The Coolest Kuala Lumpur Airport Sleeping Pods (2024)

Are you looking for a place to sleep at Kuala Lumpur Airport during a long layover? I recently spent three hours sleeping off my jet lag in one of the Kuala Lumpur Airport sleeping pods. Meet Capsule Transit, a true sleeping pod hotel with three locations inside Kuala Lumpur Airport.

Below I’m sharing everything you need to know about sleeping at Kuala Lumpur Airport. This includes my personal review of the Capsule Transit hotel, as well as other sleeping pod options, free places to sleep, the best airport hotels, and more.

Kuala lumpur airport sleeping pod at capsule transit hotel
The sleeping pod I slept in for three hours at Kuala Lumpur Airport!

Kuala Lumpur Airport Sleeping Pods: Available Options in 2024

Kuala Lumpur Airport is the biggest airport in Malaysia and a hub for travel in and out of Asia. It’s not uncommon to find yourself stuck here for hours and looking for a place to sleep.

I am a huge fan of using sleeping pods at airports because they’re bookable hour-by-hour, affordable, and convenient.

The current Kuala Lumpur Airport sleeping pod options include:

If you’re less interested in booking a sleeping pod (pay hour-by-hour, small space) then you might prefer a transit hotel at Kuala Lumpur Airport.

The current Kuala Lumpur Airport hotel options are:

It is also possible to sleep for free in public areas at Kuala Lumpur Airport. I share the best spots for that in the next section.

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Capsule transit hotel kuala lumpur airport
Capsule Transit – you’ll find the best Kuala Lumpur Airport sleeping pods at their three locations.

Free Places to Sleep at Kuala Lumpur Airport

First, lets talk about the least comfortable but most affordable option: sleeping for free in public areas at Kuala Lumpur Airport.

Unlike a lot of airports where public sleeping is discouraged and guards may even come and wake you up, I saw tons of people sleeping publicly in Kuala Lumpur Airport.

Some areas of the airport are, of course, more comfortable to sleep in than others. Unfortunately, there are no sleeping pods in public areas, so you’ll be limited to benches, chairs, and the floor.

Based on my research, these are the best places to sleep for free at Kuala Lumpur airport:

  • Terminal 2: There is an alcove area near the bathrooms, with wall outlets. You will find many people sleeping on the floor here next to their charging devices.
  • Terminal 2: The massage chairs near the bathrooms – these are the most comfortable free sleeping option but people hog them so good luck finding an empty one. You do have to pay to use the massage function.
  • Terminal 2: The movie lounge in the satellite building, which is not as fancy as it sounds, has some swivel chairs where people sleep.
  • Terminal 1: Level 4 has padded benches, and many people sleep on these.

If you’re looking for something a bit more comfortable and private, check out the Kuala Lumpur Airport sleeping pod options below.

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People sleeping at Kuala Lumpur Airport
People sleeping on the ground in Terminal 2.
Massage chairs at kuala lumpur airport.
The massage chairs in Terminal 2 satellite building.

Capsule Transit Review: The Coolest Kuala Lumpur Airport Sleeping Pods

I ended up staying in a Kuala Lumpur Airport sleeping pod thanks to a six hour layover between international flights.

Dan and I were en route from Medan, Indonesia to Singapore, with a long layover at KL Airport. This came after a 4am wakeup call in Bukit Lawang (where we were staying in Indonesia to see the orangutans) and suffice it to say I was exhausted.

When I discovered Capsule Transit – a sleeping pod hotel within Kuala Lumpur Airport – it didn’t take much convincing for me to book a stay and get some much-needed sleep.

Selfie of Sarah at capsule transit hotel kuala lumpur airport sleeping pod.
Happy in my sleeping pod and ready to get some shut eye!

Booking a Stay at Capsule Transit in Kuala Lumpur Airport

I recommend that you book your stay at Capsule Transit ahead of time, if possible. According to reviews, it often sells out and this would leave you sleeping on the floor by the bathroom which… didn’t look that comfortable.

You’ll see that there are options to book a 3 hour, 6 hour, or 12 hour stay. Below are the estimated costs.

  • 3 hours: 160 RM / $34 USD
  • 6 hours: 170 RM / $36 USD
  • 12 hours: 190 RM / $40 USD

Book your stay at Capsule Transit KL Airport here.

It is also possible to book your stay in person upon arrival. This is what I did, simply because I didn’t know Capsule Transit existed until I saw it in person!

I lucked out and they still had a bed available for me, but there was no bed for Dan. He ended up sitting on the airport floor for three hours so… that’s your lesson to book online (thanks Dan, for letting me have the last bed!).

Kuala lumpur airport sleeping pod at capsule transit hotel
My sleeping pod.

What Terminal is Capsule Transit In?

Capsule Transit actually has three locations in Kuala Lumpur Airport. Two locations are in KLIA Terminal 2 and one location is in KLIA Terminal 1.

Terminal 1:

Terminal 2 locations:

  • Landside KLIA2 location: Again, you haven’t passed through security yet. It is in the gateway@klia2, Transportaion Hub, Level 1.
  • Airside KLIA2 location: AKA, after you’ve passed through airport security. It is in the Satellite Building, International Departure Hall, Level 2 (towards Gate Q), and suitable for travelers who are transiting between international flights.

I stayed in the Terminal 2 airside location, because I was transiting between my flight from Indonesia to my flight to Singapore. The following directions and review are for the Capsule Transit airside location.

Directions to Capsule Transit (Airside)

As I entered level 2 of the satellite building, straight ahead was the board listing flight departure information.

From here, I turned right and walked down the hall; Capsule Transit was on my right and very easy to find thanks to its large neon blue signage.

Capsule transit hotel signs
This is what the Capsule Transit in terminal 2 (airside) looks like from the outside.

Checking in to Capsule Transit

There is a check in counter at the entryway to Capsule Transit hotel.

I chose my package (3 hours) and paid with credit card. As I mentioned, I hadn’t pre-booked and there was only one bed left! So, you may prefer to reserve a room online.

When I checked in, they kindly gave me a canvas tote bag complete with bottled water, a clean towel, and a sleeping mask! Then, the receptionist took me to my pod (#109), showing me the showers and a brief orientation on the way.

capsule transit tote bag
The tote bag with towel, eye mask, and water! Such a nice touch!
Kuala lumpur airport sleeping pods
The hallway full of sleeping pods at Capsule Transit.

Capsule Transit – Kuala Lumpur Airport Sleeping Pods Review

I found Capsule Transit to be a true sleeping pod experience. For me, that’s a good thing. It means the stay was efficient, paid by-the-hour, and comfortable for someone on a long layover.

But keep in mind this is NOT a typical hotel – it’s a wooden sleeping pod! You cannot stand up in it, just crouch or crawl – but after all, you are supposed to be lying flat and sleeping while you’re here! (If you prefer hotels, read my section at the end of this post).

sleeping pod
sleeping pod at kuala lumpur airport

My pod contained a single bed with comfy duvet, charging ports, storage areas, and a lockable safe.

I enjoyed that it was very dark, and also that there was a bathroom with showers available (I did not shower, since I only had three hours and wanted to maximize sleeping time).

View toward door in sleeping pod
Sarah in sleeping pod at KL airport
lockable safe
My lockable safe where I put my passport and wallet while I slept.

I have since read some reviews of Capsule Transit where people mention that it’s noisy. I did not find it to be loud, although I could hear some quiet shuffling in the hall.

Because this is an airport sleeping pod and not an actual hotel room, you cannot expect it to be completely sound proof.

Overall, I thought that Capsule Transit was worth the money and I did get about two hours of sleep. The other hour, I just rested and honestly it was quite nice to have a private place to do this that wasn’t on the sticky airport floor!

Because of their pricing scale, with minimal extra cost for additional hours, I would say that booking a stay at this sleeping pod is even more worth it if you have a longer layover!

Book your stay at Capsule Transit Kuala Lumpur Airport here.

sleeping pod interior

More Kuala Lumpur Airport Sleeping Pods

Below is more information on all the Kuala Lumpur Airport sleeping pods you can choose from.

Capsule Transit Hotel (Multiple Locations)

As I discussed above, Capsule Transit is the best and, currently, the only real sleeping pod option at Kuala Lumpur Airport.

Thankfully, there are three locations so this option should work well for most travelers. Just be sure to book the correct location for your flights.

Capsule Transit locations in Kuala Lumpur Airport:

Rest N Go Exclusive Lounge

Rest N Go Exclusive Lounge is not your typical airport lounge, but rather a private area with massage chairs and dividers – not technically a sleeping pod, but close to it.

You can find it on Level 2 of the Gateway @ KLIA2 (Terminal 2).

Prices start from 28 RM ($5.95 USD) per hour.

NapZone KLIA by Sovotel (Satellite Terminal) – Temporarily Closed

Unfortunately, this sleeping pod hotel in the Satellite Terminal is listed as temporarily closed online and I’m afraid that it might actually be closed for good.

If anyone passing through the Satellite Terminal can provide a recent update in the comments, do let us know!

Kuala lumpur airport sleeping pods
Capsule Transit – the best option for sleeping pods at Kuala Lumpur Airport!

Lounges at Kuala Lumpur Airport

Another option is to visit one of the airport lounges at Kuala Lumpur Airport. I will note that compared to other airports I’ve slept in, like Singapore Changi and London Heathrow, the KL Airport lounges unfortunately do NOT have sleeping pod or nap room facilities.

Still, they could be a good place to rest on a couch or get a meal or shower during your layover. I’ve linked to each lounge’s official page, where you can find more information on hours, rates, amenities, and entry eligibility requirements.

Lounges in KLIA (Terminal 1):

Lounges in KLIA 2 (Terminal 2):

Kuala Lumpur Airport Transit Hotels

And finally, you may prefer to stay in an airport hotel if sleeping on the floor or in a sleeping pod doesn’t appeal to you.

In addition to the Capsule Transit sleeping pod hostel that I reviewed above, there are five “traditional” hotels within Kuala Lumpur Airport’s two terminals.

Hotels in KLIA (Terminal 1):

Hotels in KLIA 2 (Terminal 2):

terminal 2 kuala lumpur
Kuala Lumpur Airport.
Enjoying my sleeping pod experience at KL Airport – I highly recommend!

Final Thoughts on Kuala Lumpur Airport Sleeping Pods

That’s everything you need to know about Kuala Lumpur Airport sleeping areas.

In short, there is only one real sleeping pod option at Kuala Lumpur Airport and that is Capsule Transit. I stayed there myself and would recommend it.

However, if you’re open to booking a hotel or even sleeping on a padded bench for free – there are plenty of other options.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, comments, or updates after your own layover at Kuala Lumpur Airport in Malaysia!

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Looking for the best Kuala Lumpur Airport sleeping pods? Check out this complete guide to every sleeping pod within Kuala Lumpur Airport.
Looking for the best Kuala Lumpur Airport sleeping pods? Check out this complete guide to every sleeping pod within Kuala Lumpur Airport.

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