June 2019 | Recap

on July 3, 2019

Well, June is gone… we’re into summer at last, and I’m actually in one place for a bit! After the craziness of my 2.5 months of travel (to England, Nepal, and Maine – yes a somewhat random assortment of places, I know), I was so ready to just nest for a bit. That was my goal for June and I (kinda sorta) managed to stay put!

Where was I in June?

Tennessee (Nashville, Columbia), Kentucky (Louisville), Michigan (Lansing, Grand Rapids)

Most popular Instagram in June…

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Long time no chat, Instagram. Life got overwhelming real fast, and I tend to shut down when that happens. Anyone else?⠀ ⠀ In the last month-ish I’ve been to 3 continents, 3 countries, and 7 states. A week after I returned to Michigan, my beloved grandfather passed away. My family has been grieving him, it’s been a really reflective time where I didn’t feel prepared to write about anything that wasn’t my grief, but also hardly had a second to sit down with those feelings and understand them.⠀ ⠀ My grandfather taught us all to never settle, he inspired my love of travel by taking me on a cruise through the Mediterranean at age 8 (I’ll never forget him encouraging me to down wine in Greece as a fourth grader – I thought I was so cool), he taught us all the value of good old fashioned hard work. He is truly missed but thanks to him I have the privilege of a pedestal from which to pursue my dreams. I hope not to waste that.⠀ ⠀ Looking forward to returning home from Tennessee tomorrow, getting into a summer routine, and actually NOT having any travel planned for the next few months. I need to be still. How have you all been lately?

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My favorite Instagram in June…

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IS IT STILL ETHICAL TO TREK IN NEPAL?🏔 ⠀ ⠀ By now we’ve all seen the “zoo” photos of climbers queuing to summit Everest last month. Being confronted with those headlines right after trekking to Everest Base Camp myself, I’ve been reflecting extra hard.⠀ ⠀ People have asked me how I feel about the headlines, if the trails were covered in trash and dead bodies, etc… My two cents? The traditional media loves to share sensationalist headlines when the REAL story is much more nuanced.⠀ ⠀ If you’re over the click bait, read my NEW blog post (link in bio) on ethical considerations and trail etiquette for a trek in Nepal – because NO, we shouldn’t boycott trekking in Nepal. (In fact, who wants to go back with me next time? 🤚)⠀ ⠀ 📸 by @missmeghanyoung from the helicopter leaving Lukla!⠀

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June on the blog…

June adventured like…

  • The beginning of the month saw me on a solo road trip down to Tennessee (for a professional development course for my board exams). I’d actually never driven that far on my own – about 9 hours each way. I scheduled it with a little stop off in Nashville where I stayed in an airbnb, explored some cute neighborhoods, ate lots of gluten free goodies, and even did some hiking. The course itself (hand therapy!) was great, if not a little overwhelming. However by the end of the trip I was SO ready to come home… that’s what months of living on the road and some emotional family events will do to you.
  • I spent the majority of June dog sitting! So I wasn’t actually home for much of June at all. But the house was super cozy and in an area that I could walk to coffee shops. Which meant a lot of coffee, and a lot of work got done!
  • …That is, until I got sick. I’ve been pretty sick the latter half of June. My mom contracted pneumonia after my grandfather’s funeral in May. She then gave it to my dad and I…oh what a joy! Honestly, it was really tough being sick. I was sooo fatigued, and really tough on myself about not being productive. I think after a month or so of general life craziness, all I wanted was to come home and get work done, and my body just couldn’t. Luckily I’m past the worst of it now but still hacking a bit! And taking daily naps, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing? Does anyone else get really frustrated with themselves when they’re sick… or is that just me?
  • You probably haven’t seen me be that active on Instagram and social media. I’m just not feeling called to Instagram right now… I find that it sucks me in, drains my energy, and really takes time away from other activities. And I have so much I’m working on right now: freelance writing jobs, blogging, and my occupational therapy board exams. So Instagram is a sacrifice I’ve made, but I’ll be back I’m sure. And while I’m on this pseudo-hiatus, I’m actually working quite hard on the blog front. I’ve always preferred writing blog posts to instagram and social media, so that’s what I’m choosing to focus on right now!

Hard at work studying for my exams… with a little help from Maggie!

Definitely one of the pros of not traveling right now is spending time with my family pups – I swear Marshall is still growing!

The little pup I dogsat for 3 weeks in June. What a cutie!

I started a new pottery course this month. My goal is to throw an entire dinner set! Let’s see if I can manage it…

I always feel like occupational therapy/healthcare is my altar ego because it is so different from blogging, writing, and traveling! But here is an orthotic I made at my course 🙂

Hillsboro Village in Nashville. I only had 24 hours in the city but I’d love to return someday.

June mantras…

I hope you all had lovely Junes – whether you were at home or traveling, sick or well! What’s everyone up to in July? I’m going to continue hunkering down at home doing work! I do have  trip planned to the pacific northwest for the very end of the month, though because… well, I’m me and I can’t resist travel!

Sarah xx

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