GPS My City: The Newest Craze in Travel Apps & a Giveaway!

If you’re like me, you’ve spent a LOT of your travel time wandering random alleys, attempting to read strange maps in foreign languages. Probably also while little kids on the street offer to guide you for money but you’re TOO CHEAP to give in to human kindness!!

^^ turning lost doorways into photo ops since … a long time ago.

I’ve found a bit of respite for my lost feet with two common, helpful sources: reading travel blogs for tips before I go (and usually screenshotting directions which I later get confused at), and various GPS apps which let you use GPS on your phone without internet. After lots of traveling these past couple years, I’ve realized both of these options are faulty, though. You can’t access travel blogs without data/internet on your phone, and GPS apps are commonly spotty, unreliable, and even empty for some cities.

(Camera pans to me wandering a dark alley, shaking my iPhone angrily, looking up to the north star to guide me, realizing I am not in fact a boy scout, search parties are released…).

^^ In my defense, does London look easy to navigate?? Didn’t think so.

Okay, I could be being a bit dramatic, but there is no downplaying how excited I was when I found out about GPS My Citythe solution to all my directionally-challenged traveler problems!! GPS My City combines travel blogs with GPS to give you the best information, keep you from getting lost, and all without internet/data.

Here’s the basic premise: GPS My City is an app that’s collected over 600 blog posts on various cities across the world. Each blog post is vetted and required to be a high quality guide, that includes multiple locations across one city (for example, my GPS walking guides to Liverpool or Oslo). You can search the app for cities you’re traveling to, and then download specific blog posts from there.

Here’s the awesome thing: GPS My City lets you download the blog posts for free, which you then have access to without internet. This is a huge plus for travelers, as unless you’re willing to shell out big $$ for a data plan, your phone probably won’t have access to the internet while you’re out on the streets. But it gets even better. For those of you who are incompetent with a map, like me, GPS My City can literally save your butt. For $1.99 you can upgrade the blog posts, which embed GPS into the post. You can then access the GPS map without internet, which tracks your location so you can tell if you’re veering off course, and how close you are to certain attractions. And don’t worry, I get it, I’m as cheap as the next person, but $1.99 is actually a really good deal when you consider that without it you could be spending $20, $30, $50+ on unnecessary data plans, including different ones for each country!

Plus, to convince you even further of this absolutely genius new craze in the Travel App industry, I’ve teamed up with GPS My City to offer you a FREE UPGRADE of my article, The Perfectly Designed London Southwark Walk. This is one of my most popular blog posts, which gives you step-by-step instructions to the most scenic/efficient walk of London’s Southwark area, and all of my favorite places to stop. From today (November 7) until this Sunday (November 13), you can upgrade this article for free, and test out the awesome-ness that is GPS My City.

You can also download my other articles, including 9 Secrets of Marrakech, 24 Hours in Madrid, and A Weekend in Liverpool.

Happy journeying, friends, and here’s to more time spent traveling, and less time spent aimlessly meandering lost through strange forbidden alleyways.

Sarah xx

**Thank you to GPS My City for contacting me to write this post. I receive a small commission for each upgraded blog post that you download, which helps me maintain this website, but all opinions of this app and service are my own!**

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