November 2017 | Recap

November was one of those months for me that, looking back, seems like it could have been four months. How was I working in France at the refugee camps at the beginning of the month and now I’m here, sitting at my friend’s kitchen table in northern Germany typing this out? I love doing these recap posts because it makes me remember how much actually happens in life.

Where was I in November?

France (the refugee camps), England (London & Dorset), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Denmark (Copenhagen), Germany (Munich, Bielefeld & more!)

Most popular Instagram in November…

My favorite Instagram in November…

November adventured like…

  • I once again spent part of this month working in the refugee camps in Northern France. It was my second time there and seemed to go by a lot faster than the first – I wrote a post about meeting a refugee, because from my survey last month, 100% of people wanted to hear stories from the refugees. I’ve also launched a fundraiser campaignfor the Dunkirk Refugee Women’s Centre, and designed merchandise that we are selling over the holiday season. If you are looking for presents (for yourself or others!) please please please check out our shop – 100% of donations go straight back into supporting vulnerable women, children, and unaccompanied minors in Dunkirk and Calais.
  • I spent a few days at Dan’s house in Dorset. It was really lovely – we got to play with his family friend’s dog, went to a movie, baked a cake, binge watched Stranger Things 2, basically did all those lovely homey things that I miss out on generally living this new “nomadic” lifestyle. I also caught up on a lot of admin, including announcing the winner of my first ever giveaway! I loved running the giveaway and definitely want to do one again… any requests?
  • I’ve also spent some time traveling for fun! Yay! I call it: the Autumnal Northern European Jaunt. Lol. This included a solo trip to Amsterdam, a weekend in Copenhagen with an old friend/flatmate from my time in Exeter, and reuniting with one of my best friends from home in GERMANY for Thanksgiving!!! It’s been such a whirlwind and I’m ending the trip with a massive & v important road trip!!! My friend Madeleine and I are doing a donation transport all the way from Germany to France.
  • Other than that, posts this month have included looks back on my travels of the last few months: a reflection on Budapest, a huuuuge gluten free guide to Cinque Terre, advice on what to do in London’s Little Venice, a travel gift guide for super unique and unusual gifts for every single kind of traveler, and more.
playing with dan’s family friend’s puppy for my belated birthday
Playing with some of the little girls living in the refugee camp in France.
we’ve been busy collecting donations in germany!

Madeleine’s room in Germany is a pinterest dreeeeam
At the Christmas markets in Germany with Madeleine, my friend who I worked with in the french refugee camps, and her friends 🙂
Amanda and I in Copenhagen!

November tasted like…

  • Dan and I made the Bruce Bogtrotter cake from Matilda and it was AMAZING. Highly recommend. We replaced the flour with gluten free flour and you cannot tell the difference… it doesn’t have that much flour in it anyway as it’s mostly full of ground almonds, and CHOCOLATE.
  • The nice thing about solo travel in Amsterdam was traipsing about to all the gluten free places I wanted without the associated guilt of dragging a non-gluten free traveler around with you. And Amsterdam is DEFINITELY a good city to go to if you’re gluten free. This was the most helpful post I read – it’s so exhaustive that I probably won’t be doing my own Amsterdam guide!
long mid-morning breakfasts in germany 🙂

November read like…

  • I finished The House at Riverton by Kate Morton which I started last month… it was fine, but like with other Kate Morton novels, I feel like she has a great idea for a story, but the execution isn’t there. She draws out parts of the story that aren’t that interesting, I think in an effort to build suspense for the reader, but instead it falls flat and becomes boring, with the most interesting part lasting only a few chapters at the very end. Does anyone else think this about Kate Morton’s writing?
  • Labyrinth by Kate Mosse was a great book mixing history with fantasy with drama in a story about a quest for the grail lasting over 800 years. It was a really nice train/plane/travel book (besides the fact it is like 700 pages and weighed down my bag lol) and I would recommend it!
  • Diary of Anne Frank…I listened to this on audiobook (I got the free trial of Audible which includes a free book!). I really wanted to finish it before I went to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, and it was a great company as I walked around the city by myself. Definitely would do this again if I’m doing more solo travel, I don’t know why I stopped listening to audiobooks for so long!
  • Frenchman’s Creek by Daphne du Maurier is the book I’m currently working my way through. It’s a classic novel set in Cornwall and reading it is really bringing me back to my beloved county.
  • Oh, and writing this has made me notice that without even trying, every book I read this month was written by a woman!! YES, girl power!!!
really into the labyrinth on the train in germany

November mantras…

What did you guys all get up to over November? Let me know! I can’t believe the Christmas markets are already in full swing and it’s even SNOWED already in Michigan!!! I have some exciting plans in the works for December and… some REALLY REALLY REALLY big news (have I sold it yet? ;P )… Stay tuned for that post this month.

Sarah xx

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  1. Wow, you got a lot done in November! I definitely don’t feel like I got much done in November and that it went too quickly. I’m not at all ready for December. I love that you’re working in the refugee camps. I have a set of friends who do that all over the world (even one in Paris, perhaps I can like you two up sometime!), and I am just in awe of the work they do. I work with refugee students in the states, and their stories are… incredible. I wish more people understood these stories, so I’m glad that you’re going to bring awareness through your blog!

    1. Soooo much haha. And yeah, a lot of the people we work with end up going to Paris for a short period of time, I know a couple people who are working with those seeking asylum in Paris 🙂 And thanks, that means a lot 🙂

  2. Such an awesome mix of traveling for fun and traveling for helping others, Sarah! Love Daphne du Maurier- I look forward to reading a couple of her novels over Christmas break!

    1. I love her soooo much, I mentioned it in passing and Dan’s mom ended up getting me two of her books for my birthday! My fave will always be Rebecca tho. ALSO if you’re home over winter break we should try and meet?!? @julia tooooo!!

  3. Wow you certainly had an action packed month! The work you’re doing with refugees sounds really valuable, it’s something that is so desperately needed but is not for the faint of heart. That quote is so true – nobody has ever become poor by giving. Here’s to a rich December!

    1. A lil bit too action packed hahah, I was quite tired at the end!! And thank you, yes I agree it’s not for the faint of heart… it’s very easy to get physically and emotionally burned out working in the camps, especially this time of year. I’m looking forward to continue supporting the charity’s work remotely!

  4. Ouff, makes me exhausted just reading all of that haha – what a busy month! And sounds like a very fun mix of the refugee work, solo adventures and fun with friends. Once again I love all your monthly quotes. Hope you have a lovely December!

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