February 2017 | Recap

My whole entire childhood I despised Februaries. It was the month when the Michigan snow turned to permanent brown slush. The temperature would plummet lower and lower, as my skin got paler and my hair got more static-y. This was my third February in England, though, and I think I’m coming to terms with my old foe! It was a surprisingly warm/sunny month, and I emerged (briefly) from my shell in the library to actually enjoy this month!

Where was I in February?

Prague (at the very beginning), Plymouth, Exeter, and London!
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February adventured like…

  • I started out the month with a v brief weekend break in Prague! It was f-f-f-freezing but I got my dose of wanderlust satiated, lost my wallet in the process, ate til my heart’s gluten-free content, explored the hipster Karlin District, and got to go on a very personal & special pilgrimage to the Infant of Prague
  • I also made a (kinda last minute/random) journey up to London for a brief 48 hours, where I attended the Refugee Week conference at Amnesty International, ate a lot of sushi, saw my old housemate, explored Notting Hill like a basic tourist, and ate a buffet of indian food all by myself
  • I’ve started playing squash so, like, that’s fun? (It actually is super fun I’m just terrible at ball sports).
  • Also been spending an inordinate amount of time in the library working on neuroscience as well as my normal modules and my dissertation, which is a bit soul-sucking but at the same time I’m a huge #nerd so deep (very deep) down I love it.

February tasted like…

  • As I’m reflecting on it, I’m realizing HOW MUCH GOOD FOOD I ATE THIS MONTH!!
  • It all started in Prague, as I ate my way through the gluten-iest city’s gluten free scene (you can read more in my extensive Gluten Free Prague travel guide)
  • This Valentine’s Day was the first one I’ve actually spent in the same city as Dan! We went to my favorite pizza chain in southwest England and got amaaaaaazing pizza as well as cider flights and…dun dun dun…a cheese board. WIN.
  • This has been the month of lentils, I’ve discovered two amazing dishes with lentils and am now incorporating them into everything! They are perfect for a cold & damp month.
  • Of course I have to mention “pancake day” as the Brits refer to it, or as we Michiganders say: Packzi day, fat tuesday, mardi gras… I made my family’s traditional latkes (potato pancakes) as well as homemade apple sauce because the British “apple sauce” is NOT the same… my friends made “pancakes” (AKA crepes) and we all shared and it was so so so lovely!

February mantras…

What else is there to say, my friends? I have lots of ideas for my little internet space, and in March I hope to start instituting some of them! Mainly through some “series” that I’d like to begin. I would like to do a series about expat life, about my refugee and humanitarian interests and experiences, and about appreciating the little things through poetic writing (like I posted last week). I have an expat post coming up this week that I hope you come back for!

Have a lovely March, all of you!

Sarah xx

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  1. It sounds like you had a great month! I’d love to go to Prague one day it looks amazing.
    I love your description of british pancakes haha! I’m british, but I’m totally with you on the whole crepes thing – pancakes should be nice and fluffy!

    xo April | April Everyday

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