Gluten Free Portland Oregon: The Complete Travel Guide (2023)

I am so excited to share my gluten free Portland Oregon guide with you. Portland Oregon has a well-deserved reputation as the best city in the United States for gluten free food.

As a celiac, you will eat some AMAZING gluten free food in Portland. Actually, the hard part about visiting Portland as a celiac is choosing which gluten free restaurants to prioritize. That’s why I’ve created this guide!

This gluten free Portland Oregon guide has been in the works for a long time. My first visit to Portland was back in 2015, when the gluten free scene was already ahead of the times. However, in recent years, the gluten free scene in Portland has exploded and at my most recent visit, I counted over 30 dedicated gluten free restaurants and bakeries.

I’m so excited to bring you my personal perspective on traveling gluten free in Portland Oregon after multiple visits over seven years.

P.S. If you’re pairing a trip to Portland with a visit to Cannon Beach, then check out my Cannon Beach gluten free guide!

This gluten free guide is updated for 2023.

gluten free portland oregon bakery chocolate chip cookie sandwich
Gluten free cookie sandwich of my dreams… read more about this bad boy below!!

Gluten Free Portland Oregon

The gluten free Portland Oregon scene is WILD. I have traveled to major cities all over the world and the only major competitors Portland has for “best gluten free city,” in my opinion, are New York City, London, and Rome.

Suffice it to say, this gluten free Portland Oregon guide is MASSIVE.

Over my years of visiting Portland, I’ve eaten at the majority of the restaurants below (at least once). However, I’ve also included some restaurants I haven’t visited yet (but I’ve noted that in the description). As always, please confirm that cross contact protocols are still in place before you visit.

Honestly, you won’t be able to visit all of these gluten free Portland restaurants and bakeries in one visit. So, I’ve put a ☆ next to my top recommended places.

You can also scroll to the bottom to read about my top recommended place to stay in Portland if you’re gluten free, and a sample 4-5 day itinerary for gluten free travelers in Portland.

This guide is a great starting point for planning your trip to Portland if you have celiac disease like me. Let’s dive in!

Gluten Free Portland Oregon Map

Compared to other cities in the USA, I actually find Portland a little difficult to get around. I had my car during my most recent visit, which made getting to some of the more remote gluten free bakeries easier (plus it was ideal for driving the Columbia River Gorge).

If you don’t have a car, then the TriMet lightrail and the streetcar are useful. Here’s my guride on how to use the streetcar for a DIY “tour” of the best of Portland!

You can also explore most of the downtown neighborhoods on foot. And of course, there is always uber!

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To help you navigate your way around Portland, I created this map of the gluten free options in the city. Download it to your phone and use it yourself!

Gluten free Portland map key:

  • Dark blue: dedicated gluten free
  • Light blue: non-dedicated gluten free but celiac friendly
  • Gray: Burgerville locations (there are 25+ of these so I decided to put them in a different color!)
  • Maroon house icon: my top recommended place to stay in Portland for celiacs
  • Yellow star icon: PSU Farmer’s Market (must-visit for GF options)

100% Gluten Free Bakeries in Portland Oregon

Petunia’s Pies and Pastries ☆

Petunia’s Pies and Pastries is a 100% gluten free and vegan bakery with a location in downtown Portland – AKA super accessible for most visitors!

This was actually the very first 100% gluten free and vegan bakery in Portland, established back in 2010 by Lisa Clark. It was also the very first gluten free bakery I personally visited in Portland, back in 2015. I’ve eaten here as recently as 2022, though, and I’m SO happy to report that they’re still going strong!

On my most recent visit, I got a chocolate strawberry donut, a chai donut, and a DELICIOUS sprinkle chocolate chip cookie sammie. I’m usually a donut devotee, but the chocolate chip sammie won out as the best part of my order!

Address: Petunia’s Pies and Pastries, 610 SW 12th AvePortland, OR 97205

An absolutely delicious gluten free cookie sandwich!
gluten free donut pink frosting with sprinkles
petunias pies and pastries in portland oregon

New Cascadia Traditional ☆

New Cascadia Traditional is one of the most popular gluten free bakeries in Portland. They go above and beyond and are actually certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). I’m a little ashamed to say that I only tried them for the first time last year, in 2022. Wow, I’m a convert!

This is probably my new favorite gluten free bakery in Portland due to the sheer quality of the gluten free breads and pastries – I mean, look at the photo below from the inside of one gluten free pastry!

Another thing that sets them apart is they actually fry their donuts. Like I mentioned, I’m a bit of a gluten free donut connoisseur and fried donuts are my FAVE (please do yourself a favor and get the maple one).

The thing is, it can be a little hard to get to New Cascadia Traditional (hence why it took me until 2022 to try them out). Their brick-and-mortar shop is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, and only open 8am-2pm Wednesday-Sunday.

You can also buy their breads from a variety of stockists around Portland and the wider Oregon area (see the full list here). However, the breads obviously won’t be as fresh as ordering them directly from New Cascadia Traditional themselves.

Another option is to hit them up at their weekly stall at the PSU Farmer’s Market on Saturdays (all year ’round!) – that’s what I did! Try to go early because they do sell out.

What should you get at New Cascadia Traditional? Well, I clearly recommend a maple bar fried donut. The chocolate chunk cookies are also delish. Also get yourself a loaf of bread because it’s pretty unmatched!

Address: New Cascadia Traditional, 2502 SE Division Street, Portland, OR 97202 | Stall at PSU Farmer’s Market, South Park Blocks at SW Park and Montgomery, Portland, OR

the inside dough of a gluten free pastry in portland oregon
Just look at the inside of this gluten free pastry!!
gluten free donut in portland oregon farmers market
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Gluten Free Gem

Gluten Free Gem is Portland’s original 100% gluten free bakery (note: not vegan, like Petunia’s Pies and Pastries). It was started by Anne Miller way back in 2006 when her daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease, and has grown from there.

Because of the focus on celiac disease, you can rest assured that Gluten Free Gem takes every possible step to be 100% GF, including researching all of their ingredient origins.

This bakery is located in Portland’s Lloyd District, meaning it’s a bit out of the way for visitors who only have limited time in Portland. However, due to its history (and the truly mouth watering gluten free pastries), I still recommend a trip here if you can squeeze it in.

If you have a car in Portland, I recommend stopping here to pick up a coffee and some pastries before driving the incredibly scenic Columbia River Gorge. This is what I did both times I drove that route!

What should you order here? This is home to the best gluten free cinnamon roll in Portland, in my humble opinion, so that should definitely be on your list.

Address: Gluten Free Gem, 140 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232

gluten free donut from gluten free gem in portland oregon
Gluten free donut from Gluten Free Gem!
gluten free pastry box in portland oregon
A box of goodies from Gluten Free Gem – the frosting covered monstrosity on the right is the cinnamon roll!

Mikiko Mochi Donuts ☆

Mikiko Mochi Donuts is one of the newest additions to the gluten free Portland scene (opened in 2021). In addition to being 100% gluten free, they’re also mostly dairy free. Only two items on the menu, the breakfast sando and mochi cristo, contain dairy.

The focus here is, clearly, on naturally gluten free mochi-based donuts! This was the first mochi donut I’d ever had (although I devoured some mochi waffles in San Francisco) and I just love the subtly sweet flavor and chewy texture.

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On my last visit to Portland, I picked up a big box of mochi donuts to deliver to my fellow celiac friend Meghan, who was hosting Dan and I at her home in Seattle. Safe to say we demolished the donuts within a few hours of my arrival, LOL.

My top recommended flavors are the passionfruit curd, yuzu vanilla funfetti, and the black sesame with marionberry jam. Although… they’re all good!

I also highly recommend ordering at least one “KatDog.” This is a slightly sweet yet salty and savory mochi hot dog bun, filled with a mini hot dog, and topped with katsu sauce and sesame seeds. YUM.

It bears mentioning that a few months after my visit, Meghan ordered another dozen Mikiko Mochi donuts delivered to her house in Seattle, haha. So… I’d say they’re pretty worth it!

2023 update: Mikiko Mochi Donuts has been struggling in their business lately and really needs our support! I absolutey recommend spending your money here to support a small celiac-safe business.

Address: Mikiko Mochi Donuts, 300 NE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97232

six gluten free donuts from mikiko mochi donuts in portland oregon
The six gluten free donuts from Mikiko Mochi Donuts that I brought to Seattle for my friend Meghan…. and then promptly helped her devour LOL
gluten free passion fruit donut
The passion fruit donut – highly recommend this one!
gluten free mochi hot dog with gluten free donuts in the background in portland oregon
The mochi hot dog bun – my favorite thing we ordered!

Kyra’s Bake Shop (Lake Oswego)

Kyra’s Bake Shop also deserves a mention here, although it is located in Lake Oswego which is a 20 minute drive south of downtown Portland. I actually visited here as part of my trip to the Tualatin Valley, a peaceful wine region just outside Portland.

This 100% gluten free bakery is unique in that the owner, Kyra Bussanich, won the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars not once, but FOUR times, and always with her signature gluten free cupcakes!

The first thing that struck me at Kyra’s Bake Shop was that they had signs on every table saying they are a “celiac safe facility” (YAY!) and asking guests not to bring in any outside food or drink. I love it when places stick up for celiacs like this!

I had to get a gluten free donut here because, have you met me? But I can also recommend their pulled chicken and sun dried tomato savory pastry. However, the more traditional order here would obviously be their gluten free cupcakes!

Address: Kyra’s Bake Shop, 599 A Ave, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

gluten free sprinkle donut from kyra's bake shop in lake oswego oregon
chicken and sun dried tomato gluten free pastry

100% Gluten Free Portland Oregon Restaurants

Butterfly Belly Asian Cuisine ☆

Butterfly Belly Asian Cuisine is a 100% gluten free asian restaurant in Portland and my personal top pick! It’s not very often that you can find such a wide variety of asian foods all gluten free, all in one place.

One thing that Butterfly Belly Asian Cuisine is famous for, though, is their “world’s only” 48-hour bone broth. We ordered this (called the “Pho-Ty-Eight” – delicious!), plus pad Thai, and the most crispy, incredible egg rolls. In fact, I wish I could’ve gotten seconds and thirds of these egg rolls.

There are also tooons of gluten free sauces here. I had gluten free hoisin sauce – what a treat! They claim to be the only restaurant in the world that serves pho with homemade gluten free hoisin sauce.

I also have to mention that the owner here is SO nice and helpful. When we visited he personally served us (as well as every other table), assured us everything is always 100% gluten free, and just in general was an awesome human. Highly recommend!

Address: Butterfly Belly Asian Cuisine, 323 NW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97209

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Sarah with gluten free pad thai
How could I not be smiley with gluten free egg rolls and pad thai?
gluten free egg rolls at butterfly belly asian cuisine in portland oregon
The most YUMMY gluten free egg rolls – a must eat in Portland Oregon!!
gluten free 48 hour pho in portland oregon
The world famous 48 hour pho at Butterfly Belly Asian Cuisine.
gluten free pad thai in portland oregon
My gluten free pad thai at 100% GF Butterfly Belly Asian Cuisine.

Schilling Cider ☆

Schilling Cider takes my runner-up position for the best 100% gluten free restaurant in Portland. If you can, you should really make it out here.

Of course, cider is naturally gluten free (barring any glutenous flavorings – which they do not use!). But what makes Schilling Cider even more notable is their 100% gluten free kitchen, serving up all kinds of fried comfort foods. Yup, the kind of food you probably haven’t eaten gluten free since diagnosis!

Personally, this was the very first gluten free corn dog I’ve ever eaten, and my first corn dog in over 10 YEARS. That, plus the tater tots, house made mustard, and a healthy tasting flight of ciders (which I hand picked!), made me verrrrrrry happy.

If you get a cider flight, I recommend picking at least one cider by Finnriver. This is a wonderful cidery in Washington, that I had the pleasure of visiting way back when! Their cider is by far my favorite in the world, and I was so pleased to find it on tap at Schilling Cider House.

Address: Schilling Cider, 930 SE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

glass of gluten free cider that says schilling cider in black text
Generous portions of cider at Schilling Cider House!
sarah with a flight of gluten free ciders
Verrrrry happy with my ciders!
gluten free cider flight at schilling cider in portland oregon
Dan and I shared this flight of six ciders.
gluten free corn dog and tater tots with gluten free cider flight in the background
Gluten free corn dog and tater tots??? Yes please.
gluten free corn dog in portland oregon
schilling cider house is a 100% gluten free portland oregon restaurant that serves gluten free corn dogs pictured here

Ground Breaker Brewing ☆

While we’re on the gluten free alcohol front, we have to talk about Ground Breaker Brewing. Groundbreaker is an award winning, 100% gluten free brewery in Portland that I absolutely recommend checking out.

First, let’s talk about the beers. This is THE go-to place for gluten free beer in Portland. Also, arguably, the entire United States – they became the first 100% gluten free brewery in the USA back in 2011.

We opted for the six beer taster, out of a total of nine. They place the glasses on a paper that tells you more about each beer and its flavor profile.

For me, this was a really awesome experience that I don’t often get as a celiac. I personally didn’t love any of the beer we tried but Dan did try to choose their MOST unusual beers.

Now, I am NOT a beer connoisseur (diagnosed celiac at the age of 18 will do that to you, LOL). I tend to prefer lighter IPAs and I didn’t find anything like that at Ground Breaker Brewing. If you like stouts and ales then you’ll LOVE this.

As for the food, Ground Breaker Brewing does not do their own food like Schilling Cider does. Instead, they operate on a kind of “pop up” system where they host various gluten free caterers in their kitchen. And usually, the menu is limited – the focus is definitely on the beers!

Currently, Salvi PDX prepares all the food for their gastropub. They serve El Salvadorian cuisine (like pupusas – YUM). Check the website, though, because their host chef frequently changes.

Note: Ground Breaker Brewing has somewhat limited hours so you may have to work your travel plans around this. Currently they are only open Thursday-Sunday 2pm-8pm, and Monday-Wednesday by prior appointment. Again, check their website for the most up to date information on hours.

Address: Ground Breaker Brewing, 2030 SE 7th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

sarah with flight of gluten free beer in portland oregon
Loving life on a rare sunny Portland day at 100% GF Ground Breaker Brewing!
dan with flights of gluten free beer
sarah holding out glass of gluten free beer in portland oregon
gluten free beer at ground breaker brewing in portland oregon
Ou 100% GF tasting flight at Ground Breaker Brewing.

Mestizo PDX

Mestizo PDX is another 100% gluten free restaurant in Portland that I had the pleasure of trying for the first time in 2022. They are also 100% soy free, and have a LOT of vegan options and sustainably sourced seafood.

The cuisine here is largely Latin American-based, with options like empanadas, ceviche, and tacos. My absolute favorite thing I’ve eaten at Mestizo PDX, though, and the reason I recommend you eat here, too is…. the FRIED OYSTERS!

Yes, you can get gluten free breaded, fried oysters here and they are out of this world! I can’t even remember the last time I had fried oysters (probably before diagnosis) and this was such a treat.

Address: Mestizo PDX, 2910 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202

gluten free fried oysters with pink flower in background
Gluten free fried oysters of my dreams at Mestizo!!


DesiPDX is a 100% gluten free food truck that serves Indian food made from mostly locally sourced ingredients. If you’ve read my gluten free India guide then you already know that Indian cuisine is pretty much my favorite in the whole world!

Indian cuisine is usually pretty celiac friendly, but we do have to watch out for cross contact. So to find a 100% gluten free Indian restaurant…. obviously, I had to check this place out.

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The DesiPDX food truck is located at the Prost food cart square. So, there are quite a few other food trucks here to check out, making it a great option for visiting with non-celiac friends. Dan, who is not gluten free, got some brisket from a different food truck and we ate together at a table.

So I… went a little overboard with my ordering at DesiPDX, haha. I couldn’t choose! I got the masala pulled pork bowl (tamarind and ginger braised pork with a very spicy cut), cardamom chai chicken (chai tea-brined and deep fried, sweet and savory and delicious!), and their dahl bowl.

All three were mouth watering but the masala pulled pork won for me. When I next go back, I’m going to try their new chicken tikka mole (Mexican fusion, YES PLEASE), and the carrot halwa (simmered carrot and coconut milk sweet pudding).

Note: Desi PDX was recently featured on the Portland episode of Netflix travel-food show Somebody Feed Phil and their popularity exploded, so expect long lines of non-gluten free folks when you visit!

Address: Desi PDX @ Prost Food Cart Square, 4233 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97217

gluten free dahl at 100% gluten free food truck in portland oregon
The masala pulled pork bowl from 100% GF DesiPDX.
chicken and yellow rice in a white take out box
The chai chicken from DesiPDX.

Money Bowl

Money Bowl is the brand newest of new on the 100% gluten free Portland scene, and I was super lucky to just stumble upon them during my last visit to Portland. They are not actually a restaurant (yet), but a stall at the PSU Farmer’s Market (where you can also find New Cascadia Traditional, as well as Verde Cocina, the next gluten free restaurant on this list!).

I like Money Bowl for a few reasons. First, they focus on Chinese cuisine which is REALLY hard to find gluten free. Their most famous dish is the guilin rice noodle bowl, but you can also find BBQ pork sticky rice balls, tea eggs, and more. Everything is made with GF tamari sauce instead of soy sauce.

Second, the owner Mandy King is just a genuinely nice and thoughtful person. I had the pleasure of meeting her briefly and I just loved that she created Money Bowl to be 100% gluten free and inclusive of us celiacs!

I wish her all the best and really look forward to seeing how Money Bowl grows (a lot of the other 100% gluten free restaurants and bakeries I’ve mentioned here started out at farmer’s markets!!).

Address: Money Bowl @ PSU Farmer’s Market, SW College St, Portland, OR 97201

gluten free menu at money bowl in portland oregon
The 100% gluten free menu at Money Bowl! Please support this brand new gluten free restaurant in Portland!

Verde Cocina

Verde Cocina is a 100% gluten free Mexican restaurant that describes themselves as “farmer’s market inspired” – AKA lots of fresh, organic veggies. They have three different locations but one is currently closed. One location is in downtown Portland, and the other is in Hillsdale (a more southern neighborhood).

However, you can also find them at the year-round Saturday PSU Farmer’s Market, which is what Dan and I did! Their stall is currently on the eastern side, and you can easily find it by the long line of customers and colorful plates.

Whatever location you visit, this is one of the best places to get gluten free brunch in Portland! I recommend the buenos dias breakfast platter – scrambled eggs, corn tortilla, pork belly bacon, and heaps of organic veggies!

Address: Verde Cocina en la Perla, 1131 NW Hoyt St. Portland, OR 97209 | Verde Cocina Hillsdale, 6446 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97239 | Verde Cocina @ PSU Farmer’s Market, SW College St, Portland, OR 97201 (Saturdays only)

gluten free mexican food on a blue and white platter in a sun spot
A wonderful gluten free brunch in Portland – you need to try Verde Cocina at the PSU Farmer’s Market!

Pollo Norte

Pollo Norte is, yup, ANOTHER 100% gluten free restaurant in Portland (I hope you’re not tired of reading this blog post yet because there are a lot more…). This is a small Mexican restaurant that has a menu dedicated to various twists on rotisserie chicken.

To be honest, I didn’t know how exciting you could make a rotisserie chicken and so Pollo Norte was at the bottom of my personal gluten free Portland Oregon bucket list. However, I was passing by on my way to Seattle (it’s really close to 100% GF Mikiko Mochi Donuts, where I was picking up an order for my friend). So, I decided to see what the fuss was about and order some chicken for my drive.

Man, was I surprised… this is not your average rotisserie chicken, friends. This stuff is delicious! I got the “red bowl” which is pulled slow-cooked chicken with rice, cabbage, queso fresco, red salsa, and beans. Sounds simple, but the combo of the crunchy cabbage + tender meat + hot spices was something special!

Address: Pollo Norte, 2935 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97232

gluten free pulled chicken in a box with pollo norte written in orange in the background
I highly recommend the red bowl! A great GF dine in or take out option in Portland.
pollo norte sign


Harlow is a 100% gluten free health-food restaurant with two locations: one in the Hawthorne area, and one in the trendy North West Portland.

The NW location was easy walking distance from NW Portland Hostel – the victorian-mansion-turned-grown-up-hostel where Dan and I stayed on our most recent visit to Portland (and where I highly recommend all celiacs consider staying – and yes, you can get a private room that no, doesn’t “feel like a hostel”). Scroll down to the recommended gluten free accommodation section to read more about it!

Harlow specializes in healthy bowls, scrambles, salads, and smoothies that are, for the most part, naturally gluten free. This is not the place to find your deep fried comfort foods of yore. Nevertheless, I was surprised that the food is pretty damn good, especially for a gluten free brunch option in Portland.

I went for the biscuits and gravy with market vegetables, because I loved the sound of their gluten free mushroom scallion biscuit and tempeh “sausage” gravy. It definitely delivered, while still managing to taste “healthy,” and I’d recommend ordering the same if you visit.

Address: Harlow NW, 3632 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214 | Harlow on Hawthorne, 3632 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

gluten free biscuits from Harlow, a 100% gluten free Portland oregon restaurant
The gluten free biscuits and gravy bowl, from 100% GF Harlow in Portland!

Honey Butter Country Fare ☆

Now, I have to mention that I have not personally eaten at Honey Butter Country Fare. It is one of the great regrets of my life. (Kidding…. kinda?). However, this 100% gluten free food truck in Portland just looks SO GOOD that I had to share it in its own section.

Honey Butter Country Fare specializes in “country fair food.” Now, I spent a lot of my growing up years in the Midwest belonging to a 4-H club so… I know EXACTLY what that cuisine is and, wow, I’ve missed it!

If you didn’t show rabbits at the county fair aren’t familiar, let me enlighten you. At this food truck you can get EIGHT different types of gluten free corn dogs, frito pies (ahhh, the memories), FIVE types of funnel cakes, grits, chilis, old-fashioned sodas, and more.

Now, to the reason I haven’t personally eaten here. First, they are pretty new to the gluten free Portland scene. I tried to visit in 2022, but unfortunately they are in a not very central area of Portland, and their hours are pretty weird.

Currently, they are ONLY open on Saturdays and Sundays, 9am-4pm. Honestly, I’d message them on their Instagram @honeybuttercountryfare to confirm hours before you visit. I wish you better luck than me, and PLEASE report back in the comments if you eat here!

Address: Honey Butter Country Fare, 4631 N Albina Ave, Portland, OR 97217

gluten free funnel cake in Portland OR
Gluten free funnel cake and ice cream? Yes please. Photo credit: Facebook.
gluten free corn dog from Honey Butter Country Fare in Portland OR
The famous potato chip gluten free corn dog! Photo credit: Facebook.

More 100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Portland Oregon

Stick with me, folks, there are even MORE 100% gluten free restaurants in Portland! Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to eat at any of the others, so I’ll just give you a brief description of each, below.

If you’ve dined at any of these, please share your thoughts in the comment section below! I’d love to keep this gluten free Portland Oregon guide as updated as possible.

Other 100% gluten free restaurants in Portland include:

  • Zilla Sake ☆: 100% gluten free sushi in Portland? Yes please. Besides Honey Butter Country Fare, this is my other big regret and top of my personal gluten free Portland Oregon bucket list! Be aware, they are currently closed Sundays and Mondays, and only open 4:30pm-9pm Tuesday-Saturday.
  • Berlu Bakery : A gluten free and dairy free bakery serving Vietnamese pastries (that get rave reviews). They also have a fancier dinner service that operates on a set menu. One of my top picks for my next visit to Portland.
  • El Pilon PDX ☆: 100% gluten free Colombian food in Portland! Expect lots of fried classics like empanadas, patacones, arepas, and more. And NO cross contact concerns! Also, super affordable.
  • Masala Lab PDX ☆: An Indian-inspired brunch restaurant (run by the owners of DesiPDX), and totally gluten free.
  • Tacovore: This is a gluten free taco restaurant, although be aware the menu also has gluten-containing beer.
  • Bastion PDX: A gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and refined sugar free restaurant operated by a nutritionist, so expect the food to be suitably healthy. Saying that, I’ve heard they have fried chicken and donuts sooo… definitely worth a visit. A top stop for brunch in Portland.
  • Tiny Moreso: A totally gluten free and vegan dessert shop and cafe specializing in miniature dairy free cheesecakes. Not sure if a more Portland sentence has ever existed?
  • Happy Day Juice Co: A completely gluten free waffle, smoothie, and juice joint. Another good brunch option!
  • Whole Bowl: A national chain that’s 100% gluten free and sells salad bowls.
  • Kann: A slightly upscale gluten and dairy free restaurant with a focus on Haitian cuisine and “live fire” cooking in front of you.
  • Best Friend Juice Bar and Cafe: They specialize in juices, smoothies, and coffee, but also have some toast and sandwich options served on New Cascadia Traditional bread. Totally gluten free.
  • Feel Good PDX: A gluten free fast casual restaurant that specializes in healthy salad bowls.
  • Corbett Fish House: Unfortunately this 100% gluten free fried fish restaurant CLOSED during the pandemic. I only mention it here because you might see it on Find Me Gluten Free or recommended elsewhere!

GLUTEN FREE ICE CREAM | There is one more 100% gluten free establishment in Portland (yes, I KNOW)! It specializes in ice cream, so scroll down to my gluten free ice cream in Portland section to read all about it.

sarah with gluten free corn dog and cider flight at schilling cider in portland oregon
One more photo of me with the gluten free corn dog of dreams from Schilling Cider House, LOL.

Non-Dedicated Gluten Free Portland Oregon Restaurants

Bamboo Sushi ☆

Bamboo Sushi is probably my MOST memorable recent meal in Portland, and I absolutely recommend it for anyone who is gluten free and loves sushi. They are not 100% gluten free, but are very close!

The entire menu is gluten free except for three items (a salmon nigiri and burger buns). All of the soy sauce on the tables is actually gluten free tamari sauce. All the tempura is gluten free, and the fryer is 100% gluten free. They even have gluten free crab which means gluten free cali rolls (no gluten-y imitation crab here!!).

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We sat at the bar (you may want to make a reservation, or be prepared to wait), and ordered a cali roll (obvi), a spicy tuna roll, the sunset roll, and the green machine roll.

It sounds like a rogue choice, but trust me: You MUST order the green machine roll (tempura fried green beans, avocado, and sweet chili aioli). I can’t express how good this was. Dan and I still regularly talk about this!!

If you’re looking for gluten free sushi in Portland, Bamboo Sushi is the place to be. Of course, I’d also love to go to 100% GF Zilla Sake someday, but I found Bamboo Sushi a lot easier to get to as they have longer daily hours and four different central locations.

Address: Bamboo Sushi NW (the location I ate at), 836 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210 | Bamboo Sushi SW, 404 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97205 | Bamboo Sushi NE, 1409 NE Alberta St Portland, OR 97211 | Bamboo Sushi SE, 310 SE 28th Ave Portland, OR 97214

gluten free sushi platter from bamboo sushi in portland
A 100% gluten free free sushi platter from Bamboo Sushi – my fave was the green roll on the left!
gluten free tempura on a sushi roll
See that? That’s GLUTEN FREE tempura!!


Teote is a Latin American restaurant and a good spot to get arepas in Portland. They have a lot of gluten free options but are NOT 100% gluten free. Additionally, they have three different locations and some locations are less gluten free friendly than others. It’s confusing, I know, so let me help.

Teote House Cafe: This is their most celiac friendly location, and where I visited and recommend that you visit, too, if you can make it out here. The menu is gluten free apart from beers, but there are a few items they may not recommend due to how they are sourced – the staff here is knowledgeable about celiac and will guide you through your options as the menu can change.

We ordered the arepitas, guacamole, and el Diablo pork belly arepa. The arepitas weren’t my fave but we both LOVED the el Diablo and fought over the crumbs, haha.

Note that when I visited in 2022, I was asked for my vaccination card in order to enter. I’m not sure they’re still doing this, but bring a photo of your vaccine card to be on the safe side.

Teote Mezcaleria: This location is in NE Portland and more known for their (mezcal) drinks. There is a “gluten friendly” kitchen here as well, but the menu is more limited and the focus is definitely on the drinks.

Teote Outpost: This location is at Pine St Market downtown. It’s the most conveniently located, but unfortunately the least celiac friendly. They use flour tortillas on the same grill as the corn tortillas, and when I visited I reached out to them on Instagram they told me they don’t recommend this location for celiacs. Boo.

Address: Teote House Cafe, 1615 SE 12th Ave, Portland (SE – where I ate and most GF location) | Teote Mezcaleria (NE), 2700 NE Alberta Street, Portland | Teote Outpost @ Pine St Market (downtown), 126 SW 2nd Ave. Portland

bowl of arepas and pink pickled onions and pork from teote in portland oregon
The el Diablo pork belly arepa bowl from Teote!
The arepitas bowl from Teote – not my fave, I recommend going with the el Diablo!


Burgerville is a chain burger restaurant that’s local to Portland, with a dedicated fryer for french fries and gluten free buns. It’s actually the very first meal I ever had in Portland back in 2015 – they have a location at the PDX airport!

Honestly, this is one of my personal favorite places to eat in the city!! I think other celiacs would argue with me, though, so read on.

Like I said, this is a chain restaurant so different locations means different managers and potentially a different experience. Please confirm (by calling or emailing or just asking if you’re there in person) that the location you want to eat at 1. has a dedicated gluten free fryer, 2. can grill the burgers and gluten free buns on a clean surface, and 3. has general knowledge of celiac disease.

I’ve eaten at the PDX airport location and the cathedral park location (perfect for combining with a visit to St. John’s Bridge) and had success both places.

Address: There are 25 locations across the city so this is a great option to fall back on if you’re in a pinch! Check the full list here.

Kure Superfood Cafe

Kure Superfood Cafe is actually Portland’s original, first ever juice bar, and worth a visit for that reason alone. They used to be 100% GF but now they do have gluten on the premises – bread for the breakfast sandwiches. However you can still get gluten free options of pretty much everything and they also have gluten free oats.

They have three locations (in Hawthorne, Pearl District, and downtown) so you’ll probably pass by one at some point. I recommend their greens juice or the energy juice. They also serve acai bowls, gluten free sandwiches, smoothies, coffee, and more.

Address: Kure Superfood Cafe (Pearl), 830 NW 13th Ave | Kure Juice Bar (Hawthorne), 4409 SE Hawthorne | Kure Juice Bar (downtown), 18 SW Taylor

Greens #1 smoothie from Kure Juice Bar.
All the cold pressed juices on offer at Kure!

More Non-Dedicated Gluten Free Restaurants in Portland

Honestly, with 30+ dedicated gluten free restaurants in the city proper, I tend to focus on eating at those during my visits to Portland. Still, there are quite a few notable other restaurants that can cater to celiacs, including the ones I mentioned above.

I’ve included a few more below, that tend to get great reviews from celiacs and are on my personal bucket list. Please note that I have not eaten at these myself, and as always you should double check cross contact protocols before your visit.

Other non-dedicated gluten free restaurants in Portland include:

  • Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House ☆: Pub atmosphere with tons of gluten free options including a dedicated fryer for fries, gluten free buns for burgers, and an award-winning gluten free IPA beer (sorghum based). Apparently gets pretty busy so try to go at quieter hours to help reduce cross contact risk.
  • Potato Champion ☆: A food truck that specializes in poutine! Reviews say this is 100% GF but that’s inaccurate. There is a dedicated fryer so all the fries are GF, however be aware that two of the sauces contain gluten. The menu marks “CG” for contains gluten.
  • Slide Inn: A German-American restaurant with many gluten free options which they really advertise and go out of their way to support.
  • Dar Salam: A Middle Eastern restaurant with tons of gluten free options. The only gluten in the restaurant is the pita bread and a few desserts.
  • Fuel Cafe: A really good brunch spot in Portland with a separate kitchen space for GF, including a dedicated GF waffle iron!

If you have the chance to eat at any of those restaurants, please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Gluten Free Ice Cream in Portland Oregon

Kate’s Ice Cream – 100% Gluten Free ☆

If you want ice cream in Portland, you’re in luck! Kate’s Ice Cream, which opened in 2019, is 100% gluten free and 100% plant-based (their ice creams are coconut milk-based).

If you’re a chocolate-lover like me, then definitely get the triple chocolate brownie ice cream. In a massive GLUTEN FREE waffle cone, of course!

This totally brought me back to my childhood, when I’d walk to the local dairy store with my mom on hot summer nights and order the chocolatiest ice cream they had. I HIGHLY recommend Kate’s Ice Cream if you’re in Portland!

Address: Kate’s Ice Cream, 3713 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227, United States

chocolate ice cream in a gluten free cone in portland oregon from Kate's - a 100% gluten free ice cream shop in Portland
Honestly I’ve started having dreams about this ice cream since writing this post LOL. Someone send me a tub of the triple chocolate brownie, please? (Not kidding…)

Little Chickpea – CLOSED

What a bummer. Portland’s other 100% gluten free ice cream shop, Little Chickpea, closed in 2021. They still sell chickpea-based ice creams and “nut” butters wholesale, but their customer-facing shop is closed. You might still see this recommended other places (it’s still on Find Me Gluten Free), but don’t go out of your way to go here.

Salt and Straw – Not Dedicated Gluten Free

If you’re planning a trip to Portland, you’ve probably heard of Salt and Straw as a must-do experience, and you’re probably wondering if it’s possible for you. They were one of the firsts in a long line a “boujie” American ice cream joints, and are famous for combining weird flavors into delicious combinations.

I have eaten at Salt and Straw in Portland MANY times and I can assure you it is possible with celiac disease!!

Here’s what you need to know to order from Salt and Straw safely:
  1. While you’re waiting in line (yes, there’s always a line), a server will be passing out free samples from a selection of usually 2-3 options. I’d avoid these as you don’t know how they were scooped regarding cross contact. Don’t worry, there’s still an opportunity for free samples!
  2. When you get near the front of the line, a different server will ask you what free samples you want to try from ALL the flavors. They’ll also probably ask about dietary requirements. Tell them you have a “gluten allergy and need to avoid cross contact.” They’ll know EXACTLY what cross contact is because they have a lot of training!
  3. Ask which flavors are gluten free, and choose your samples from these. The server will go into the back and scoop your samples from clean, unopened containers with a fresh scooper. Be sure that they do this. Be aware you may be limited on flavors based on which gluten free ones have unopened containers in the back.
  4. Choose what ice cream flavor combo you want, and order it in a bowl. No, they do not have gluten free cones 🙁
  5. Wait by the register for the server to scoop your ice cream from a fresh container in the back. You may have to wait longer than other customers, so be patient.

The flavors at Salt and Straw are constantly changing, which is the fun of it! Don’t let celiac disease hold you back from trying this Portland classic.

Address: Salt and Straw NW (the location I always go to), 838 NW 23rd, Portland, OR | Salt and Straw Alberta, 2035 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR | Salt and Straw Division, 3345 SE Division St, Portland, OR

red salt and straw ice cream cup with the shop in the background
You can kind of see the line for Salt and Straw in the background!
ice cream from salt and straw in portland oregon
Always get at least 2 flavors 😉 I love the balsamic strawberry one, if it’s available when you go!

Where to Stay in Portland Oregon if You’re Gluten Free

If you’ve read my other gluten free travel guides, then you already know that I believe where you stay is really important for traveling celiacs.

Having a kitchen (or even a kitchenette with fridge and microwave!) can be a game changer for your anxiety. Also, strategically choosing accommodation in an area with walkable GF restaurants is also kinda my superpower.

On my most recent trip to Portland, I stayed at the Northwest Portland Hostel and it was INCREDIBLE from a celiac perspective. I’m not sure I’ll stay anywhere else in Portland again. You can read my full review here.

Northwest Portland Hostel ($-$$)

The Northwest Portland Hostel is an institution in NW Portland. We stayed in a huge, spacious private room that honestly felt nicer than a lot of hotels I’ve stayed in! Our building had a kitchenette, but we also had access to the main building where there’s a full kitchen with stoves and a fridge.

Don’t be afraid of the word “hostel” – hostels are some of the best places for traveling celiacs, in my opinion, because of the kitchen. This one in particular does NOT have a “party” vibe, but rather it’s like a relaxed, peaceful, community-centered hotel!

Additionally, NW Portland Hostel has on-street parking for $5 (ideal if you’re driving the Columbia River Gorge!) and its location is walking distance to many of the gluten free restaurants I mentioned above! We walked to Harlow, Bamboo Sushi, Salt and Straw, Butterfly Belly Asian Cuisine, the PSU Farmer’s Market, Petunia’s Pies and Pastries, and more! We absolutely loved it here.

RELATED | Where to Stay in Portland on a Budget: NW Portland Hostel Review

Other Celiac-Friendly Accommodation in Portland

Below I’ve hand selected some accommodation that I think is great for celiacs in Portland. These are places I would stay myself! I’ve chosen all vacation rentals so that you have access to a kitchen.

  • Newly Finished Nob Hill Condo ($$): This place is located in the upscale Nob Hill neighborhood. It has a brand new kitchen, and sleeps four.
  • Belmont/Hawthorne Cool Upper Victorian Apt. ($$): Located on Hawthorne in trendy SE Portland, walking distance from Schilling Cider House, Ground Breaker Brewing, and more. Has a balcony, kitchen, two bedrooms, and 4.9 stars!
  • PDX Eco Cottage Guesthouse ($$): A small and IMPECCABLY designed cottage with everything you could need, also in SE Portland walking distance to some GF faves. This place has even won some awards for its design!
kitchen at hostel in portland oregon
The full kitchen – complete with two stoves! – at NW Portland Hostel.
bedroom at hostel in portland oregon
Our bedroom at NW Portland Hostel. Our private room also had two big wardrobes and a desk and a closet!
beautiful old victorian house in portland oregon
The beautiful exterior of NW Portland Hostel – I highly recommend a stay here while in Portland!


Where can you buy gluten free beer in Portland Oregon?

The best place to buy gluten free beer in Portland is at Ground Breaker Brewing, the USA’s original 100% gluten free brewery. Other dedicated gluten free breweries in Portland include Mutantis Brewery and Moonshrimp Brewing. Deschutes Brewery also has an award-winning gluten free IPA on tap.

There are even more gluten free breweries further afield in Oregon! Oregon actually has four 100% gluten free breweries which is more than any other state. Check out Bierly Brewing and Evasion Brewing, both in McMinnville, Oregon.

Where can you buy gluten free bread in Portland Oregon?

The best place to buy gluten free bread in Portland is from New Cascadia Traditional, a 100% gluten free bakery that specializes in artisan breads.

What are the best gluten free donuts in Portland?

You can get gluten free donuts in Portland from these five 100% gluten free bakeries: Petunia’s Pies and Pastries, New Cascadia Traditional, Mikiko Mochi Donuts, Gluten Free Gem, and Kyra’s Bakeshop. Having tried them all, my favorite gluten free donuts are from New Cascadia Traditional.

Where to get gluten free pizza in Portland Oregon?

Unfortunately, there are no 100% gluten free pizzerias in Portland, Oregon. Your best bet for gluten free pizza is Mississippi Pizza, which has the best reviews from celiacs, but please double check about cross contact.

Where is the best gluten free breakfast in Portland?

There are many gluten free breakfast and brunch spots in Portland. Some of the best 100% GF options are Verde Cocina, Harlow, Masala Lab PDX, Bastion PDX, and Happy Day Juice Co. Fuel Cafe is not 100% GF but does serve waffles on a dedicated GF waffle iron.

Where to get gluten free sushi in Portland?

There are two amazing restaurants to get gluten free sushi in Portland. Zilla Sake is Portland’s 100% gluten free sushi restaurant. Bamboo Sushi is nearly completely gluten free, and has four locations in Portland.

Where to eat gluten free in the Portland airport (PDX)?

At Portland airport (PDX) you can get a burger on a gluten free bun, with fries made in a dedicated GF fryer, from Burgerville.

portland oregon sign in old town
The iconic Portland Oregon sign in old town!

Gluten Free Portland Itinerary Example

Because there are SO many gluten free restaurants in Portland, it can be a little overwhelming. You may not know where to start with travel planning! That’s why I’m offering you this very brief example itinerary.

I did this for the first time in my gluten free San Francisco guide – another city with an overwhelming amount of gluten free options. I’ve gotten really good feedback, so I’m doing it again. I hope this is helpful to you!

4 Day Itinerary for Celiacs in Portland Oregon

Day 1

Arrive to Portland airport (PDX). If you’re hungry, eat at Burgerville in the airport. Check into your Portland accommodation – I recommend NW Portland Hostel or another option in the NW/Nob Hill area. For dinner, walk to nearby Bamboo Sushi for a sushi feast!

Day 2

Assuming your first full day in Portland is a Saturday, you MUST go to the famous PSU Farmer’s Market. Get brunch from Verde Cocina, donuts and pastries from New Cascadia Traditional, and a plate from Money Ball. Spend the afternoon walking and exploring the parks, markets, and gardens downtown – my Portland NS streetcar tour guide blog post is a useful place to start. For dinner, go to nearby Butterfly Belly Asian Cuisine.

Day 3

Urban hiking day! Begin the day with some pastries and coffee at Petunia’s Pies and Pastries – be sure to take some to go. Next, check out the famous Powell’s City of Books which opens at 10am. Then, take a bus to Lower Macleay Park, where you’ll hike up to Pittock Mansion. I recommend these hiking directions from Alltrails. Eat a gluten free pastry and enjoy the views at the top! Then walk down via the International Rose Test Garden. For dinner, make it a boozy one. Take an uber to Ground Breaker Brewing for a happy hour tasting flight. Then, walk 15 minutes to Schilling Cider House for a cider flight and a fried, delicious dinner.

Day 4

Columbia River Gorge day! Start your day by driving to Gluten Free Gem. Pick up some cinnamon rolls, pastries, and coffee for the road. Spend the day driving this scenic road. On your way back to Portland, stop at Prost Food Trucks for dinner. Eat at 100% GF DesiPDX, while your travel companions choose from other options. After dinner, walk 5 minutes to nearby Kate’s Ice Cream for a 100% GF and DF dessert!

gluten free cookie sandwich with views over the city of portland oregon from pittock mansion
Views from Pittock Mansion over Portland – perfect with a gluten free cookie sandwich from Petunia’s!
portland sign lit up at night

There you have it, my complete guide to gluten free Portland Oregon! If you’ve read to this point of the blog post, then you can clearly see why Portland has garnered its reputation as one of the best city for celiacs in the WORLD!

If you’re wondering how I found all these gluten free restaurants in Portland (and around the world), then check out my article on how I find safe gluten free restaurants. I also recommend checking out my downloadable guide to eating out gluten free safely!

As with all my gluten free guides, I will do my best to keep this updated – but I need your help! If you notice any changes or closures from what I’ve mentioned here, please comment below! Together, we can keep this gluten free Portland guide useful for everyone.

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Portland is the USA's best city for celiacs! Discover why in this gluten free Portland Oregon guide, which includes 30+ 100% GF restaurants.
Portland is the USA's best city for celiacs! Discover why in this gluten free Portland Oregon guide, which includes 30+ 100% GF restaurants.

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