A professional writer once advised me that to be the best writer, you need to have the richest life experiences to draw from. Then, he advised me to become a lobster fisherman. So, here I am, blogging about lobster fishing… Just kidding. Probably.

I’m Sarah, the writer behind Endless Distances: An American travel writer, yoga teacher, published poet, gluten free foodie, dog lover, humanitarian activist, and more. Not a lobster fisherwoman. I’m a homebody currently living nomadically…and writing about my adventures.

What’s my story?

In 2015, I packed a suitcase and moved abroad. Well, it wasn’t as easy as that… a few visa heartaches and a few hundred dollars later, I arrived on the south coast of England. I had a fresh degree in English and Creative Writing, but had already managed to have at least one quarter life crisis, so I embarked on a career change into healthcare. Two years later, I have my MSc and a lot more travel experience.

I’m currently using the remainder of my time in the UK to explore this wonderful continent. Although I started Endless Distances because my Grandma wanted to know what I was up to across the pond… it has turned into a wonderful community that I am thankful for every day! I love to share my travel stories and reflections, as well as useful tips, especially for fellow gluten free travelers.

What can you expect from me?

I publish blog posts once to twice a week, and I’m active on Instagram and Pinterest.

Wednesdays: Not just for wearing pink! I publish travel-related content on Wednesdays, and participate in the weekly Wanderful Wednesday linkup.

Saturdays: My more lifestyle themed content is published on the weekends, including my monthly recaps and gluten free travel guides.

Endless Distances is first and foremost about my life. I do publish sponsored content on occasion, but this is all curated and only represents my own honest view.

New here?

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 I’d love to hear from you — you’re welcome to drop a comment below. 🙂

xxx Sarah xxx

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