November 2015 | Recap

November, where did you go? My month was a whirlwind of work for my masters degree, sandwiched by two lovely adventures at the beginning and end of the month, plus a lot of reading. So much has happened that I really haven’t had a chance to post about it all, so keep your eyes out for lots of throwback posts this coming month!



  • It was truly terrible what happened in Paris and Lebanon and really all over the world this month, including the recent planned parenthood shooting in Colorado. The U.S. state department issued a very rare worldwide travel alert this month… Something that makes me nervous as I live abroad and will be traveling home, but nervous for the world in general.
  • On a brighter side of that statement, though, I’m happy to say I was allocated my placement and I will be working at a refugee center! I’m really excited about this, especially with everything going on in the world now. I hope I can make a small difference helping people who may have been affected by these events either directly or through discrimination.
  • I also was very happy to get two jobs this month! I now teach yoga regularly and get paid to edit students’ papers 🙂



    • My dad and I tried out afternoon tea on a bus, and concluded it was fun, yummy, and overpriced.
    • On a similar disappointed note, we had a really bad experience at Jamie Oliver’s in Covent Garden. Boo!
    • However we did eat SO much in Plymouth when my dad visited so keep your eyes out for a mass post on Plymouth restaurants soon.


    • Seamus Heaney, obvi because I just got back from Ireland! This is my all time favorite poem by him.
    • This book on poets featured in the London tube
    • Some really well written criticism of the worldwide travel warning as fear mongering  (also here). Basically we have more risks on the home front and should be addressing these before we terrify Americans away from airports.
    • On the gentrification of Detroit… I’ve realized a lot of British people have this stereotype that all Americans carry guns and shoot everything. Even though we do need to address gun control, this stereotype is still false and damaging.
    • Statistics on why we still need feminism.




    • So many adventures!! I experienced my first Guy Fawkes celebration, Plymouth style, which means huge explosives.
    • My dad visited for an amazing week. We ate/sight saw our way across Plymouth and Cornwall, and even made it to London for a weekend of theater and long walks (and studying at the British Library)
    • Finally, I just got back from a weekend in DUBLIN!!! It was incredible and my first ever time in Ireland. Keep your eyes out for more on that trip soon!



      That’s it, folks. I hope you all had lovely Novembers, and to my American family and friends I hope you are still in a Thanksgiving food coma as you read this. You deserve it. Much love to all and bring on December!

      Sarah xx

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