Gluten Free Lake District: The Complete Travel Guide (2024)

The Lake District is a national park in Cumbria, England and it is one of my favorite places in the whole country. (Maybe my #1 favorite… but don’t tell Cornwall). I have visited the Lake District quite a few times over the years so I felt it was finally time to share my gluten free Lake District guide!

There are actually a lot of restaurants with gluten free options in the Lake District. There are no 100% gluten free establishments, but the restaurants I’m sharing in this post have good cross contact protocols and many have dedicated fryers.

Because the Lake District is such a large region (and the winding roads and mountains mean it can take extra long to travel between places), I’ve divided this gluten free Lake District guide by town. I hope this post helps you plan your trip to the Lake District!

Huge gluten free scones in the Lake District! Read more about them further down.

Where to Stay in the Lake District if You’re Gluten Free

It’s not possible to see all of the Lake District in one visit (unless it’s a really, really, long visit). My recommendation is to base yourself in a town with plenty of gluten free restaurants and grocery stores, and do day trips from there.

I’ve previously stayed in Windermere, Keswick, Ambleside, and Grasmere, and I’m sharing some specifically gluten free accommodations below.

My absolute favorite town in the Lake District is Keswick, not only for having the widest variety of gluten free restaurants in the Lake District (and gluten free B&B’s!), but because it’s less touristy and close to some of the Lake District’s best hikes.

Windermere and Ambleside are good picks for your first visit to the Lake District, or if you’re less into hiking and want to go boating or visit the Beatrix Potter House.

Leonard’s Field House – Gluten Free B&B in Keswick

Leonard’s Field House is a bed & breakfast that’s centrally located in Keswick. Theresa, one of the owners, has celiac disease herself and they have a separate area of the kitchen for gluten free breakfast preparation with a dedicated chopping board, toaster, etc.

They can also make up gluten free lunches for your days out, as well as gluten free Borrowdale Tea Bread. Leondard’s Field House has even won a Free From Eating Out award!

Book your stay here.

Kirkwood Guest House – Gluten Free B&B in Windermere

Kirkwood Guest House in Windermere is owned by Paula Bailey, who is a lifelong celiac. She also keeps a separate area of the kitchen dedicated to gluten free breakfast prep.

I had gluten free toast, full english breakfast, and gluten free sausages (from a local butcher!).

Paula also offers gluten free waffles and as of 2024 these are now safe for celiacs because she has a dedicated gluten free waffle iron!

We really enjoyed our stay in this cute, cozy, and super clean B&B.

Book your stay here.

Gluten Free Lake District Guide (Windermere, Grasmere, Keswick, Ambleside, Kendal, and Beyond!)

Below is my gluten free Lake District guide, divided by town. I’ve included restaurants that I have personally dined at myself, my experience, and the cross contact protocols at each. I also mention a couple restaurants that I haven’t had a chance to eat at yet, but were recommended to me by local celiacs.

If you choose to go to one of these restaurants, I always recommend asking about cross contact yourself because things can change over time!

Gluten Free Windermere

Vinegar Jones | Bowness-on-Windermere

Vinegar Jones was my first stop on my most recent visit to the Lake District, when we stayed at Kirkwood Guest House (which is located in between Bowness-on-Windermere and Windermere – both towns are very close and located right on lake Windermere).

This is a small, no-frills takeaway shop that has a dedicated fryer for amazingly light and crispy gluten free fish and chips!

There are a few spots to sit down and dine, but we took our fish and chips down the street to sit by the harbor.

Address: Vinegar Jones, Royal Square, Bowness-on-Windermere, Windermere LA23 3DB

gluten free lake district vinegar jones fish and chips in windermere
gluten free lake district vinegar jones fish and chips in windermere

The Watermill Inn | Ings

The Watermill Inn is actually located out in farmland in Ings, which is only a short drive from Windermere. We ate here for dinner one night while staying in Windermere! This old stone inn and brewery also has a huge outdoor patio.

The food here is mostly pub fare, and they do have gluten free buns for the hamburgers, gluten free mozarella bread, and a dedicated gluten free fryer!

Before preparing my meal, the chef cleaned down the griddle and grilled my burger and bun separately. We ate at a pretty busy time so I was impressed by this!

Address: Watermill Inn, A591, Ings, Kendal LA8 9PY

gluten free hamburger at watermill inn in the lake district near windermere
Delicious gluten free burger at The Watermill Inn.

The Flying Pig | Bowness-on-Windermere

The Flying Pig in Bowness-on-Windermere is about as traditional British pub as you can get. We hid out here for lunch on a rainy day (case in point: my hair in the photo below). There are a lot of exciting gluten free options on the menu here thanks to their dedicated gluten free fryer!

I was excited to order the gluten free fish and chips, and Dan ordered the bacon chop and eggs which was also gluten free.

Address: The Flying Pig, Rayrigg Road, Bowness, Cumbria, LA23 3BZ

gluten free fish and chips at the pig in windermere lake district
gluten free fish and chips at the pig in windermere lake district

Choccobar | Bowness-on-Windermere

Choccobar is an amazing little cafe that specializes in gourmet hot chocolates and waffles. The waffle batter here is ALL gluten free, meaning they also have dedicated gluten free waffle-makers! A few of the toppings (oreos) contain gluten but nearly all of the waffles can be made gluten free.

I tried to eat here on my last visit to the Lake District, but reservations were required as they were so busy. Definitely make reservations (I will next time! And keep in mind Choccobar is closed Tuesday and Wednesday). My fellow gluten free travel blogger Rachel has eaten here, though, and highly recommended it to me.

Address: Choccobar, 57/58 Quarry Rigg Shopping Center, Off Lake Rd, Bowness-on-Windermere, Windermere LA23 3DU

gluten free waffles in the lake district
Gluten free waffles at Choccobar! Photo credit: Rachel from The Sightseeing Coeliac.

Gluten Free Grasmere

Baldry’s | Grasmere

Baldry’s is actually one of my very top recommendations for anyone who is gluten free in the Lake District. It is an adorable little tearoom in Grasmere town, and is worth the trip even if you’re not staying in Grasmere.

All the food here is homemade and there are a LOT of gluten free options (see the photo below!). It is a shared kitchen but they take care to avoid cross contact.

Dan and I did the hike to nearby Rydal Cave and then headed into Grasmere because I was on a mission to eat at Baldry’s. I had the gluten free bread pudding and custard because… when does a celiac get to eat bread pudding?!

It was delicious, as to be expected. I’ve only had the chance to eat at Baldry’s once but I will most definitely return.

Address: Baldry’s, Red Lion Square, Grasmere, Ambleside LA22 9SP

gluten free bread pudding in grasmere lake district
gluten free lake district sign

Gluten Free Keswick

Thyme Bistro | Keswick

Thyme Bistro is my #1 must-eat in Keswick…and maybe all of the Lake District. The owner’s dad has celiac disease, so she has taken care to add many gluten free options to the menu, and prepare these dishes in a safe way.

I spoke to the owner myself during our meal here. She recommended the pizza, as the bases are imported from a 100% gluten free supplier they like in Italy. They use a separate pan and keep separate pots of ingredients for the gluten free pizzas to keep it safe (and of course use the top level of the oven).

I ordered the Quattro Staggioni pizza, which as you can see is divided into four flavors. Oh my gooooooodness I still think about this pizza as it was so incredible!

And the kindness of the staff was just the cherry on top. (Also, Dan LOVED his non-gluten free duck here too).

Address: Thyme Bistro, 6 Museum Square, Keswick, CA12 5DZ

gluten free lake district pizza at thyme bistro in keswick
Not your average gluten free pizza at Thyme Bistro in Keswick.

The Cornish Pasty | Keswick

The Cornish Pasty is a takeaway shop in central Keswick that does what it says: Cornish pasties!

Having lived on the border of Cornwall during grad school, I am pretty familiar with these. However I’ve only rarely seen gluten free pasties, and was surprised that I found some here!

The gluten free pasties are made off the premises, and kept in sealed bags which separates them from gluten in the shop. However keep in mind that they are frozen so you will need to defrost it (and take it back to your accommodation and microwave it).

Address: The Cornish Pasty, 3 Lake Rd, Keswick CA12 5BS

cornish pasty serves gluten free pasties in the lake district in england
cornish pasty serves gluten free pasties in the lake district in england

The Kingfisher | Keswick

The Kingfisher is a “chippie” takeaway shop that’s really popular with the local community. Dan and I got takeaway from The Kingfisher on our very first visit to Keswick.

They have a dedicated gluten free fryer here and do gluten free fish and chips. However the fish is fried in a rice flour, not battered, so go in with that expectation. It is still really good!

Address: The Kingfisher, 77 Main St, Keswick CA12 5DS

gluten free lake district fish and chips
The rice flour fried fish and chips from Kingfisher in Keswick. My photo of our meal is pretty hideous so Rachel from The Sightseeing Coeliac was kind enough to let me use hers.
Photo credit: Rachel from The Sightseeing Coeliac.

Fellpack | Keswick

Fellpack is the coziest restaurant in the Lake District. It has the exact vibes of a place you just want to hide away in after a long day out walking. I actually first wanted to eat here for the “aesthetic” so I was really pleased to see they also have good range of gluten free offerings!

The main dishes here are called “Fell Pots” and are basically curries or stews served in a pot. Below is the braised beef chili pot, which was super spicy but also the warmth I needed after a rainy day in the mountains.

The REAL treat here are their gluten free sticky toffee puddings with butterscotch sauce. YUM.

Address: The Fellpack, 34 Lake Rd, Keswick CA12 5DQ

gluten free keswick lake district
Braised beef chili from Fellpack
gluten free lake district sticky toffee pudding
Sticky toffee pudding from Fellpack

Lingholm Estate | Portinscale / Keswick

The Lingholm Estate is an estate on the shores of Derwentwater, close to Keswick. Dan and I visited while doing the walk around Derwentwater, but you could also get the ferry here.

Beatrix Potter stayed at Lingholm Estate for 10 summers, and she wrote Peter Rabbit inspired by the Kitchen Garden here. I highly recommend visiting Lingholm Estate (there are even llamas that you can walk through the estate with Alpacaly Ever After!).

During your visit, you can eat at the Lingholm Kitchen which has incredible views toward the mountains. Nearly everything on the menu (which changes seasonally) can be made gluten free with gluten free buns! They also have gluten free afternoon teas.

I haven’t had a chance to eat here myself yet as we just visited the estate (and ate at the next place on this list), but I want to put Lingholm Estate on your radar!

Address: Lingholm Estate, Portinscale, Keswick CA12 5TZ

Nichol End Marine| Portinscale / Keswick

Nichol End Marine was recommended to me by my bed & breakfast host in Keswick, who is a local celiac. It’s a small cafe with a boat launch and rental service right on the shores of Derwentwater, in Portinscale. Dan and I ate here near the end of our 10-mile walk around Derwentwater.

This is a very simple cafe but they have the actual biggest gluten free scones I have ever seen! The gluten free scones are made separately, before anything else is made in the kitchen to prevent cross contact.

They are also stored in tupperware in the back (so they are not in the display case with the gluten scones… you will have to ask for them!). They have plain, cherry, sultana, and cheese scones, all gluten free!

Address: Nichol End Marine, Portinscale, Keswick CA12 5TY

gluten free scone in keswick lake district
SO happy with my GF scone.
gluten free scone in keswick lake district

The George Hotel | Keswick

The George Hotel in Keswick was also recommended by our celiac B&B host. It was built in 1665 and is one of the oldest hotels in the entire Lake District.

The George Hotel offers a wide range of gluten free meals (including fish and chips, onion rings, chicken goujons, and more).

Unfortunately when I last ate here they had a limited menu due to supply chain issues, so I would call ahead to confirm the menu before you visit. Even with the limited menu, I did enjoy a beetroot and goats cheese salad (and the staff here is very knowledgeable about cross contact).

Dan had one of his favorite meals ever here – a very NOT gluten free steak pie as big as me!

The George Hotel also offers a range of gluten free beers, but I want to mention that some of these are gluten removed and not technically gluten free… The UK and the USA do have different standards as to what distillation process is required for a beer to be considered gluten free.

I personally do not drink gluten removed beer because after my own reactions and reading the research I believe it is not celiac safe… but I will leave this to your discretion. This is a good article with more information on the topic. Peroni and Brewdog are both gluten removed.

Address: George Hotel, 3 St John’s St, Keswick CA12 5AZ

gluten free lake district
gluten free lake district
gluten free lake district in keswick

Gluten Free Ambleside

Note: I last stayed and ate in Ambleside during my very first visit to the Lake District years ago. I’ve done research to ensure the restaurants below still offer gluten free options, but as always I encourage you to confirm gluten free options before dining.

Ambleside Fish and Chips | Ambleside

At Ambleside Fish and Chips, ALL the fish and chips are gluten free, cooked in dedicated fryers! This place is a bit under-the-radar and doesn’t overly advertise their gluten free offerings, but it is really one of the best gluten free Lake District finds.

Address: Ambleside Fish and Chips, Waterhead, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 0EY

Jintana Thai | Ambleside

Jintana Thai is a Thai restaurant that actually has locations in Ambleside, Bowness-on-Windermere, and Kendal. I ate here back in 2014 when I first visited the Lake District, and from my research they still offer gluten free options.

The staff here can advise on gluten free options – there are quite a few – which are mostly naturally gluten free Thai dishes.

Address: Jintana Thai, Compston Rd, Ambleside LA22 9DJ

More Gluten Free Restaurants in Ambleside

I have not eaten at these restaurants so can’t advise on cross contact, but I also found the below three restaurants which are promising for gluten free in Ambleside.

More gluten free restaurants in Ambleside:

  • Zeffirelli’s: Award winning Italian restaurant with lots of gluten free pasta and pizza options. Please confirm about cross contact but does have good reviews from celiacs.
  • Lucy’s on a Plate: A restaurant with lots of gluten free options including a long gluten free dessert list (including sticky toffee pudding!).
  • Matthew’s Bistro: A restaurant with very good reviews of gluten free options.
Gorgeous views (and muddy boots) on a hike near Ambleside to Rydal Cave.

Gluten Free Kendal

I have not dined in Kendal before, but I did want to include it in this gluten free Lake District guide because it is a popular town to visit. Kendal is known as the “gateway” to the Lake District as many people drive through it on their way into the Lake District.

According to my research, the restaurants below do serve gluten free options, but I encourage you to confirm about cross contact before eating.

Gluten free restaurants in Kendal:

  • Jintana Thai Restaurant: As I mentioned above, I have eaten at Jintana Thai in Ambleside years ago and had a great experience. They also have a location in Kendal.
  • Pizza Express: This is a chain restaurant in the UK that I LOVE and have eaten at literally countless times. They are Coeliac UK accredited and have a very good, standardized approach to preventing cross contact. I have not eaten at the Kendal location but I assume it is similar. Many gluten free pizzas, dough balls, pasta, and other dishes here.
  • Cottage Kitchen: Has extremely positive reviews of gluten free options, including a dedicated fryer with gluten free fish and chips, gluten free bread, gluten free cakes, and staff that’s very knowledgeable of celiac.
gluten free kendal mint cake in the lake district
Kendal mint cake is a must for hiking in the Lake District – and it’s naturally gluten free 🙂

Gluten Free Penrith

Penrith is actually a town that is located north of the Lake District, but a lot of people stay here and then travel into the Lake District during the day. There tends to be more available accommodation in Penrith if you are booking last minute.

I have not personally eaten in Penrith before but my fellow celiac travel blogger Rachel did have some recommendations for gluten free dining in Penrith.

Gluten free restaurants in Penrith:

  • The Pancake House: Located in Center Parcs Whinfell Forest which is a huge accommodation and activity center in Penrith. Rachel had celiac-safe pancakes and waffles here. Keep in mind you do need to be staying at Center Parcs, or visiting on a day pass to the spa, if you plan to eat here.
  • Sandgate Chippie: A takeaway with a dedicated gluten free fryer and tons of gluten free options, including gluten free fish and chips, battered sausages, gravy and other sauces, and savory pies.
gluten free sausage and chips in the lake district
Gluten free battered sausage and chips from Sandgate Chippie in Penrith. Photo credit: Rachel from The Sightseeing Coeliac.

Gluten Free Grocery Shopping in the Lake District


I am OBSESSED with Booths, which is an “upscale” grocery store in the northwest UK. There are multiple locations within the Lake District and I highly recommend checking it out to grab supplies for your trip – whether you are staying in self-catering accommodation or a B&B and just want to get some snacks and treats.

Booths locations in the Lake District include:

  • Kendal
  • Keswick
  • Windermere
  • Penrith (just north of the Lake District)
  • Ulverston (just south of the Lake District)
  • Milnthorpe (just south of the Lake District)

You can view the full Booths locations map here.

I’ve shopped many a time at both the Keswick and Windermere locations. Both stores are centrally located, so we just walked to from our B&B to pick up lunches for our hikes.

There are SO many gluten free options at Booths! If you are not staying in Keswick, Windermere, or Kendal, then I recommend stopping at a Booths on your way into the Lake District and picking up some supplies then.

gluten free aisle at booths in the lake district
gluten free sandwich at booths in the lake district
A perfect gluten free takeaway sandwich for a day hiking in the Lake District.

Gluten Free Lake District: Final Thoughts

I really hope this guide to gluten free Lake District restaurants, grocery stores, and accommodation is helpful to you! It has taken me years to collect this information (AKA eat….a lot), and I’m sure that next time I return to the Lake District I will find even more gluten free options (and update this post accordingly).

If you have visited the Lake District and have any advice, or restaurants to add, please let me know in the comments below. Happy gluten free traveling!

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  1. Thank you for this detailed post! I’m from the USA and hope to honeymoon in the Lakes District- food was my one concern and this post has helped a ton!

  2. Thank you SO much for your time and research!!!! I could go into details about how traveling has been for me with having a chronic illness that has me not able to eat gluten…but I’m sure you already understand, since I’ve found you here
    Lindsey M from Canada

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am very sensitive to gluten and despite assurances I have had 4 really bad experiences over the last 20 years when I was first diagnosed as celiac. It’s like the worst food poisoning ever, being sick from both ends and usually passing out. As I live in Blackpool my husband Bob and I will try out your recommendations soon. Many thanks. Sue xx

    1. I can totally relate that getting “glutened” is the worst! Be sure to ask all your normal questions about cross contact etc when you eat at these places, but when I visited I didn’t have a problem!

  4. Next time you’re in Cumbria, come to Shed One, Ulverston, and enjoy a fully gluten free Afternoon G&Tea (Distillery Tour, Afternoon Tea and two G&Ts). You can also make your own gin. Cheers!

  5. Hi
    its Paula from Kirkwood Guest House Windermere. Thank you so much for adding us to yourt blog, we really appreciate it. I just thought I would let you know that, since we redid our kitchen (and have made more space) we do now offer fully GF and vegan waffles. Enjoy your future travels, looking forward to using your recommendations when I travel to Asia
    Take care

    1. Hi Paula – have just updated the article accordingly! That is so great that the waffles are now celiac safe… sounds like I need to plan a return visit now that I’m back living in the UK!!! The dream!

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