7 Things To Do in Stratford Ontario Canada Besides the Theater Festival

People flock to Stratford, Ontario throughout the summer and autumn for the annual Stratford Theater Festival. And well they should, for this world-famous theater festival has starred the likes of Maggie Smith and Martha Henry The Stratford Festival is unparalleled when it comes to artistic vision.

Even so, though… there are so many more things to do in Stratford Ontario Canada than just the festival! My recent trip to Stratford was my fourth, yet it was the first that I actually experienced Stratford to its full extent.

(By the way… be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out some of the best places to stay in Stratford Ontario to suit your needs!)

Our visit to Stratford Ontario was sponsored in part by Visit Stratford. As always, all opinions remain my own!

People flock from all around the world to the Theater Festival, but are there other things to do in Stratford Ontario Canada besides the theater festival? Here are seven of the most unusual and unexpected things to do in Stratford Ontario Canada, from a photoshoot with vintage costumes, to a foraging tour, and more. #stratford #stratfordontario #stratfordontariothingstodo #stratfordcanada #travel #canada #ontario
in front of Stratford city hall

7 Unusual Things to do in Stratford Ontario Canada

Below, I am sharing unexpected things to do in Stratford Ontario Canada besides the theater festival. I love this festival dearly, so of course I think you should fit it all in. The festival and its theaters are intertwined with the city itself, making it easy to experience the other unique things to do in this quaint city.

1 . Stay in a woodland oasis at Forest Motel

To truly experience this city and all the things to do in Stratford Ontario Canada, you need more than a day trip. Although this was my fourth time in Stratford, it was the first time I stayed overnight, and what a difference this makes! I highly recommend staying at Forest Motel and Woodland Retreat, an oasis on 32 acres of forest, only five minutes drive from downtown Stratford.

Enjoy forest hikes, continental breakfast, luxurious rooms, saltwater hot tubs, nightly campfires, and free canoes and lawn games. You can read my full review here.

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