Gluten Free Budapest Hungary: The Complete Guide (2024)

The gluten free Budapest scene is surprisingly great, for a country whose traditional dishes revolve around beer, fried meat, and flour thickened stews.

I’ve visited Budapest three times. As of 2024, I have to say Budapest has more 100% gluten free restaurants than nearly any other city in Europe. I’m as shocked as you are.

There are currently six dedicated gluten free bakeries and nine dedicated gluten free restaurants in Budapest. This is a BIG improvement from my first visit to Budapest years ago.

For that reason, I am updating this gluten free Budapest guide after I recently spent a week in Budapest eating to my little gluten free stomach’s content and attending a Hungarian friend’s wedding. Let’s get into it!

gluten free goulash in Hungary
Gluten free goulash in Budapest at Bohemtanya – read more about it below!

Gluten Free Budapest: What You Need to Know

In this post, I’m sharing all the best (and safest) gluten free restaurants in Budapest. Yes, this includes where you can find celiac safe langos, chimney cake, pizza, and MORE!

Consider this your complete guide on how to navigate Budapest gluten free if you’re celiac or gluten intolerant. Personally, I have celiac disease and have to avoid cross contact. If you’re the same, you’ll love my gluten free guides!

Since there are SO MANY 100% gluten free restaurants in Budapest, you might not know where to start. For that reason, I’ve put a ☆ next to my top recommended places.

gluten free pastries in Budapest at Tibidabo bakery
Gluten free pastries in Budapest – read about it below!

Hungarian Gluten Free Translation Card

For communicating in Hungarian in Budapest, I highly recommend using this translation card from Equal Eats. You can buy a plastic card, or downloadable version.

I recommend this translation card instead of the free one available online because it goes into depth on all the things we can’t eat: wheat, barley, rye, flour, oats, soy sauce, breads, and more.

It also discusses cross contact, which is SO important and something that I find is missing from 99% of gluten free translation cards on the market.

If you have additional dietary requirements (nut allergy, vegan, etc), they also offer cards for those.

Buy your Hungarian GF card here.

How to Say Gluten Free in Hungarian

Like I mentioned, Hungarian (or “Magyar”) is spoken in Budapest. And while I recommend traveling with a gluten free translation card, it is also useful to have a basic knowledge of the language.

Useful Hungarian phrases for celiacs:

  • Gluten free = gluténmentes
  • Gluten = glutén
  • Is this gluten free? = Ez gluténmentes? 
  • Wheat = búza
  • Flour = lisztje (you will see this one a lot)
  • Celiac = cöliákia

Although there is a celiac society in Hungary, a lot of people are still unaware of what gluten is, or the impact it can have on us. Nevertheless, the Hungarian celiac society has gone to the extent of listing celiac-friendly restaurants in Budapest.

It’s unclear if these are ‘accredited’ or had to pass certain standards, so as always ask questions and use your translation card.

Yellow taxis in Budapest

Gluten Free Budapest Map

I created the map below to help my fellow gluten free travelers navigate Budapest!

It’s downloadable to your phone and you can use it without data or wifi. I love using this as I can explore freely, and then when I get hungry I just navigate to the closest restaurant on the map.

  • Dark blue: dedicated gluten free
  • Light blue: non-dedicated gluten free but celiac friendly
  • Gray: McDonald’s
  • Yellow: Shops with gluten free products
  • Maroon house icon: my top recommended place to stay

6 Dedicated Gluten Free Bakeries in Budapest

The best place for any celiac or gluten intolerant traveler to eat is always a 100% gluten free, dedicated facility. Luckily for us, there are six gluten free bakeries and cafes in Budapest!

I am lucky enough to have visited ALL of these bakeries personally, so I’m sharing my unfiltered opinions below.

Tibidabo Glutenmentes

Tibidabo is a relatively new 100% gluten free bakery and café in central Budapest that has quickly risen to being, I’d argue, the most popular gluten free bakery in Budapest.

Does that mean it’s the best? No, not in my opinion. Let me explain.

Tibidabo is quite famous among gluten free folks because they have a whole section of baked goods that you pick yourself with tongs. Once you’ve bagged all your gluten free pastries, you pay by weight.

I’m not gonna lie, this is a really cool experience as a gluten free person – something that gluten-eating folks take for granted and can do at any old grocery store bakery!

But… I have to be honest. I visited Tibidabo twice and I was underwhelmed by the actual taste of their gluten free baked goods. Maybe I am being picky, but they all tasted a bit dense and stale. The best was the chocolate pinwheel, but overall I was unimpressed.

They also sell various pre-made sandwiches, but they do not heat these up. Pastries cannot be heated either, which was a bummer as that might have helped with the stale taste.

Overall, I do think you should visit Tibidabo while in Budapest – but just go in with moderate expectations for the actual taste!

Address: Tibidabo Gluten Free Bakery, Budapest, Dohány u. 7, 1074 Hungary

gluten free chocolate pinwheel Budapest
Gluten free Budapest pastries

Free Place Cafe

Free Place Cafe is my personal favorite gluten free bakery/café in Budapest. Yes, I loved it more than Tibidabo, and if you only have time for one gluten free café I think it should be this one!

In addition to being gluten free, it’s also lactose free. They have a lot of pastries, as well as a sandwich menu.

I really like that their menu includes various meal deals. I got a salami and cheese sandwich (heated up!), cappuccino, and orange juice for breakfast.

Honestly it’s just a really lovely place with friendly staff and I recommend it!

Address: Free Place Café, Podmaniczky utca 9. Budapest, Hungary 1065

Free Place Cafe sign
Gluten free sandwich and coffee in Budapest

Fittnass Glutenmentes

Fittnass Glutenmentes is a cute little gluten free bakery. It’s also sugar free, egg free, and dairy free!

I think it’s notable to mention that they have a big selection of ice cream here, and all the cones are gluten free! That is really hard to find.

I had two scoops of the Snickers flavor and it was delicious. The baked goods and cakes looked great, too, but I didn’t try them.

Address: Fittnass Glutenments, 1066 Budapest, Zichy Jenő utca 43.

Gluten free cakes Budapest
Gluten free ice cream cone in Budapest at Fittnass

Cöli Bisztró

Coli Bisztro is a little bakery/café/shop in central Budapest, close to the Nyugati tram station. It’s one of the longest-running gluten free establishments in the city, actually.

This place is 100% gluten free and sells a variety of baked goods (cakes, cookies, apple strudel, pies, etc.). I got an apple pie which was served cold and honestly, it was just okay.

They also have a small savory food menu that includes pizza, burgers, and hot dogs. Note that these are all cooked from frozen and there are just a couple tables/bars tucked into the corners, so I wouldn’t really describe it as a full-on restaurant.

In addition to the baked goods, there are also about three shelves full of gluten free products like flour, granola, baking mixes, bread, snack foods, and more.

After my experience here, I wouldn’t tell you to rush out of your way to eat at Coli Bisztro, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area and want something quick to eat.

Address: Nyugati Coli Bisztro, Jokai u. 40, 1065 Hungary

Gluten free apple strudel in Budapest
Gluten free shop Budapest

Confectionary Noglu

Confectionary Noglu is the first of the two gluten free bakeries on the Buda side (the left side of the river, less touristy!).

Also, notably, this is not the same Noglu gluten free bakery that you might be familiar with in New York City and Paris.

This bakery is really small, and offers a variety of gluten free cakes, as well as vegan and lactose free options. Keep in mind that unlike other Budapest bakeries, Noglu only sells dessert cakes (no pastries or savory meals).

When I visited on my most recent visit, I was a little surprised at the lack of options so I ended up not buying anything – which was fine because I found more than enough to please me at the next bakery on this list!

Address: Noglu Feny Cukraszda, Budapest, Fény u. 2, 1024 Hungary

Gluten free cakes Budapest at Noglu.
Not that Noglu – but nonetheless, there is stilll… no glu…ten 🙂

Free a Glutenmentes Pekseg

Free a Glutenmentes Pekseg is the only other gluten free bakery on the Buda side. I was shocked at how AMAZING this was place was and I really encourage you to go out of your way to come here.

First of all, physically it is a small bakery but their kitchen in the back is massive and they produce a LOT of gluten free baked goods of all types.

Mostly, I was floored to see they sold gluten free pizza… by the slice! In all my gluten free travels, I haven’t seen that anywhere else! I got a pepperoni pizza but I will mention they also have one flavor of vegan gluten free pizza every day.

I was in a savory mood so I also ordered a ham and cheese croissant and it was soo good (they heat it up so it was gooey and melty and crispy and delicious).

Because it’s a small space, their only tables are outside. I loved this on a sunny day, but if it’s crowded keep in mind you may have to take your gluten free goodies to go.

Address: Free a Glutenmentes Pekseg, 1033 Budapest Szentendrei út 89. Building 79

Gluten free pizza by the slice Budapest
Free a Glutenmentes Pekseg display case of gluten free pastries in Budapest

9 Dedicated Gluten Free Budapest Restaurants

While the bakeries and cafes above are great for breakfast (and even lunch), they don’t quite cut it for dinner. Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered with nine gluten free restaurants – ideal for dinner – below.

Bohemtanya Glutenmentes ☆☆

Bohemtanya Glutenmentes is, without a doubt, my TOP recommended place for a gluten free Budapest meal!

This dedicated gluten free restaurant specializes in Hungarian cuisine. Yup. You can get pretty much any traditional Hungarian dish you can think of here!

On my most recent trip, I ate here three times, haha – and even took two gluten-eating friends here, who both loved it, too!

Of everything I tried, I loved the dumplings (with cottage cheese and bacon) and the deep fried camembert with blueberry jam the most.

However, everything on the menu is truly top notch so I don’t think you can go wrong!

Regarding reservations, I never had a problem but the waiter did tell me he recommends reservations for dinnertime on the weekend (I visited on weekdays).

Address: Bohemtanya, 1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede street 6.

Sign that says Bohemtanya - 100% gluten free restaurant in Budapest
Sarah smiling with fork full of gluten free dumplings in Budapest
Gluten free fruit soup Budapest
Gluten free dumplings in Budapest

Monkey’s Bar and Kitchen

Monkey’s Bar and Kitchen is a fully gluten free restaurant with a ton of dinner options. I came here with four friends, none of whom are gluten free, and they all LOVED it!

The menu here is massive so you are spoilt for choice whether it’s Asian bowls, burgers, salads, flatbreads, crepes, and more. Side note, they don’t seem to have updated their Facebook page for a couple years but don’t worry, they are definitely still open!

I ordered the double cheeseburger, and so did my Hungarian friend Orsi, and we both devoured it. SO good!

If you’re looking for gluten free international food (not necessarily Hungarian) I really recommend this place.

Address: Monkey’s, Dob utca 6 Budapest, Hungary 1072

Gluten free burger at Monkey's in Budapest
Sarah, Alexia, and Angela in Budapest
Friends who come with you to 100% gluten free restaurants are the best – thank you Alexia and Angela (and Orsi and Gabor – not pictured)!

FreeFrom a Konyha

FreeFrom a Konyha is a dedicated gluten free restaurant that’s located in the basement food court of the West End shopping mall (near the train station). It’s a bit hard to find so here is the pin on Google Maps – but the actual location is a bit further into the food court than Google shows.

Honestly, there are sooo many options on the menu here including everything from burgers to wraps to even churros. It is a celiac fast food heaven!

I ordered the Caesar wrap and it was really good. It was a little paprika-y for what I expected from a Caesar salad filling, but hey, it’s Hungary!

Honestly, if you have the time, I do think it’s worth going out of your way to eat here. Or, at the very least stop by if you’re going to the nearby train station!

Address: FreeFrom a Konyha, Budapest, Váci út 1-3, 1062 Hungary

Free From a Konyha in Budapest
gluten free caesar wrap Budapest


Szederinda is a 100% gluten free restaurant that’s located a bit far out from the tourist center of Budapest (toward the airport), but still easily accessible on the tram.

I made the long journey out here to find out if it was worth it for you to do so, too!

The restaurant is kind of like a food hall or cafeteria where you grab a tray and then order from a buffet line. I haven’t been able to order food in that type of environment for YEARS.

The restaurant has a dietitian and doctor on their team, and they ensure that every single ingredient is certified gluten free. I can’t say the same of every other gluten free restaurant in Budapest. You are really safe here!

I’ll note that everything is in Hungarian; it’s not a very touristy place. One member of staff spoke good English. She was really nice and helped me order. I got the fried pork with cranberry sauce and it was really good.

Another thing I’ll mention is that they have an attached bakery (100% gluten free!) and a grocery store (DietABC) with tons of gluten free products.

Address: Szederinda, Budapest, Üllői út 149, 1091 Hungary

Outside of blue store, sign reads Szederinda
Szederinda Budapest buffet line, 100% gluten free
Gluten free fried pork

Non Gluten Pizzeria

Non Gluten Pizzeria is the best place in Budapest for gluten free pizza and Italian food. Seriously, absolutely everything here is gluten free so it’s completely celiac safe!

The pizza, in particular, gets rave reviews from both gluten free and gluten-eating people alike. It’s not your average sad gluten free base, either. I’ts a crispy, thick, authentic Italian base! They also serve gluten free lasagna, pasta dishes, salads, and even tiramisu!

I was so happy to try out Non Gluten Pizzeria for dinner on my recent trip to Budapest.

There are lots of topping choices, but I got the salami and mushroom, plus a (well priced) glass of wine, and ate outside. It was so enjoyable and is one of my top recommended gluten free dinners in Budapest.

Address: Non Gluten Pizzeria, Budapest, Király u. 58, 1068 Hungary

Sign that reads Non Gluten Pizzeria
Gluten free pizza in Budapest


herBar is a gluten free, healthy food restaurant in central Budapest. I recommend coming here for brunch, but they are also open until 8:30pm.

I went with two of my friends and ordered the breakfast menu, which was a veggie hummus sandwich, pistachio twirl, and a cappuccino. It was good! But the best order of the morning was my friend Angela’s waffle with peanut butter and berries. YUM.

I’ll also note that there are quite a few vegan options here!

Address: herBar, Budapest, Haris köz 3, 1052 Hungary

Gluten free pistachio twirl
Aerial photo of gluten free breakfast in Budapest at herBar
A wonderful 100% GF breakfast with friends!

Kata Restaurant

Kata Restaurant is another of my top recommendations for lunch or dinner, for anyone eating gluten free in Budapest.

This restaurant is dedicated gluten and lactose free (the only items not gluten free, oddly, are a few gluten-containing beers… ah well, that’s good for our gluten-eating travel companions!).

Here, you could eat tagliatelle pasta, hamburgers, and more – all gluten free. This is a relatively nice sit down restaurant and well worth a visit.

It’s worth noting for anyone who’s visited Budapest before, that Kata is very similar to Drop (the original gluten free Budapest restaurant, that closed a couple years ago) and actually very close to their old location, on the same street! If you’ve been to Drop in the past, expect similar vibes at Kata.

Address: Kata Restaurant, Budapest, Hajós u. 27, 1065 Hungary

The best gluten free goulash soup in Budapest at DROP. If you're finding yourself hungry in Hungary, read this ultimate guide to gluten free Budapest! Including 100% gluten free Budapest restaurants and more.
Kata – a 100% gluten free restaurant in Budapest.

Meat Again

Now, there are only two gluten free Budapest restaurants that I have not yet had the chance to dine at myself. The first of these is Meat Again.

Meat Again is a 100% gluten and lactose free restaurant located on the Buda side, relatively close to Gellert Baths if you want to combine the two on your Budapest itinerary.

As the name implies, the menu here is very meat-focused (hence the reason I didn’t visit, as I was traveling with two vegetarian friends!). It looks like a great spot for a slightly upscale dinner. I’m honestly not sure why this place doesn’t show up on more gluten free Budapest lists as it looks great and it’s definitely dedicated GF!

Address: Meat Again, Budapest, Vásárhelyi Pál u. 2, 1114 Hungary

La Cipolla

La Cipolla is the other gluten free Budapest restaurant that I haven’t personally visited. Sadly, I only discovered it on my final day in Budapest. However, I can confirm it’s fully gluten free which is why I wanted to share it here!

The menu is all Italian food, and includes pizzas, pastas, salads, risottos, and more.

It’s located a bit further out from the center on the Pest side, so the location isn’t nearly as convenient as Non Gluten Pizzeria’s if you’re in the mood for Italian food and looking for dinner. However, it’s not too far from the famous Szechenyi Baths so it might be worth visiting before or after that!

Address: La Cipolla, Budapest, Dózsa György út 140, 1134 Hungary

Budapest parliament

Where to Find Gluten Free Langos in Budapest

Look, I’m all about eating traditional foods when I travel, so when I heard that it was possible to get gluten free langos in Budapest, I was ALL over that!

What is langos, you ask? It’s a classic Hungarian street food, made from deep fried bread and topped with sour cream, cheese, ham, sausage, bacon, you name it. Obviously, it normally contains gluten… and a lot of it.

However, there is ONE place in Budapest where you can get celiac safe, gluten free langos.

gluten free langos Budapest

Retro Langos

Retro Langos is a langos restaurant that sells gluten free langos alongside normal, gluten-containing langos.

At first I was dubious that it could be celiac safe because it’s VERY popular and busy, and there’s obviously a ton of gluten on the premises.

However, I spoke with the staff and they told me that the gluten free langos is:

  • Prepared separately in the back kitchen
  • Cooked in a separate oven
  • Prepped in a separate workspace
  • Has separate ingredients to pull from
  • Staff is regularly trained about celiac disease and cross contact

There is still a risk of cross contact because it’s a shared environment, but they do literally everything they can to mitigate that risk which was enough to make me comfortable. Obviously, do what fits your own comfort levels.

There is even a separate menu for the gluten free langos which includes quite a few flavors. I ordered the Hungarian one, which came with sour cream, cheese, onion, and bacon. It was delicious but honestly enough for three people!

Address: Retro Langos, Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 25, 1065 Hungary

Gluten free menu at retro langos
gluten free langos Budapest

Where to Find Gluten Free Chimney Cake in Budapest

Where to find gluten free chimney cake in Budapest is the #1 MOST asked question I got on my Instagram after my trip.

Chimney cake is the oldest pastry in Hungary. This sweet pastry is hollow because it’s wrapped around a wooden spool before it’s cooked. And obviously…it’s normally full of gluten.

There is ONE place in Budapest where you can get gluten free chimney cake, but I’ll warn you, it is not available every day. Plan accordingly!

gluten free chimney cake budapest

Edes Macko

Edes Macko is a chimney cake shop and café located right across from the famous Szechenyi Baths. They offer gluten free chimney cake on Wednesdays and Fridays only – however, they told me that if you contact them far enough in advance, they may be able to make special order gluten free chimney cake for other days.

I messaged them on their Instagram in advance to ask about cross contact and this is what they told me: “We cannot guarantee no cross contamination, but we use separate tools and separate work stations, however in the same air space.”

I decided to go in person and suss things out. When I arrived on Wednesday morning, I peeked into the kitchen and there was no obvious airborne flour (like you might see in a pizza shop). I spoke to the staff and they addressed my concerns.

Ultimately, I felt comfortable enough with their precautions to try the chimney cake, but like any shared environment, it’s up to you and your own comfort level!

I will say that I ordered a cinnamon chimney cake and it was HUGE and soooo delicious. I am pretty sensitive to gluten (I react within ~1 hour) and I felt absolutely no ill effects.

Address: Edes Macko, Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 14-16, 1146 Hungary

NOTE | Please message them in advance to confirm the days gluten free chimney cake is offered. This post is updated for 2024 but things can change quickly and I don’t want you to be disappointed! If you have any updates to this post after your visit, please comment below.

gluten free chimney cake budapest
Sarah smiles with gluten free chimney cake budapest

Budapest Restaurants With Gluten Free Options

These restaurants are not 100% gluten free, but still have gluten free options. Cross contact is always a potential issue when you eat food prepared in shared environments, but these places do a good job of reducing that risk.

I highly recommend traveling with the gluten free Hungarian translation card, and questioning the wait staff about how food is prepared, to help prevent cross contact.

0.75 Bistro

0.75 Bistro was one of my favorite meals in Budapest on my first trip. It is in a great location in the center of Budapest, by the bridges and cathedral.

When I travel, I usually end up in some godforsaken neighborhood looking for gluten free food (*ahem* gluten free Prague), but we actually happened upon 0.75 Bistro whilst feeling lazy in the center of town. 0.75 Bistro labels gluten free food on the menu, and has many options.

We ordered a gluten free roasted duck risotto, and a crispy goats cheese and beet salad. Both were incredible and I literally still dream of the goats cheese. I found the staff very knowledgeable about celiac disease and cross contact.

Address: 0.75 Bistro, Budapest, Szent István tér 6, 1051 Hungary

0.75 Bistro: If you're finding yourself hungry in Hungary, read this ultimate guide to gluten free Budapest! Including 100% gluten free Budapest restaurants and more.
0.75 Bistro is a nondedicated facility with many gluten free options, including gluten free beer.

Great Market Hall

The Great Market Hall is a Budapest institution which is on most travelers’ itineraries, as it should be. If you find yourself here around lunch time, don’t fret because there are gluten free options!

All the prepared food stands are upstairs, and you can find salads at multiple places (ask about cross contact).

There is also traditional goulash soup, which is gluten free!! You can find this upstairs, the first stall along the right side wall.

Address: Great Market Hall, Vamhaz korut, 1-3Budapest 1093, Hungary

Gluten free goulash soup at the great market hall in Budapest: If you're finding yourself hungry in Hungary, read this ultimate guide to gluten free Budapest! Including 100% gluten free Budapest restaurants and more. #hungary #glutenfree #glutenfreetravel #budapest #glutenfreebudapest
Gluten free goulash at the Great Market Hall in Budapest.

Etna Pasta & Pizza To Go (Formerly Etna I & II)

Etna Pasta & Pizza To Go (Formerly named Etna I & II) is a long-time  Budapest pizzeria that comes recommended by the Hungarian celiac society.

Gluten free meals are prepared in a separate area of the kitchen, making it a safe option for celiacs to eat alongside their gluten-consuming travel partners.

Also note that you can order pizza here to take out – could be a fun option for a picnic or a night in your vacation rental (see below for a couple great options of places to stay in Budapest)!

Address: Etna Pasta & Pizza To Go, Budapest, Kertész u. 48, 1073 Hungary

You won't go hungry in Hungary with this complete guide to Gluten Free Budapest. Includes 100% gluten free restaurants, bakeries, and more!
Etna I and II are recommended by the Hungarian celiac association.

Due Fratelli Restaurant

Due Fratelli Restaurant is another that comes recommended by the Hungarian celiac society. It is located on the Buda side but pretty close to the Danube, so it’s a convenient location if you’re on that side.

Here, you can order gluten free pasta and three types of gluten free pizza. You can also order gluten free tiramisu and gyros.

Address: Due Fratelli Restaurant // 1027 Budapest, Erőd utca 9

Pata Negra

Pata Negra is a nice tapas place with two locations in Budapest. It has some great reviews from gluten free diners – they serve gluten free baguettes and mark options clearly on the menu.

I have however also read some reviews regarding cross contact that make me question how safe this restaurant is. I have not eaten here myself, and would encourage you to use your translation card and make your needs clear to your server, as always!

Address: Multiple locations! See the full list here.

Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov is an Israeli fusion kitchen, located in Budapest’s Jewish quarter. It was actually voted the #1 restaurant in Budapest by TimeOut.

I have not eaten here myself but it was recommended to us by Dan’s friend who also has celiac disease. She raved about the gluten free goulash!

Mazel Tov does not offer gluten free bread/pita but many dishes are naturally gluten free, and the staff is knowledgeable about celiac disease. They are able to adjust dishes to make them safely gluten free.

Address: Mazel Tov, Budapest, Akácfa u. 47, 1072 Hungary

Mazel Tov is a top rated Budapest restaurant with plenty of gluten free options.
Mazel Tov is a top rated Budapest restaurant with plenty of gluten free options.


Franziska is a popular brunch spot in Budapest and their menu marks a ton of gluten free options. However, according to reviews, most of these “gluten free” items aren’t actually celiac safe. The waffles, however, are apparently okay for celiacs.

While that’s a bummer, the good news is that the staff here sounds very clued up on celiac disease so they should be able to advise you on what you can and cannot eat. Of course, it would be great if they took the required steps to prevent cross contact but you work with what you can get!

If anyone visits and can report changes in their cross contact protocol, please leave me a comment below and I’ll update the post!

Address: Franziska, Rumbach Sebestyén u. 3, 1075 Hungary

Budapest town center street

Does Budapest Have Gluten Free McDonalds?

Yes, Budapest has gluten free McDonalds!

I find it such a treat to grab gluten free McDonald’s in certain European countries where it’s available (I’ve had it in Portugal, Netherlands, NorwaySpainItaly, and others).

In Hungary, the gluten free McDonald’s menu includes a cheeseburger made with a gluten free Schar bun. You can order this directly from the screens, under the tab “gluten free.”

It’s true that fries are also generally gluten free at McDonald’s in Hungary, but I recommend confirming at the counter at each location that they use a separate fryer with non-filtered oil.

Address: Multiple locations – Yesss!

McDonald's gluten free order in Budapest
gluten free Mcdonald's in Budapest

Gluten Free Budapest Shops

Plan on doing some of your own cooking in Budapest?

Aldi is a major grocery shop chain that has a few gluten free options. We did most of our shopping there. You’ll also find Lidl, Tesco, and other major brands. For the really special gluten free food, though, head to one of these shops.


DietABC is a little shop focusing on all kinds of special diets: celiac / gluten free, lactose free, diabetic, and more. It’s pretty far out from the city center, located in the Gyárdűlő neighborhood.

The 100% gluten free restaurant Szederinda (I mentioned it above) shares their location. Worth a stop if you are in the area!

Address: DietABC,1091 Budapest, Üllői út 149

Cöli Bisztró – 100% Gluten Free

I mentioned Cöli Bisztró under the bakeries section. It’s worth mentioning here, too, as they have an entire section dedicated to gluten free products.

It’s centrally located in Budapest so this is your best bet to shop for gluten free flours, mixes, pasta, bread, and more!

Address: Cöli Bisztró, 1066 Budapest, Jókai utca 40.

Allergy and Nutrition Center

I discovered Allergy and Nutrition Center on Google Maps during my most recent trip to Budapest. They have a ton of gluten free products, including freshly baked bread.

Address: Allergy and Nutrition Center, Budapest, Vág u. 9, 1132 Hungary

More Gluten Free Shops in Budapest

There are two other gluten free specialty shops in Budapest that the Hungarian celiac society mentions – Food Allergy Center TAC and Alter’s Food Allergy Store.

For the life of me I cannot find their locations. I believe that the Hungarian celiac society’s information may be outdated (their website is from 2012) so I assume these shops are closed. Don’t go out of your way to find them.

Gluten free section at grocery store in Budapest
The gluten free section at DietABC!

Closed Gluten Free Budapest Restaurants

Over my three visits to Budapest, I’ve noticed there is a high turnover of gluten free restaurants (similar to Prague).

Just like with all my gluten free travel guides, I try to keep this post as updated as possible… so you can have the best trip possible!

Here is a list of CLOSED restaurants that previously had gluten free options:

  • Manioka Gluten Free Bakery (confirmed closed via Facebook Messenger)
  • Drop
  • GluteNo
  • Fun Cafe
  • Köles A Reform Konyha
  • Raw Food Delivery*
  • Food Allergy Center TAC*
  • Alter’s Food Allergy Store*
  • Slow Foodiez
  • Fonograph Restaurant Svábhegy*
  • Great Bistro
  • Golden Granet

In addition, the following two bakeries are listed as dedicated gluten free on the Find Me Gluten Free App, but they are NOT. I sadly confirmed this myself during my visit in 2024:

  • Divine Sugar Free Cukrászda: Used to be dedicated GF but no longer is. Gluten items are stored in the same fridge and display case as gluten free items. Same servingware is used. Not celiac safe.
  • Naspolya Nassolda: Advertises themselves as 100% gluten free, but when I visited they told me “we prefer not to serve celiacs.” (A gluten free bakery that prefers not to serve celiacs?!?!). After many questions, I discovered that they use WHEAT ice cream cones (touching the gluten free cones!) and that their cake ingredients may contain gluten. Honestly I’m not sure how it’s legal for them to continue marketing themselves as gluten free… so I’m putting this here to warn you! Just a reminder to always ask your own questions and don’t trust the apps.

You may see these restaurants mentioned in other articles or review sites – please don’t waste your time trying to find them. Note: * indicates recommended by Hungarian celiac society.

You won't go hungry in Hungary with this complete guide to Gluten Free Budapest. Includes 100% gluten free restaurants, bakeries, and more!
The view over the Danube river is absolutely stunning!

Where to Stay in Budapest if you’re Gluten Free

As always, I highly recommend choosing accommodation that caters to gluten free guests – either with your own kitchen, or a celiac friendly hotel breakfast!

Vacation Rentals in Budpest

On all my trips to Budapest, I stayed in apartments with kitchenettes. Here’s everywhere I’ve stayed:

I will say that as of my most recent visit, I don’t think limiting myself to vacation rentals with a kitchen was necessary. There are now SO many gluten free Budapest restaurants, that you should be okay in a hotel for the weekend!

Gluten Free Hotels and Vacation Rentals in Budapest

Budapest also has a few hotels that cater to gluten free travelers, and some are quite affordable, too!

  • Casa Wesselenyi: A comfy apartment in a great location with full kitchenette, the perfect backup if you need a break from all the above amazing gluten free food.
  • Corinthia Budapest: Breakfast included in stay, gluten free items are marked on the menu and gluten free bread is available.
  • Carlton Hotel Budapest: Ask for gluten free options at breakfast, and you’ll be given your own basket of gluten free rolls and even chocolate wafers!
An airbnb in Budapest perfect for gluten free travelers.
This is the vacation rental we stayed in on our first trip to Budapest back in 2017 – it was only $16 a night and perfect for what we needed.
View over Budapest city skyline from the cathedral roof.

Final Thoughts on Gluten Free Budapest Travel

Hopefully this helps out at least one fellow gluten free traveler! Although we didn’t get to test out every single restaurant that was recommended to us, we didn’t go hungry (or Hungary LOL) during our time in Budapest.

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You won't go hungry in Hungary with this complete guide to Gluten Free Budapest. Includes 100% gluten free restaurants, bakeries, and more!
You won't go hungry in Hungary with this complete guide to Gluten Free Budapest. Includes 100% gluten free restaurants, bakeries, and more!

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  1. Oohhh this is great! I visited Budapest when I was newly diagnosed and was a) clueless and b) a stingy student. This was maybe 8 years ago? I really struggled to find safe food – and being new to the game I basically winged it. Would not recommend. I’m so glad to see there are so many options now, and seeing as I fell absolutely in love with the city when we visited I am convinced I need a return trip! Thank you for your diligent research 🙂

  2. I’m wondering if that pasta box restaurant is any good. I got burned by a place like that in Venice that is highly ranked on trip advisor. I’m still grumpy about it, lol. I love the idea of it though… I just want it to be tasty! My favorite restaurant in Budapest is Pest Buda on the Buda side… I feel like they had GF options, but I might be making that up. 😉

  3. I am so happy to see there is more and more places for tourists like us to eat! When I was in Budapest a while ago I found by chance a cafe that had some gluten-free cakes along regular ones, can’t remember its name, though, I think it was close to the Great Synagogue.
    Happy (gluten-free) travels!

  4. Check out Tahina Bite next time 😉 founded by my friend who had to go vegan and gluten-free for health reasons so she came up with the concept and the menu with her Lebanese husband – the chefs are Lebanese and make amazing hummus

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