Gluten Free Camden Market, London: The Complete Guide (2024)

Welcome to the ultimate gluten free Camden Market guide, written by a celiac who lives in London (oh hey, that’s me!).

Camden Market is one of the most popular markets in London and it is absolutely slammed with visitors every day of the year (especially weekends). But is there anything for celiacs to eat here?

During my recent trip to Camden Market, I was actually shocked at how many gluten free options there are. In my opinion, it is up there with Borough Market as having the most options for gluten free folks of any food market in London!

Below you will find everything you need to know about eating gluten free at Camden Market. I do live in London so will keep this guide updated, but please let me know in the comments if you notice any closures or changes.

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camden lock

100% Gluten Free Camden Market Stalls


Makatcha is a 100% gluten free Indonesian stall at Camden Market. They serve a few different types of Indonesian coconut curry, including an option for vegans.

If you’re struggling to find their stall, here is a useful video that they made with directions!

Open: Daily 11am-5pm.

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Makatcha indonesian coconut curry sign
The Makatcha stall at Camden Market.

Arepa Venezuelan Street Kitchen

Arepa Venezuelan Street Kitchen is a 100% gluten free food stall in Camden Market specializing in… you guessed it… arepas!

I believe they used to be called Arepazo Bros, so you may be more familiar with that name, however the big sign on their stall is “Arepa Venezuealan Street Kitchen” so that is what you should look out for.

There is always a really long line here so I haven’t tried it yet myself, but I’ll update this post when I do!

Open: Monday – Thursday 11am-6pm, Friday – Sunday 11am-7pm.

Arepa kitchen camden market
gluten free camden market arepas

Tapioc Wraps

Tapioc Wraps is a stall that serves classic Brazilian-style tapioca wraps. All of the tapioca wraps are gluten free, and there are savory, sweet, and even vegan options.

If you’ve never had a tapioca wrap before, you absolutely must try it. They are stretchy yet crispy at the same time… it’s hard to describe!

I have not eaten at Tapioc Wraps yet myself, but I messaged them on Instagram and they confirmed that their stall is 100% gluten free!

Camden Juice

Camden Juice is hard to miss at Camden Market with their hundreds of bottles of bright orange, freshly squeezed orange juice!

Because all they offer here is orange juice, you can rest assured this stall is 100% gluten free.

camden juice
Camden Juice.

Camden Market Stalls With Gluten Free Options

Oli Baba’s

Oli Baba’s serves Middle Eastern style food and is famous as the “original creator of halloumi fries.”

And luckily for us gluten free folks, all of the halloumi fries here are gluten free! They are cooked in a GF fryer, and the staff here is quite knowledgeable about celiac.

However, this stall is NOT dedicated gluten free because they serve pita bread, too. They keep this separate but, be warned!

Open: Monday – Friday 11-5pm, Saturday – Sunday 11-6pm.

oli baba's - gluten free halloumi fries at Camden Market
Oli Baba’s famous halloumi fries!
oli baba's - gluten free halloumi fries at Camden Market

El Pollote

El Pollote is my personal favorite gluten free Camden Market meal. I mean, how often can a gluten free gal get fried chicken?

That’s right, ALL THE FRIED CHICKEN IS GLUTEN FREE! The fries / chips are also gluten free as they’re cooked in a gluten free fryer.

Please note that there IS bread on the premises, but if you tell them you are celiac they will change gloves and be very careful about cross contact.

I ordered the guava fried chicken and chips and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

Open: Monday – Thursday 12-5pm, Friday – Sunday 12-6pm.

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el Pollote - gluten free camden market fried chicken
El Pollote – gluten free fried chicken at Camden Market.
Can you believe that whole bowl is GF?! Amazing!

Streat Arepas

Streat Arepas is another stall specializing in Venezuelan cuisine at Camden Market. They heavily promote that they have gluten free options (the arepas, rice bowls, and chicken tacos) however be warned that this stall is not dedicated gluten free.

They also serve gluten-y items like empanadas, churros, tequenos, and more. It’s a small space and I was a bit nervous about cross contact, so I chose not to eat here. If you have experience with Streat Arepas, please let me know in the comments!

Open: Daily 12-9pm.

Humble Crumble – NOT Celiac Safe

Humble Crumble makes classic British fruit crumbles, and you may be familiar with them after they went viral all over TikTok.

There are some “gluten friendly” options here (crumble topping, custard, etc.) however they state explicitly on their website that nothing is safe for celiacs due to extensive cross contact with flour. So, I have not eaten here myself nor will I, but it could be one for the gluten intolerant.

Open: Monday – Thursday 10am-8pm, Friday – Sunday10am-9pm.

Gluten Free Camden Market: Restaurants Nearby

Below are some options if you’re more in the mood for a sit down meal near Camden Market.

Honest Burgers

Honest Burgers is a longtime London favorite of mine, and they have a location near Camden Market!

This burger joint is very celiac aware. They have gluten free burger buns and even gluten free onion rings! The only gluten on the premises is the regular buns, and they are quite careful to prevent any cross contact.

Libby’s Belsize Park

Libby’s is a 100% gluten free bakery and cafe in London. Their original location in Belsize Park has a big menu of both sweet and savory items.

It’s a mini trek from Camden Market (25 minute walk, or 13 minutes with the bus) but in my opinion, most definitely worth it if you’re in the area and have never been to a Libby’s before!

Camden Market
Sarah holding gluten free fried chicken at camden market

Things to Do Near Camden Market

There are so many things to do near Camden Market. This is a really buzzy area of London, but do be warned it can get very crowded and busy, especially on weekends.

Between eating your way around Camden Market’s gluten free stalls and doing things nearby, you could definitely spend a half or full day in this area!

Things to do near Camden Market:

the regent's canal

Gluten Free Camden Market Details

What? Camden Market, one of the most famous (and crowded) food markets in London.

Where? Camden lock place, London, NW1 8AF.

Hours? Open every day 10am to late.

Have you been to Camden Market before? Let me know if you visit and find my gluten free tips helpful! I’m excited to now be living in London and able to visit Camden Market more often – I’ll be sure to keep this post updated, but do let me know in the comments if you notice and openings or closures.

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Looking for gluten free food at Camden Market? This gluten free guide, written by a local London celiac, will help you navigate Camden Market!
Looking for gluten free food at Camden Market? This gluten free guide, written by a local London celiac, will help you navigate Camden Market!

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