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9 Inspiring Long Distance Relationship Stories

on May 31, 2020

Long distance relationships are hard. That’s not really news, is it? Six years ago when I was moving back to the US from England, Dan and I had to decide if we wanted to stay together. We had to decide if 4,000 miles was not only worth it, but possible. I spent some time searching for inspiring long distance relationship stories on the internet, but … I didn’t find anything! Continue reading

9 Actionable Tips on How to Stay Positive in a Negative Situation

on April 23, 2020

Does anyone else feel like they are on a rollercoaster of emotions lately? One minute I am being super productive and happy, and the next I’m sitting there staring at the wallpaper wondering “what’s the point?”. I’m definitely not alone in this experience, and if you are also going through an emotional rollercoaster right now, please know that this is normal! Continue reading

9 Tips That Help Me Survive Travel with Endometriosis

on March 27, 2020

I have been very open about living with endometriosis. Since my diagnosis, I have continued to travel the world, and even checked off dreams like the Mount Everest Base Camp trek, attending a friend’s wedding in India, riding the trains through Sri Lanka, and so much more. But through it all I try to be transparent that I travel with endometriosis – a chronic, incurable condition that affects my daily life. And of course, it affects how I travel. Continue reading

Jasper House Sri Lanka Review: An Open Air Boutique Hotel on Hiriketiya Beach

on March 16, 2020

After exploring misty tea country in Ella, Dan and I wound our way down to Sri Lanka’s southern shores, and to arguably the hotel we were most excited about: Jasper House Sri Lanka. Don’t get me wrong, we loved the lavish Indian wedding we attended in Chennai, followed by the clattering 10 hour train from Colombo that wound its way through Sri Lanka’s hills. And we adored everything about Ella, especially each sweaty hike to epic viewpoints. But were we exhausted? YES. A few days of utter relaxation at Jasper House in Hiriketiya is exactly what we needed. Continue reading

Country Homes Ella Review: A Luxurious Homestay in Ella, Sri Lanka

on March 8, 2020

It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with Ella, Sri Lanka. From the endless rings of tea plantations, to the cheeky monkeys and sunset views over Ella Rock… well, we were goners. But while Sri Lanka’s natural beauty is really something, the essence of what makes this country worth visiting are its people. By staying in a homestay, like Country Homes Ella, you get the best of both worlds.

Continue reading

YotelAir London Heathrow Review: The Coolest Heathrow Sleeping Pods

on March 5, 2020

I recently stayed at a very unique, funky hotel… right in the middle of London’s Heathrow Airport! Meet YotelAir London Heathrow, an airport hotel that at once elevates the typically boring and soulless airport hotel into something fun and interesting, yet keeps the whole experience to a budget. Yotel has actually been described as “Heathrow sleeping pods,” and you know I love a good sleeping pod experience (like during my layover in Iceland), so I had to check it out. Continue reading

Staying at an Eco Hotel in London: Qbic Hotel Review

on April 7, 2019
One hotel dominates the eco hotel London scene and that is Qbic London. Read on to learn about Qbic's eco initiatives, our stay, and things to do near Qbic. #ecohotel #london #londonhotel #greenhotel #qbic #qbichotel #boutiquehotel #designhotel

When Dan and I were booking our most recent stay in London, we wanted to experience the city differently. We’ve both been to London countless times, and while it’s a city that it is difficult to grow bored of, I still wanted to see it in a new way. A big part of that comes down to accommodation and location. That’s when I started looking for an eco hotel in London — a phenomenon I’ve experienced in Amsterdam and seen across the USA, so I was curious how London would compare. From my searches, it was obvious that the best eco hotel in London was Qbic in East London. It’s the only hotel that has completely branded itself around its efforts at sustainability. Which honestly came as a surprise to me in a city as innovative as London, but maybe nobody wants to compete with Qbic? We stayed at Qbic for three days, and this is what we thought!

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Traveling with Endometriosis: Advice from 7 Endo Warriors

on March 17, 2019
Traveling with Endometriosis can seem near impossible. Here, six endo warriors share their advice on traveling with endometriosis and how you can too! #endometriosis #travelingwithendometriosis #endowarriors #endometriosistravel #chronicillnesstravel

I am so proud to bring you this post about traveling with endometriosis, with tips from seven endo warriors. Traveling is hard on anyone’s body, and when you have a chronic illness like endometriosis, it’s that much harder. I know a lot of people with endometriosis avoid travel, or feel limited in their travel options. Personally, one of my biggest passions in life is travel, and endometriosis became a big barrier to that. How could I avoid a flare? What could I eat? How do I deal with the pain? What products can help? There are so many questions when it comes to traveling with endometriosis. That’s why I reached out to these fellow endo warriors to share their best tips. Continue reading