Peru was the first stop on my desperately awaited round-the-world trip.

Over two months, I traversed every corner of Peru. There, I saw its many colors: the vibrant greens of the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu, the deep blues of the Amazon river, the bright oranges of Cusco, the volcanic white of Arequipa, the shimmering aqua of Huaraz’s glacial lakes, and so much more.

Peru is the third largest country in South America, and even two months wasn’t enough to see it all.

Most visitors come here for Machu Picchu – one of the seven wonders of the world – that is a confusing mix of truly wondrous and truly over-touristed. Look beyond Machu Picchu, and you’ll find glorious landscapes (and alpacas) at every turn.

But look even closer and you’ll also see a country struggling with poverty, food insecurity, public hygiene, pollution, and volatile politics.

Peru, like many countries in Latin America, is all of that and all at once. Despite its struggles, it is well worth a visit. Use my Peru travel guides below to help you plan.

Stay in eco-luxury in Peru’s Amazon jungle!

Arequipa – my fave place in Peru

“After seeing the ruins at Machu Picchu, the fabulous cultures of antiquity seemed to be made of cardboard, papier-mâché…”

– Pablo Neruda

So You’re Considering Traveling in Peru?


Sol (S/).

Check exchange rate here.


Taxi, walking, or bus.

Cruz del Sur is the best bus line by far.


Spanish and Quechua.

Plug Type

A and B. I recommend buying this universal adaptor for travel in Peru.

Must Eat

Ceviche, pisco sour, rocoto relleno, & queso helado. Skip the guinea pig!

Peru Bucket List

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