2024 Travel Plans

I absolutely love sharing my travel plans with all of you at the beginning of every year!

After two years of full-time travel, I’m slowing down a bit in 2024. It’s still set to be a exciting year, though, between moving countries (!!), European travel, and our wedding in Michigan.

Read all about it below and tell me your 2024 travel plans in the comments!

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London is going to be a big theme this year… read about it below!

My Travel Goal for 2024

Last year, in my 2023 travel plans post, I said that my travel goal for the year was consistency.

I’d been feeling really overwhelmed with full-time travel, and craved a bit more consistency in my life – whether that was keeping in touch with friends, sticking to work/blog goals, and our actual travel pace.

While it was still a chaotic year of full-time travel, I am proud that I put some renewed effort into this blog, I definitely called my friends and family more, and Dan and I slowed down the travel pace (a bit).

Going into 2024, I’m no longer a full-time traveler (*sniff*). Ironically, now that I finally have more consistency in my life, I’m back to craving the excitement of travel!

Due to various factors, my travel is going to be a lot more limited in 2024. So, my goal is to find that excitement and happiness in the every day. I also don’t want having a home-base to stop me from traveling, so my secondary goal is to continue traveling – even if they’re small trips – and finding magic in new places.

2024 Travel Plans

Below are my 2024 travel plans, separated into travels I’ve booked, travel plans in the works, and travels I’m only dreaming of.

Travels I’ve Booked…

Moving to London | January

That’s right, I’m moving back to England! (By the way, who’s been following this blog since my OG England days?!)

I broke the news yesterday in this post, so check that out for the full story.

The short version is I will be hopping on a one way flight in a couple weeks, and setting up a life in London. Wish me luck.

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Our Wedding in Michigan | September

My only other ~officially booked~ travel for 2024 is, well, our wedding! That’s right, Dan and I are getting married in my home state of Michigan in September.

Although the wedding itself is booked, our flights aren’t. My hope is that we can spend about a month in Michigan, between arriving a couple weeks early for wedding prep and events, to having our honeymoon immediately afterward.

The details depend a bit on remote working logistics but here’s hoping it works out!

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Travel in the Works…

Bristol Free From Festival | February

This is a bit random (and I’m not sure it counts as travel?) but I’d really like to attend the UK Free From Festival in Bristol on February 24. This is basically a big day of gluten free food!

I’ve had my eye on Free From Festivals for years, ever since I last lived in the UK back in 2017, but the dates never lined up. I’m hoping I can make this one work!

If any UK-based gluten free friends want to make a trip of it with me, let me know!

Italy | April

Dan and I are hoping to spend a week in Italy in April… just because. I guess when you live in Europe you can do stuff like that!

I’m a bit sad because the agriturismo I’m obsessed with doesn’t seem to be taking bookings for 2024, and I have my heart set on staying there. So, these plans are up in the air!

If anyone knows of a lovely agriturismo that can accommodate gluten free guests, please let me know!

Spain | April

In a weird turn of events I have been invited to three weddings (and sadly a memorial service) this year and they are ALL on the SAME DAY in April. What’s up with that?

The plan is to attend my friend’s wedding in Spain and make a long weekend of it.

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Ireland | June

My bestie Julia texted me a few months ago asking if she should get tickets to the Jonas Brothers concert in Dublin in June and I was like, duh yes. So… it looks like I’m going to Ireland this year!

Plans are totally TBD but I’m very excited (mostly to see her, but also for JoBros, and also for Ireland). I’ve only been to Ireland once before and that was a weekend trip back in 2015. Suffice it to say I’m looking forward to going again!

UK Staycations | Throughout

I’m looking forward to having some staycations / mini breaks throughout the UK this year.

The visa I will be immigrating to the UK on limits the amount of time I can spend outside the country per year, unfortunately. With a lot of time abroad for our wedding in 2024, that means I don’t have much more time to be away.

Here’s hoping we make the most of it! A weekend in Edinburgh is top of my list, and I never turn down a trip to Cornwall. Any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

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Travels I’m Dreaming Of…

Our Honeymoon | September

Obviously, I am quite excited for our honeymoon in Michigan!

I think people are surprised that, since Dan and I are both travel-obsessives, we aren’t doing something more “exotic” for our honeymoon.

But, the current plan is to spend a week in northern Michigan directly after our wedding, including staying at the luxurious Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island (which I’ve been telling Dan about for YEARS).

Of course, I’d love to go to the Maldives, and Fiji, and Hawaii, and all those classic honeymoon destinations. I’m confident we’ll go those places someday, knowing us (LOL), but personally it feels more like an actual honeymoon if we go right after the wedding.

Saying that, we haven’t booked anything yet and the price tag of the Grand Hotel for our restricted dates makes my eyes water. Sooooo, stay tuned!

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A New Country

After traveling full time for 2022 and 2023, it feels strange to think that I might not visit a new-to-me country in 2024.

I’d love to go someplace new, even if it’s just a smaller country in Europe that I haven’t been to before. But, the year is already packed and as I’ve mentioned I can’t spend too much more time outside the UK in 2024! We’ll see!

Australia + New Zealand

It’s tradition at this point that I put Australia and New Zealand in this category. I think I’ve said I’m “dreaming of” these countries every year – and it’s true!

Honestly, 2024 is not going to be the year I visit Australia, barring some very unexpected life events. But I’m kiiiiiinda hopeful that 2025 might be?!

One of my very best friends (and bridesmaids!) lives in Melbourne and I’d absolutely love to pay her a visit. So wish me luck making that work in 2025.

What Are Your 2024 Travel Plans?

That’s my year’s plans in a nutshell. I’ll be interested to look back in a year’s time (as a married woman hahah) and see how much of it comes to fruition!

I would love to hear your own travel plans for 2024. Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Still sounds like quite a busy year despite not traveling full time! Can’t wait to see the adventures you have in and around Europe/UK! Also, you and Dan will always have a place to stay when you finally make it down to NZ (:

    1. Thank you!! Yes I am very happy with all the travel plans we are managing to fit in despite the visa. I’ll look forward to seeing where you end up visiting in 2024.

  2. So great to see what your year may look like and excited for your expat adventure to continue! Woohoo! Will you be continuing your freelance writing after the move or find a job locally? The sentence you wrote about spending a week in Italy “I guess when you live in Europe you can do that sort of thing” was a nice wake-up, lol. Sometimes I get stuck in routine here and forget that, oh yeah, we can do that :))

    1. Thanks for reading <3 And yes... I think it's easy to forget once you've lived in Europe for a while, but coming fresh from America I'm sooo excited for how "close" everything is going to be haha!

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