Gluten Free Maltby Street Market, London: The Complete Guide (2024)

Welcome to your complete guide to gluten free Maltby Street Market options, written by a local celiac.

Maltby Street Market is a lovely little weekend-only street food market, located south of the Thames, not far from Tower Bridge. As you might know, I recently moved to London and am making it my mission to discover all the gluten free options at food markets around the city.

A couple weeks ago, some friends suggested that Dan and I meet them at Maltby Street Market. I’d never been before, so of course I took it upon myself to do research into what I could possibly eat. Luckily, I found a couple places!

Note that there aren’t many gluten free options at Maltby Street Market, but that’s partially because it’s a very small market (compared to others in London like Borough Market and Camden Market). Still, it’s such a wonderful little market and not too touristy at all, so I definitely recommend giving it a lunchtime visit.

gluten free maltby street market bowl of duck frites
One of the delicious gluten free meals on offer at Maltby Street Market – read more about it below!

100% Gluten Free Maltby Street Market Stalls

Amen Ethiopian

Amen Ethiopian is the only 100% gluten free stall currently operating at Maltby Street Market.

I LOVE Ethiopian food (if you’ve never had it before, think: spicy vegetable, lentil, and meat stews served with a sour fermented flatbread).

I messaged them on Instagram before my visit and they confirmed they’re 100% gluten free. They also had a “gluten free” sign at their stall on the day! They also have tons of vegan options, if that applies to you, too.

Honestly, I’m not sure why more people aren’t talking about Amen Ethiopian because their food was absolutely delicious and of course, completely GF. Definitely give them a visit.

Open: Saturdays 10 –5 ,Sundays 11 –4.

Amen ethiopian maltby st market
Amen Ethiopian – 100% gluten free stall at Maltby Street Market!
gluten free ethiopian at maltby street market
So colorful and delicious!! Note: the green sauce is VERY spicy.
gluten free ethiopian at maltby street market
I just loved that everything was gluten free. That meant zero stress for me!

Maltby Street Market Stalls with Gluten Free Options

Duck Frites

Duck Frites is your other option for celiac safe, gluten free food at Maltby Street Market. Please note that this stall is NOT dedicated gluten free; they have bread on the premises. However, I found them to be quite clued up on cross contact and the needs of celiacs.

Prior to my visit, this is what they messaged me on Instagram: “our chips, cheese & duck are all gluten free… Also, the duck leg option with chips & pea purée is gluten free. Please let us know that you are a celiac when ordering so we can ensure there is no cross contamination with bread.”

During my visit, I ordered the chips, cheese, & duck dish and notified them that I was celiac. They immediately took precautions like cooking the duck on a separate clean pan and changing gloves.

Also, I should mention that not only are the duck frites fried in gluten free oil, but they are PHENOMENAL. So crispy!

Open: Saturdays 10 –5 ,Sundays 11 –4.

Duck frites- gluten free cheese and duck at maltby st market in london
My cheese, duck, & chips order from Duck Frites. Soooo yummy.
gluten free cheese and duck at maltby st market in london
The duck skin on top is also totally gluten free!

Gluten Free Maltby Street Market: Restaurants Nearby

If you’re looking for a sit down meal close to Maltby Street Market, these are your best options.

Addis Vegan Kitchen – 100% Gluten Free

Addis Vegan Kitchen is an Ethiopian restaurant not far from Maltby Street Market. I have to mention them because they are completely gluten free and vegan.

This is one place where gluten free folks can eat in the traditional communal dining style (where the food is served on injera bread and everyone dips bread into it). I haven’t been yet but it’s high on my list!

Hakata Ramen + Bar

Hakata Ramen + Bar is a Japanese restaurant quite close to Maltby Street Market. Per reports by my friend Matt, you can get gluten free ramen here! (See Matt’s instagram reel about it here).

maltby street market
purple flowers
I really loved the vibes at Maltby St Market.

Things to Do Near Maltby Street Market

I get it, Maltby Street Market is quite small compared to other London food market giants. You may be wondering if it’s worth coming out of your way to visit.

Well, if the gluten free food didn’t convince you, here are some fun activities you can do near Maltby Street Market.

Things to do near Maltby Street Market:

Gluten Free Maltby Street Market Details

What? Maltby Street Market, a food market in south London.

Where? Across Tower Bridge on the south side of the Thames. Arch 46, Ropewalk, Maltby St, London SE1 3PA.

Hours? This market is open on weekends ONLY! Saturdays 10 –5 ,Sundays 11 –4.

Have you been to Maltby Street Market yet? Let me know if you visit and use my gluten free tips! Now that I live in London, I’ll keep this guide updated with regular visits (oh, what a hard life… haha!).

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Looking for gluten free food at Maltby Street Market? This gluten free guide, written by a local celiac, has everything you need to know!
Looking for gluten free food at Maltby Street Market? This gluten free guide, written by a local celiac, has everything you need to know!

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