35 Photos of Sumatra Indonesia to Inspire Your Visit

I have to admit that when Dan and I were planning our time in Indonesia, at the end of our summer traveling Asia, we both felt… lackluster.

After all the traveling we’ve done the past two years, the last thing I wanted to do was end in Bali: a place that I feared would be an over-touristy island swarming with instagrammers. (Not to slam instagram – I do enjoy the app! – but I feel that a lot of beautiful places have been reduced to inauthentic photo-spots and nothing more).

Enter, Sumatra.

While looking for more “off the beaten path” places to visit in Indonesia, I discovered this northern-most island, famous as being one of the last two places in the world where you can see wild orangutans.

Count me in. Flight booked.

What happened next was a beautiful week of sweaty jungle treks, nightly guitar jams, and ten magnificent orangutan sightings.

35 Best Photos of Sumatra Indonesia

Below, I’m sharing 35 of my favorite photos I took while trekking for orangutans in Sumatra. Enjoy!

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wild Sumatra orangutan
Sumatran orangutan near Bukit Lawang
Female Sumatran orangutan
Wild Sumatran orangutan photo
Photo of Sumatra orangutan
Mother and baby Sumatran orangutan
Baby orangutan hangs from a tree in Sumatra
Photos of Sumatra baby orangutan
Mother orangutan looks tired while holding baby orangutan
Red flower in Sumatra
Fruit on the jungle floor in Indonesia
Palms in Indonesia
Sumatran woman gardens
View to the jungle in Sumatra
Male flanged orangutan in Sumatra
Mother and baby Sumatra orangutan
Photo of Sumatra orangutan (mother and baby)
Baby orangutan looks into distance
Mother orangutan holds onto tree while baby orangutan holds onto mother
Mother and baby orangutan
Pig tailed macaque
Thomas leaf monkey in Sumatra
Thomas leaf monkey in Bukit Lawang Sumatra
Gibbon in jungle in Sumatra
Sumatra jungle photo
Sumatra Indonesia
Road in Sumatra near Bukit Lawang
Sumatra Orangutan Discovery Villa
Red flower in Sumatra
Accommodation in Bukit Lawang
River rafting in Bukit Lawang
Bukit Lawang Sumatra river
Sumatran orangutan mother and baby in the jungle
Mother and baby orangutan

I hope these photos of Sumatra can inspire you to plan your own trip to Sumatra, Indonesia. It was a memory for a lifetime and I’m so happy I’m able to share these photos with you!

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