July 2018 | Recap

I’ve definitely been experiencing the post-travel blues since I returned from my big European trip. I think this is in large part because it was my first time back in the UK since I moved away, and because I miss Dan. However it was sweet to return home and reunite with my puppies and my family and the heat of Michigan summer! Here’s what I got up to in July!

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swimming in the sea from a secret beach we found during a hike in Portugal!

Where was I in July?

Michigan, UK (Dorset, London, and Wales), Portugal (Lagos)

Most popular Instagram in July…


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July on the blog…

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July blog posts:

Dan and I at Wimbledon – a dream come true!!
Lagos, Portugal hike!

July adventured like…

  • Life really was full of adventures this July, thanks in large part to my biggest trip of the year! I spent 2.5 weeks in Europe, mostly in the U.K. with 6 days chilling (or, well, what counts as chilling for me AKA hiking and surfing) in Portugal. I’ve got SO many blog posts in the works from this trip but I’ll share some special tid bits here.
  • Of course the main reason I took this trip was to spend time with Dan. We are trying to do a 3-4 month visiting schedule. He came to Michigan in March so this was my turn. It is hard to put into words how it feels to be reunited after so long apart. And it is definitely an emotional rollercoaster to know that once again more time apart is looming in the horizon. But you guys know I try not to be too mushy on here, so I’ll just say it was a wonderful time and I am v grateful for my British beau even if the Atlantic Ocean is kinda inconvenient 🙂
  • We went to Wimbledon which was a DREAM COME TRUE for me. Expect a blog post on how we got in for £25!!! We even saw Jack Sock and Mike Bryan play, who went on to win the men’s doubles title!
  • I spent my fifth Fourth of July in a row in England, whoops sorry America! We had a little BBQ and Dan’s friend brought over fireworks to set off. This confused the neighbors a bit, and when Dan’s Mum explained to them the next day it was ‘for fourth of July’ you could say their poor British souls were a bit confused.
  • What else? So many adventures like SUPing and surfing in Portugal, hikes in Dorset, mountain climbing in Wales, afternoon tea from my gluten free afternoon tea bucket list in London, reuniting with friends, and more. Like I mentioned, my upcoming editorial calendar is bangin’
Turns out Dan is really good at surfing and I am…. really short.
my old housemate & coursemate Bethan and I in Wales!
Dan and I during our Welsh weekend…we went round Bethan’s friend (and my friend!) Laura’s house, who had rented a hot tub for the weekend! I couldn’t believe how nice the hot tub was.
lol, we were pretty exhausted from the travel and mountain climbing!
In Dan’s little village in Dorset… it looks like I’m holding a chic white tote bag but really it’s takeaway pizza leftovers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
enjoying GF afternoon tea in London!
reunited with GIANT marshy!!!

July in health…

  • I haven’t made a lot of headway with my health condition as I spent so much time out of the country. I mentioned last month I’ve got a referral to a GI specialist who is supposed to be one of the best in the nation. That’s scheduled for August so I’m looking forward to/terrified for that.
  • Two days before I left for my trip my primary doctor put me on an ‘intestinal retraining’ plan. I won’t go into details here but let’s just say this involved lots of enemas, even in Portugal, lucky me. If you don’t know what enemas are I’ll let you google that yourself 😉 As embarrassing as intestinal retraining is, it has given me some symptom relief which is consistent with some of my doctors’ thoughts that whatever is going on with my health is actually a neuromuscular disorder rather than something originating in my intestines. I am really fascinated by all of this, I just wish it wasn’t my own organs who were the guinea pig!
  • I took all my supplements and meds traveling with me and I felt pretty great! I am so happy with my current routine. It is minimal enough to be manageable but still has me feeling okay. I’ll link below the brands I am using:
my travel medicine/supplements case, linked above! I love it so much!

July mantras…

In August I’ve got an exciting trip to Mackinac Island planned, where I’m partnering with an amazing hotel (one of the top hotels in the world aahh). Other than that I’m working, writing, studying, and blogging 😉 I’m really trying to get my butt in gear with transferring my OT qualification! What are you up to in August?

Sarah xx

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