November 2016 | Recap

on November 26, 2016

We haven’t quite said goodbye to November yet, but I’m feeling reflective so here’s your recap! It was a tough month for all, but I hope you all can find some good when you look back.

Where was I in November?

Once again shackled to this little rainy island! Which hasn’t been such a bad thing – I’ve visited Bristol and Penkridge, Exeter, Plymouth, and yesterday I did a day trip to Birmingham!

^ sad the sun is setting at 4pm, but it’s still beautiful!

Most popular Instagram…


Missing fancy doors & sunny days ????????????????

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My favorite Instagram…


Pros to the crack of dawn commute ????

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November adventured like…

  • I’m still on placement so my days have been filled with long commutes, lots of learning, and then coming home and collapsing and watching Homeland.
  • I celebrated my second Guy Fawkes day by watching amazing fireworks over the ocean, and then going back to my friends’ house for a dinner party (which lasted til 1:30am) of sausages, pulled pork, pumpkin soup, mulled cider, and more!
  • This week I went to a conference in Birmingham – didn’t actually get to see much of the city but it was a great conference!
  • My lack of travels gave me the chance to catch up on some blog posts from my trip last spring. I wrote about roadtripping the Atlas Mountains, sleeping in the Sahara Desert, the gorgeous-ness of Valencia, and how to download my blog posts as an app!
  • Also received the Liebster Award, you can read more about that here!
  • Finally, November’s been a rough month for all of us. If you want to read a bit of my reflection on it, you can do that here.

^^ early morning commute isn’t all bad…
^^ the Birmingham OT conference!

^^ had some time to explore the Exeter Christmas Market and see the damage left by the huge fire they had a couple weeks ago 🙁

November tasted like…

  • COFFEE! And blueberry pancakes when I have a day off!
  • I have now experienced three Thanksgivings away from home – so was not blessed by the taste of Bence pies. However I do have plans to do my own little roast and attempt an apple pie…apparently the UK is bereft of pumpkins atm.

^^ our house roast dinner!

November mantras…
screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-2-56-03-pm screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-2-56-23-pm screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-2-56-41-pm

Here’s to moving on to December! I’ll be finishing up my placement and jetting off back to the good ol’ USA for a couple weeks for the holidays. I’m certainly ready for a break.

Sarah xx

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