The Best Pizza Chain in Southwest England

…And it’s gluten free!

But seriously, it’s high time that I pay tribute to southwest England’s greatest masterpiece (forget Agatha Christie, Tom Daley, JK Rowling, Sherlock Holmes etc.) – it’s The Stable!  As you all know by now, my favorite part of traveling is undoubtedly eating. And my favorite part about eating is pizza. Although I recently decided to move away from listicle type posts and give you all some more heartfelt and *deep* words….sometimes I just need to write about PIZZA! (And you’ll soon see that, to me, The Stable means a bit more than just pizza).

^^it was dark so ignore the poor photo quality, focus on all that CIDER!

  1. They have gluten free options. Okay, this goes without saying for me, but it’s true – the gluten free options at The Stable are enviable! Not only do they carry gluten free pizza bases, but they stock almost all of their desserts in gluten free options (including a gluten free nutella pizza…whatttt), as well as tons of cider!

^^The Blazing Saddle pizza – pulled beef, bacon, red peppers, mozzarella cheese, caramelized red onions, and sour cream on top (THE BEST)

^^An egg in a pizza – who woulda guessed! OH and they’re all named after local legends!

2. Speaking of cider, they specialize in cider flights! This is what first sold me on The Stable – oh how I love a good cider flight! The ciders change every day based on what the staff choose, but there’s always a big variety and you’re guaranteed to try something outside your comfort zone (though actually never drink Suzie Wong, it tastes like cat pee, EVERYTHING ELSE ON THIS LIST IS POSITIVE)

3. And boy do they know their cider. The staff are cider geniuses. It’s totally kosher to go up to the bar and just say how you’re feeling/what you generally like, and the bar staff will source your cider-soulmate for you! That’s how I discovered Cornish Orchards Blush – match made in heaven.


4. Location, location, location. Like I mentioned, The Stable is a franchise (here are their locations) – but it doesn’t feel like a franchise. The one in Plymouth is in a wood-sided building right over the Barbican and Sutton Harbor – you can hear the seagulls flapping and see the sailboats rocking in the water. In Bristol, it’s in a huge warehouse (it feels less quaint than Plymouth but much more hip) surrounded by other popular bars in Harbourside. The Exeter one is brand new, located near the high street and cathedral. Each one is special (but tbh, Plymouth’s is best).


5. Tuck in Tuesday. Being the destitute and pizza-ravenous grad student that I am, I take advantage of Tuesdays – when you can purchase a pizza, salad, and half pint all for £10. A crazy good deal – it would be like wasting money if I *didn’t* test it out every Tuesday???? (Shhh)



6. So many memories. Above everything, I love The Stable because I have so many wonderful memories there. The first time I went was with my housemates last year, and it was the first time we really bonded as a group. Then I went with my massive group of international student friends last spring as our goodbye dinner, which was bittersweet but so, so fun. Fast forward into last May, when three of my best, best, best friends from childhood flew to the UK to visit me, and we spent (one of the best days of my life) sailing to Cornwall, hiking for miles, and then ending up with cider flights and pizza at The Stable. Even though I had to drink aforementioned cat pee-esque Suzie Wong cider (I mean, there is literally a picture of a cat on the bottle so I’m a little worried??) it was still the most beautiful day, so that’s saying something! And then this year, I managed to get to The Stable for both my birthday and most recently for Valentine’s Day (I’m not much of a romantic but it was nice to finally be in the same city as Dan for Valentine’s Day).


^^from my Michigan homies’ visit in 2016

^^and one from my birthday!

^^Dan investigating the valentines pizza

I only realized this evening that some of my best, favorite moments in Plymouth were at this little pizza place. It is so special, so I wanted to share!

Do you have a favorite, meaningful restaurant in your city? What about from your travels? I’m really curious to know!

Sarah xx

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**This is NOT a sponsored post – purely my own crazy pizza love & of course opinions**

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  1. DAS ME!!!!….Yeah imma little late to the game. I mean follow you on insta but dude this is WAYYYY different that the first time i looked at your blog which was….when you first moved way…over..there……..¯_(ツ)_/¯

    So proud of you babe <3 Miss you and ILY! <3


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