Long Distance Relationships

When you travel as much as I do, chances are you may meet someone and fall in love during those travels. For me, I met Dan while studying abroad in England – you can read our international long distance relationship story here.

We’ve survived many years of a long distance relationship. At our furthest, we lived 5,245 miles and 8 hours of time difference apart, when I lived in California and he lived in England.

Usually, we’d see each other every three months, but during the pandemic we were forced to spend 13 months apart due to border closures. We’ve been through it all!

These days, this website receives tens of thousands of views each month, just from other people in long distance relationships. My goal is to show you first, that long distance relationships are possible, and second, that there are ways to make LDRs fun. Scroll down to read all my LDR tips!

Tips for starting a long distance relationship!

Our LDR story

“Though we may be miles apart, we’re always under the same sky.”


So You’re Considering Starting a Long Distance RelationsHIP?

Starting a long distance relationship can be scary. Trust me, I know.

I really believe I’m an expert in the subject of making long distance relationships work. I say that as someone who’s survived years of long distance, on separate continents, and is now engaged to my partner and planning our wedding as we travel full-time together.

Below you will find all of my long distance relationship articles, from inspiring LDR success stories to LDR gift ideas to even articles about our wedding planning as a bi-national couple!