17 Endometriosis Awareness Shirts Every Endo Warrior Needs

Unfortunately there isn’t enough awareness of endometriosis. But an easy way to advocate for your disease is through endometriosis awareness shirts or sweatshirts.

As I gear up for my second endometriosis surgery, this time with an excision specialist, I started looking for endometriosis shirts. I have a vision of myself walking into the hospital for surgery, proudly wearing a shirt that raises awareness of the disease I will have taken out of me.

These are 17 of the best and cutest endometriosis awareness shirts and sweatshirts I found. I’ve featured primarily Etsy shops below, which means if you purchase a shirt you will be supporting a fellow chronic illness warrior’s small business.


17 Endometriosis Awareness Shirts and Sweatshirts

1. Minimalist Endo Warrior Shirt

This t-shirt simply says “Endo Warrior” in typewriter block letters, and I love it for its minimalist design. Shirt color options include black, white, and gray. The text can also be made yellow which is the symbolic color for endometriosis awareness.

endometriosis awareness shirt minimalist black endo warrior

2. One in Ten T-Shirt

One in 10 people born with a uterus have endometriosis. This shirt raises awareness of that statistic. Color options include gray, teal, dusty blue, clay, or yellow.

3. Endometriosis Awareness Shirt

This shirt says “Endometriosis Awareness” with a powerful fist illustration and a yellow ribbon to represent endometriosis. It is made of 100% ring-spun cotton, and comes in the color black only. This is also a unisex shirt.

endometriosis awareness unisex shirt

4. Endometriosis is Tough But So Are You Shirt

This graphic shirt says “endometriosis is tough but so are you,” and features a design with two wild cats. Choose among black, dark red, pink, or white for shirt colors, with a red font.

endometriosis awareness shirts  endo is tough but so are you

5. I Solemnly Swear My Body is up to no Good Shirt

This shirt does not mention endometriosis specifically on it, but the clever quote is relevant to anyone who has a chronic illness (and loves Harry Potter). It is a good option to raise endometriosis awareness as you will get comments (and laughs) from any fellow Harry Potter lovers.

Red shirt that says i solemnly swear my body is up to no good

6. Cure Endo Long Sleeve Shirt

This long sleeve crew neck shirt says “cure endo” with a yellow ribbon that represents endometriosis awareness. This shop also has similar designs, including tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and a tie dye shirt that all say “cure endo.”

7. Endometriosis Warrior Sweatshirt

This cozy sweatshirt says “Endometriosis Warrior.” It comes in gold, light pink, or a heathered gray. There is also a t-shirt version available of this exact same design!

8. Ampersand Design Endometriosis Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt uses the popular ampersand design. It features relatable experiences for anyone who has endometriosis, and reads: “heating pads & fatigue & hot baths & meds & bloating & surgeries & pain & sweatpants & blankets & endometriosis.” It is offered in seven color options. This same design is also offered as a t-shirt.

endometriosis awareness shirts  ampersand design

9. Ampersand Design Chronic Illness Sweatshirt

This is another sweatshirt using the popular aesthetic ampersand design. However, it uses more general phrases and ends with “& chronic illness.” Although it is not specific to endometriosis awareness, this sweatshirt will still help you advocate for endometriosis and other chronic illnesses.

endometriosis awareness shirts 9

10. Endometriosis Warrior Hope For a Cure Sweatshirt

This cute sweatshirt features graphic art of a smiling uterus in the middle, with the text “endometriosis warrior” and “hope for a cure” wrapping around it. It comes in gold, pink, and gray color options. There is also a t-shirt option with this same design.

endometriosis awareness shirts hope for a cure

11. Embroidered 1 in 10 Sweatshirt

This white sweatshirt features a very simple yellow embroidered text on the left chest: “one in ten.” This is the figure of how many people born with a uterus have endometriosis. Although the writing is small, this is a powerful way to bring awareness to endometriosis.

1 in 10 endometriosis sweatshirt

12. Endo Warrior with Heart Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt has a handwritten font that says “endo warrior,” and features a small heart beneath it. Color options include pink, gray, and gold.

endo warrior sweatshirt in pink

13. F*** Endo Embroidered Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt also includes a small embroidered saying in the left chest, and you will certainly make a statement with this one. The shirt reads “f**** endo” (sans asterisks) and pretty much represents what all of us with endometriosis would like to say to our disease!

endometriosis awareness shirts 13

14. F*** Endometriosis Shirt

Similarly to number 13 on this list, this “f**** endometriosis” shirt will definitely get your point across. I like this shirt because it’s a little oversized with rolled sleeves, giving it a more unique and casual look. It is only available in gray.

f endometriosis shirt

15. Endo Warrior Varsity Tee

This t-shirt features bold text across the chest that reads: “endo warrior.” It’s designed in the same style as vintage varsity tees and is available in black, light gray, dark gray, gold, maroon, navy, purple, blue, or white.

endo warrior tee

16. Endo Warrior Cheetah Print Shirt

This cute t-shirt features rolled sleeves and a fun rainbow design with a cheetah print pattern. Underneath the rainbow it reads: “endo warrior.”

17. Endometriosis Awareness Ribbon Shirt

This endometriosis awareness shirt features a yellow rainbow with the traditional yellow awareness ribbon beneath it. It also simply says: “endometriosis.” This is a classy design that will help you subtly raise awareness.

endometriosis awareness shirts yellow ribbon

Endometriosis has taken a lot from my life (if you also have endometriosis, I’m sure you can relate). Wearing an endometriosis shirt seems to me like a way to not only advocate, but a subtle act of defiance, too. After everything I’ve been through, I wouldn’t mind someone seeing me on the street and asking “what is an ‘endo warrior’?” or “one in ten of what?”

Happy shopping, fellow endo warriors!

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