November + December Recap | 2023

Hi friends! Welcome to my final monthly recap of the year 2023. It has been such a wild year from full-time traveling in Latin America and Asia, to returning home to Michigan, and sooo much more in between.

I know I haven’t been very regular about providing monthly recaps this year, but I promise to make it up to you next year! (And all will be explained soon…).

Here’s a peek into my last two months of the year, during which I reunited with friends and family and… even found my wedding dress!

Where was I in November + December?

  • Countries: USA
  • Cities: Lansing, Michigan; Cleveland, Ohio; Vero Beach, Florida
  • Flights: 2
  • Days on the road: 7
Flying to Florida at sunset in November 🙂

November + December On the Blog…

After this reel went viral (with nearly 2 million views!) I have been working hard to finish my gluten free Japan guides, because I suddenly have a lot of demand for that!

It’s been slow going, partly because they just take so much damn work to create, but also because my poor computer is on its last legs.

Check out my newest posts:

November + December Adventured Like…

I found my wedding dress! I’m happy to report that in November I found my dream dress (and somehow snagged it on a Black Friday sale!!). I low key hate shopping, and I’m very indecisive, so I never thought I’d have that feeling of finding “the one.” Well…. I did! I decided on the dress at a bridal salon in Cleveland, Ohio with Julia, my college roommate and co-maid of honor. It was really special!

Had a fun day in Ann Arbor, MI, trying on wedding dresses with my mom and Mary, Julia, and Liz!! Of course we also had to go to a 100% gluten free taco bus lol.
Julia & I at the bridal salon in Cleveland on the day I found my dress!!
LOVED this dress. It wasn’t the one but I’m still kinda obsessed lol. It’s actually a separate skirt and top!

Lots of family and friend reunions. If anything, my “theme” for the past two months has been soaking up time with family and friends throughout the holidays. After traveling full time for nearly two years, I have really appreciated this time with the people I love most!

I spent a week in Florida. My dad and I flew down to Vero Beach for some more quality family time with my grandma and uncle.

On a walk in Vero Beach!
A bit of sunshine in November was very much needed.

And a weekend in Holland, Michigan. My parents and I spent a nice weekend exploring Holland, eating delicious food, and buying Christmas presents.

Me + the parents at Lake Michigan!

I got both my COVID and flu vaccines on Christmas Eve. Because I like living on the edge LOL. Luckily I didn’t have any side effects except a sore arm. FYI for anyone in the USA, Walgreen’s is offering $10 gift cards per vaccine… so now I have a free $20 to spend at Walgreen’s, nice!

I proposed to our flower girls and boy. In the cutest event of all time, yesterday I asked my baby cousins to be our flower children for our wedding. I am an only child but grew up close with my cousins, and having their kids be part of our wedding is so, so special. I just adore these kids and they are going to steal the show!! (By our wedding date, they will be ages 1.5 years, 3-almost-4 years, 5 years, and 7 years old!).

Planning for 2024. Honestly one reason I have been a bit silent on the blog this year regarding monthly recaps and other personal posts is that I just have SO much going on behind the scenes. It’s been one of the most stressful years of my life and 2024 is going to take it to a new level. I’m not trying to be cryptic… I’m just not quite ready to share yet. Stay tuned because I owe you guys a BIG update in January!

More Lake Michigan in winter love!
My 7-year-old neighbor wrote this welcome message to me for our annual neighbor Christmas dinner, hahah, so adorable!!

November + December Blogging Income Report and Update…

As usual, here is my blogging income for the past two months (plus a wee analysis of it below).

November 2023 Blogging Income

Sessions: 79,158
Pageviews: 85,268

Here’s how my income broke down in November:

  • Advertising: $2,032.01
  • Freelance Writing: $600
  • Affiliates: $396.40

Total: $3,028.41

December 2023 Blogging Income

Sessions: 69,719
Pageviews: 74,506

Here’s how my income broke down in December:

  • Advertising: $2,047.97
  • Freelance Writing: $1,750
  • Affiliates: $359.38

Total: $4,157.35

Note: This is my gross income, before expenses and taxes.

Overall, I’m pleased with those numbers but a little concerned going into 2024. (If you’re into technical blog-talk, keep reading…)

I managed to avoid getting hit in a big Google algorithm update in October, however over the past week I’ve noticed a BIG traffic drop and a lot of volatility with Google’s algorithm. That combined with the phasing out of third party cookies in 2024 means making money from blogging as we know it may be in major trouble.

The timing of this is not ideal for me, as I’m seriously considering taking my blog “full time” in 2024 and keeping it as my main source of income post-full time travel (instead of getting a traditional job back in healthcare). Combined with some major *ahem* expensive *ahem* life events next year (our wedding being just one!) this is definitely something weighing on my mind.

Saying all that, it’s a scary time for EVERYONE in the blogging industry AND in many other careers, too. I’m just grateful to have something that I’m so passionate about, brings me a lot of joy, gives me freedom and control of my own time, and helps other people to boot. I’m trying to stay positive! If you’re a fellow blogger and worried about 2024, hit me up in the comments so we can commiserate, lol.

So happy to have a Christmas at home – peep Maggie and Marshall’s Christmas sweaters!

Upcoming in January…

I can’t believe the year 2024 is here… the year I’m getting married! Plus a lot of other big events which I will reveal soon.

I have a lot of blog posts planned for you guys in January including a BIG life update, the completion of my gluten free Japan guides, and my 2024 travel plans so stay tuned.

Let me know in the comments what you have in store for 2024!!!

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  1. happy 2024! and I’m very curious about your other big news! happy you found the one, husband and a wedding dress;) our December was great, lots of festive activities with kids, and a trip to London with my husband for my 40th birthday:)

  2. UM. I’m obsessed with the dress you didn’t get… so now I’m dying to see what you decided on!!! Hope everything is okay and the life update is good. Sending you good vibes throughout 2024! <3

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