19 Tiny Houses in Michigan You Can Stay in on Your Next Vacation

on June 13, 2020

Have you ever considered staying in a tiny house in Michigan? Imagine it with me. The weekend hits, and you pack your car with your coziest knit sweaters, a bottle of wine, your swimsuit, and some board games. Then, you hit the road and head up north. In Michigan, this means driving through highways lined in pine trees. When you crest a hill, a turquoise blue Great Lake stretches out before you. Finally, you arrive at your home for the weekend: A tiny wooden cabin nestled in the forest. It’s simple, but it’s all you need. Continue reading

Gluten Free Portland Maine: A Complete Travel Guide

on June 2, 2020

Chances are if you are traveling in Maine, you will pass through Portland, the state’s largest city. But is it a good place to stick around if you are gluten free? This was my third visit to Portland but my first in the eight years I’ve been gluten free! I have to say, the gluten free Portland Maine scene totally surpassed my expectations, and months later I still dream of some of the meals I had here. Continue reading

23 Best Dairy Free Gluten Free Snacks on the Go

on June 2, 2020

Looking for ideas for some dairy free gluten free snacks? I’m an absolute snack monster, and I think most people with dietary restrictions could probably agree! When you’re on the go you don’t always know if you’ll find a restaurant that can cater to your needs – and the last thing you want is to become hangry at the people around you. So keeping snacks handy is super important. Continue reading

How to Find Restaurants with Gluten Free Options (That Are Safe to Eat At)

on June 2, 2020

Are you looking for restaurants with gluten free options, but find yourself getting overwhelmed or stuck? Been there. I absolutely love finding a city’s best gluten free restaurants, and I share these in my gluten free travel guides. But while I obviously recommend checking those guides out, they don’t cover the issue of how I find gluten free restaurants in the first place. Instead of giving you yet another list of restaurants with gluten free options, today I’m going to empower you to find those restaurants yourself. Continue reading

9 Inspiring Long Distance Relationship Stories

on May 31, 2020

Long distance relationships are hard. That’s not really news, is it? Six years ago when I was moving back to the US from England, Dan and I had to decide if we wanted to stay together. We had to decide if 4,000 miles was not only worth it, but possible. I spent some time searching for inspiring long distance relationship stories on the internet, but … I didn’t find anything! Continue reading

South India Gluten Free Guide: A Travel Guide For Celiacs

on May 22, 2020

South India is known as the gluten free friendly alternative to North India. I’ve always loved Indian food and often find it’s a safe harbor of gluten free options wherever in the world I’m visiting. So I was very excited to try out real Indian cuisine when I visited South India! Part of my trip was attending my friend Vaish’s week-long wedding extravaganza in Chennai, so I was particularly comforted that I’d have someone local to help guide me through what was (and wasn’t) safe to eat. Continue reading