How to Create the Perfect Endometriosis Care Package

Do you want to make an endometriosis care package for your loved one with endo? (Or maybe even yourself – no judgement here!). Whether your loved one is recovering from endometriosis surgery, or just struggling through life in an endo flare, a simple care package or gift can actually make a huge difference. So, kudos to you for thinking of them!

Having recently had my second endometriosis surgery, I can say that the gifts my loved ones sent during my recovery were so appreciated. They kept my spirits up during a tough time.

Below I’m sharing suggestions for the perfect endometriosis care package. I hope this list gives you some inspiration!

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25 Gifts to Include in an Endometriosis Care Package

1. Thoughtful Card

A simple card is the most meaningful option for any care package. Even sending a card in the mail in lieu of a whole care package is so supportive. Make a card yourself, or buy one of these cute endometriosis-themed cards:

you are an endo warrior red and white card
Photo credit: LouiseLauret

2. Thinx Period Underwear

This is top of the list for a reason, folks! I started using Thinx period underwear five years ago, after my first endometriosis surgery, and it is literally a game changer. Suddenly my periods were more bearable and my bleeding anxiety vanished.

I highly recommend Thinx to any person with endometriosis. I have six pairs myself (this one is my favorite style). Overall this is a great gift idea for someone with endometriosis.

purple and black thinx hiphugger underwear flatlay
Thinx super hiphugger underwear.

3. Flowers

Flowers are a classic for a reason! After my second endometriosis surgery, my parents and my boyfriend both gave me flowers. Dan actually sent a huge bouquet of yellow roses (yellow is the color for endometriosis awareness). I dried them and plan to keep them for a long, long time.

Send flowers on their own, or as part of a larger care package. Either way, they will definitely be appreciated.

Yellow and orange roses
The yellow roses Dan sent me post excision surgery!

4. Endometriosis Awareness Shirt

Nothing says Endo Warrior like literally saying it on your shirt! Some endometriosis shirts are a bit cringe, so I rounded up my favorite ones that someone with endo would actually wear in this blog post.

I personally bought this Cure Endo shirt and wore it proudly to my surgery. Some of my other favorite endometriosis awareness shirts are:

5. Jeni’s Ice Cream

Ice cream is the ultimate comfort food, and my girl Jeni takes ice cream to the next level of bougie. One of the BEST gifts I ever received was when my friend Julia and her family sent me a six-pack of Jeni’s ice cream after my last endometriosis surgery.

You can order and ship Jeni’s icecream online. Be aware that a lot of people with endo have dietary restrictions. Jeni’s does carry tons of gluten fee and dairy free ice creams, which you can filter for online.

Six pints of jeni's ice cream
The Jeni’s ice cream my friend Julia sent during my endometriosis surgery recovery!

6. An Endometriosis Book

Some endometriosis-related reading is a great idea for a care package. After my first endometriosis surgery, I read up about the condition voraciously.

I wanted to learn everything. This included self-help and informational books, as well as personal memoirs and accounts of life with endometriosis.

My top recommended endometriosis books include:

7. DoTerra Deep Blue Pain Relief Lotion

I swear by DoTerra deep blue pain relief lotion. I’ve been slathering my back and abdomen in this stuff for years now. But compared to how amazing and effective this stuff is, I feel like a lot of people have never heard of it before.

It’s the perfect gift for someone with endometriosis because it will probably surprise them, and they will use it a ton. (I use the 4oz tube, but it’s a bit spenny. These samples are a cheaper option).

8. Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook

Many people with endometriosis adopt an anti-inflammatory diet to manage symptoms. This can be a confusing diet to learn, so a cookbook is a great way to introduce the concepts!

I personally own and use The Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Action Plans: 4-Week Meal Plans to Heal the Immune System and Restore Overall Health. I love a lot of the recipes.

9. Sunbeam Cordless Heating Pad

Most of us with endo are attached to our heating pads. Chances are, your friend already has one. However, why not get them an upgrade?

I love my Sunbeam cordless heating pad because I can move around (and even wear it to work) without being attached to an outlet, or constantly reheating in the microwave. The one I use is no longer available, but I’ve linked to a similar version.

10. Barre3 Gift Card

I love my Barre3 subscription and I think it is a great option for people with endometriosis who want to exercise. When my endo got worse, I had to stop running because it caused such painful flares. This really got to me mentally, but then I discovered Barre3 last year.

Barre3 is a low impact online barre class with hundreds of class options. The teachers go out of their way to give accessible options. Finally I could exercise and not be in an endo flare for days afterward!

woman with core ball doing barre3 stretches
Photo credit: Barre3

11. Gluten Free, Dairy Free Snacks

A lot of us with endometriosis avoid trigger foods like gluten or dairy. Packing your care package with some yummy endo-friendly snacks is a great choice.

I shared all my favorite gluten free, dairy free snacks in this blog post. Some of my favorites include:

12. Eye Mask

This eye mask was surprisingly one of the best things I brought to the hospital for my second endometriosis surgery. Eye masks are great for those of us with endo because they help you sleep or relax in a hospital setting where there are always lights on. They are also useful for plane journeys or a cheeky daytime nap.

I particularly love this eye mask because not only is it affordable, but it fully blacks out light and has an adjustable strap.

13. Tens Machine

Tens units, or tens machines, are a pretty affordable over the counter option for pain relief. A lot of people with endo use them. They involve sticking some nodes onto various parts of your body and setting the unit to a certain frequency.

This one is small, competitively priced, and has good reviews.

14. Yellow Nailpolish

Yellow is the official color for endometriosis awareness. If your friend likes painting their nails, then this essie yellow nail polish would be a small, cute addition to their endometriosis care package.

15. Mint Tea

Endometriosis causes major, painful bloating that is often referred to as “endo belly.” Mint tea, particularly spearmint tea, is a tasty remedy for calming this bloating down. Stick a few teabags in your endo care package!

16. Comfy No-Waistband Sweatpants

On the endo belly topic, waist bands (even elastic ones) can be really bothersome for someone in an endo flare. After my first surgery, I discovered the amazing world of waistband free sweatpants.

My favorite no-waistband sweatpants is this pair from Beyond Yoga. They are super soft, have pockets (!), and a rollover top that doesn’t irritate any endo belly or post-surgery soreness.

17. Endo Warrior Teddy Bear

You don’t have to be five years old for a teddy bear to be sweet and comforting. I’m more than a little obsessed with this “Endometriosis Warrior” teddy bear. It’s adorable and the perfect gift to comfort someone recovering from surgery or going through a rough endo flare.

Endometriosis warrior teddy bear for an endometriosis care package
Photo credit: Endomego

18. Fuzzy Socks or Slippers

Some cozy, fuzzy slippers or socks are another good idea. I like these UGG fuzzy socks, and these heavier-duty UGG fleece lined socks. At home, I wear these Land’s End mocassin slippers all the time.

19. Power Bank

This one might seem a bit random, but a power bank is actually a great gift idea for someone who will be having endometriosis surgery.

During all my endo-related hospital stays, I’ve been so grateful for my Anker portable charger. You can keep your phone charged from bed, when you’re unable to get up and charge your phone (plus, lots of hospital rooms actually don’t even have outlets near the bed!).

20. OTC Pain Relief

Well, it’s pretty basic, but this might be THE most useful item on this list! Endometriosis causes a lot of pain, so a restock of your friend’s go-to over-the-counter pain relief drugs is a gift that won’t go unused.

21. Succulents

Succulents are a really great addition to an endometriosis care package. After my first endometriosis surgery, one of my best friends gave me a small succulent with a card that said “well that succ’d”. It was punny, made me laugh, and succulents are so easy to care for that even through endo flares and another surgery, I managed to keep the succulent alive years later!

You can buy succulents from most gardening centers and even supermarkets. However I found this cute Etsy shop that sends their own post-surgery succulent care package!

succulent planter with surgery succs card
Photo credit: Successulent

22. Personalized Pill Organizer

Most of us with endometriosis take at least one medication and/or supplement. It can get overwhelming managing them all. A pill organizer is an affordable and super useful addition to your endometriosis care package.

I personally use this simple pill case. This is a bigger option. You can also get a personalized pill organizer which is even more thoughtful.

23. Endo Badass Pin

This Endo Badass pin is the best small addition to your care package. It’s empowering, adorable, and something that your friend would actually wear or put on a bag.

endo badass pin
Photo credit: Innabox Design

24. Cure Endo Bracelet

This Cure Endo bracelet is another cute, small, and affordable addition to your care package. Personally speaking, it is also something a person with endo would actually wear! Check out the whole shop because there are lots of other bracelet design options!

cure endo beaded bracelet
Photo Credit: Endomego

Putting Your Endometriosis Care Package Together

If want to go all out and make a care package, pick a cute basket like this one or this one to put your items in. Wrap it up with some tissue paper, cellophane gift wrap, and a bow.

Some of you might prefer to buy a pre-made endometriosis gift box. It’s niche, but YES this actually exists! I found this pre-made endometriosis care package for sale from the artist who designed the Endo Badass buttons. It’s $38 and is full of cute gifts.

endometriosis care package
Photo credit: Innabox Design

There are a lot of endometriosis gift ideas in this post! I’m definitely not suggesting you should stuff all 25 into one care package, haha. A simple card, or just one item from this list will make a big difference.

It really is the thought that counts – especially when you’re living with a chronic illness, it means a lot to know your loved ones are thinking of you.

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These gift ideas are endo warrior approved. Explore 25+ products perfect for any endometriosis care package.
25 perfect gift ideas for endometriosis warriors. Create the perfect endometriosis care package with these ideas!

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