April 2016 | Recap

April has been such a wild month for me! The clouds finally parted in Plymouth and I came out and took advantage of it. 

April adventured like…

  • April found me all over the world. I started off by jetting off to Spain. I first went to Valencia with my good friend Amanda, and then trained onward to the unassuming Cuenca where I met my friend Tim. Then it was on to Madrid!
  • From Madrid I flew to Marrakech, Morocco, where I met my boyfriend for a week. I made a video about it here, and you can check for posts on our trips to the Ouzod waterfalls and overnight in the Sahara!
  • Back in Plymouth life has included university, getting back into my routine of yoga teaching and running, and a few special weekend trips to Cornwall which I’ll write more about here in May!


April mantras…

Happy May y’all! And here’s to many more adventures!!!

Sarah xx

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