consider them to be real sleeping pods, but this is the closest you can get to Singapore Airport sleeping pods that are free.

Snooze lounge locations include:

  • Terminal 1: Level 3, Departure Transit Hall East
  • Terminal 2: Level 2, Departure Transit Hall (near Cocoa Trees)
  • Terminal 2: Level 3, Departure Transit Hall (near Sunflower Garden)
  • Terminal 3: Departure Transit Hall South (near to GST refund counters)
  • Terminal 4: Level 2M, Departure Transit Hall

Who is Eligible?

The snooze lounges are free and open to the public, so anyone can use them. Be aware that they are not real sleeping pods, just reclining chairs, and they are in high demand for overnight sleepers at Singapore Airport.

Terminal 3 – Transit – Snooze Lounge. Photo credit: Changi Airport Group.
Snooze lounge. Photo credit: Changi Airport Group.

Layover Hotels in Singapore Airport

If you’re more interested in a good night’s sleep and less interested in a sleeping pod experience (which is typically a smaller space and pay-by-the-hour) then you may prefer a Singapore Airport hotel.

The current Singapore Airport hotel options are:

Of those hotels, my favorite far and away is YOTELAIR in the Jewel. It is a pay-by-the-hour hotel and very high tech, and actually quite similar to a sleeping pod even if it’s branded as a hotel.

The beds actually come with a remote control so you can extend them or even change the lighting. I’ve stayed in YOTELAIR at airports around the world and recommend it.

YOTELAIR single room. Photo credit: YOTELAIR.
YOTELAIR double room. Photo credit: YOTELAIR.

Sleeping for Free at Singapore Airport

Look, I know it’s disappointing that the only real sleeping pods at Singapore Airpot (the EnergyPods inside the Changi Lounge) come with a price tag. Naturally, you may be wondering where to sleep at Singapore Airport for free.

Above, I shared the Snooze Lounge locations, which are free.

Singapore Airport also has a number of couches and massage chairs located throughout the terminals. Massage chairs are particularly popular for sleeping, even though you’re technically not supposed to do this and may get woken up by security.

There is also a free movie theater in terminal 3, with extremely comfortable reclining chairs. Again, you’re not technically supposed to sleep here but many people do.

One of the snooze lounges. Photo credit: Changi Airport Group.
One of the snooze lounges, in use! Photo credit: Changi Airport Group.

Final Notes on Singapore Airport Sleeping Pods (2024)

As a frequent traveler and lover of sleeping pods, I got frustrated that there was no existing article listing all of the sleeping options within Singapore Airport. My goal with this article was to fill that gap, and make your own trip easier as you figure out where to sleep!

Long flights and layovers are hard enough without the issue of where to get some shut eye. I hope that this article was helpful for you as you plan your layover at Singapore Changi Airport, and if you have any questions or updates after your own trip, please comment below!

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Looking for the best Singapore Airport sleeping pods? Check out this complete guide to every sleeping pod option within Singapore Airport.
Looking for the best Singapore Airport sleeping pods? Check out this complete guide to every sleeping pod option within Singapore Airport.

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