Hi, I’m Sarah
& I’m on a mission to change how we think about wellness travel.

I’m a former healthcare professional, turned full-time travel blogger and writer. I travel with multiple chronic illnesses, including celiac disease, which means gluten free travel is a medical must for me.

My goal here at Endless Distances is to make travel more inclusive, using my background as an occupational therapist.

I believe that wellness travel isn’t limited to fancy people in fancy spas. Wellness travel means traveling well.

It means…

  • Empowering people with chronic illnesses – like celiac disease – to travel in a way that supports our health.
  • Taking care of our body, mind, spirit, and planet.
  • Looking beyond the surface of a place to explore its hidden corners.
  • Using our money to support sustainable businesses.
  • Eating well, whether that’s a high end tasting menu, a street side cooking class, or walking three miles for gluten free croissants.
  • And yeah. Sometimes it means spas and zenned-out hotels, too!

Endless Distances is a travel blog, giving you the resources to live well & travel widely.


→ all the guides are celiac safe

→ in 40+ countries around the world

→ because sometimes travel leads to love

→ from packing lists to hotel reviews

My Story

I’m Sarah, the blogger behind Endless Distances! A celiac and gluten free foodie (since 2012!), and big fan of unconventional life choices.

Originally from Michigan, I started Endless Distances way back in 2015 when I moved abroad to England for graduate school. The blog was, at first, a way to remember my adventures in Europe, record all my celiac safe gluten free travel finds… and so my Grandma could see what I was up to.

After a couple years of blogging for fun, I noticed that this little slice of the internet started getting a lot of traffic from people I didn’t know, but who were interested in my gluten free travel experiences.

I realized that I’d actually created one of the world’s first gluten free travel blogs, and that this was something I needed to stick with, to help out fellow celiacs! I spent the next couple years learning all about blogging, while simultaneously beginning my healthcare career as an occupational therapist.

At the same time, though, I started getting sick again … and this time, the culprit wasn’t gluten. Ultimately, I had to move home to Michigan (and 4,000 miles away from my boyfriend) to see specialist doctors.

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. The next few years were spent seeing countless specialists, and undergoing multiple surgeries. In 2021, I flew across the country for the expert surgery that saved my life.

I blogged about those experiences, and just like with celiac disease, I connected with many readers who found Endless Distances due to those new hardships in my life: long distance relationships, and Endometriosis.

In 2022, I decided to quit my healthcare job to fulfill a long-awaited dream of traveling full-time. At this point, my Endometriosis had healed thanks to my expert surgery, and this blog was earning enough money to support my travels. I’ll also admit: I was burned out from working in traditional healthcare throughout a pandemic.

My boyfriend (now fiance!) Dan quit his job in England and flew to meet me for our adventures. Our long distance relationship was officially over (for now). We spent two months road tripping the USA, before spending 10 months traveling in South America and Central America. In 2023, we are still traveling the world while working on the blog – currently, we’re in Southeast Asia!

Over my blogging and health journey, I’ve realized that Endless Distances is not only a place to share my adventures – but it’s also part of a mission to help others live well and travel widely, despite celiac disease or any other barrier.

Whether you are gluten free, a chronic illness warrior, in a long distance relationship, dream of moving abroad, or just want the best insider tips on travel planning – I aim to be your best and most supportive resource.

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