Current teaching schedule:

I currently have a reduced teaching schedule.



200-hr teacher training through Hilltop Yoga, August 2013 (registered yoga alliance)

300-hr teacher training through Hilltop Yoga, August 2013-present (currently completing)

CPR and AED certified, American Heart Association, July 2014

First Aid Certified, British Red Cross, March 2016

Member, Yoga Alliance UK, 2016-2017


Previously Taught:

Hot Power Yoga || Hilltop Yoga Haslett Studio || 2015

Power Yoga, Yoga Foundations || Kenyon Athletic Center || 2014-2015

Vinyasa Yoga || Pure Gym Plymouth || 2015-2017

Vinyasa Yoga || Yoga Loft Plymouth || 2015-2017


Teaching biography and style:

I came to yoga when I was in high school, mainly because I thought it was a silly thing I could tell a funny story about to my friends. Later, the practice evolved from a joke into a very real coping mechanism to deal with anxiety, and so became a necessary part of my every day life on and off the mat. In 2013 I decided to become a certified teacher–I was nervous because I didn’t have a particularly “advanced” physical practice, but I knew I needed to complete this goal of deepening my practice prior to moving to England and traveling, studying, and living on my own for a year. I try to teach from a spiritual and philosophical place that emphasizes the potential for yoga to be beneficial in our everyday lives and interactions.

I trained at Hilltop Yoga, a premier studio in Michigan and the Midwest, under the direction of Hilaire Lockwood. My teaching lineage leads directly to Krishnamacharya. I have taken workshops with Maty Ezraty, my teacher’s teacher, who is also the founder of LA’s Yoga Works, credited with bringing yoga to the west, and where teachers such as Kathryn Budig, Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Annie Carpenter, and others trained. My training focused on teaching vinyasa and power based classes with an ashtanga root, and an emphasis on the eight limbs of yoga. I was trained in traditional sanskrit, philosophy, yoga sutras, and anatomy. In my classes I teach each posture with the sanskrit translation, and strive to always include the steps of safety and alignment for each posture. Additionally, I have a personal practice of ashtanga yoga that influences my teaching style, as well as a particular interest in teaching accessible foundations of yoga to newcomers or injured students. Separately from my teacher training, I have studied kinesiology, anatomy, pedagogy of movement, neurorehabilitation, and sensorimotor disorders and these theories influence my teaching as well. In the future I would love to become a 500-hr trained teacher, as well as attend an ashtanga workshop.