My Gluten Free Afternoon Tea London Bucket List

on August 16, 2017

Today, I’m excited to share my highly researched gluten free afternoon tea London bucket list! (And, as I learned from the lovely Eppie, just in time for Afternoon Tea Week!). As y’all know, I am an afternoon tea fiend.  I have to say, I’ve done pretty well on the gluten free scone front down here in Devon, the home of scones (and the best clotted cream, ever!). However, there isn’t anything quite like a real, London, afternoon tea experience – complete with the little finger sandwiches and cakes.

My favorite place to get gluten free afternoon tea in southwest england – Tea on the Green in Exeter!

When I say I’ve researched this post – I mean it. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a quintessential afternoon tea at The Ritz or Sketch, but both have flunked their gluten free reviews. I’ve curated this list from the best gluten free afternoon tea London experiences…based on hours of research (it’s a hard life, I know). As long as I pass my dissertation, I do not regret those hours 😉

Hopefully I will update this list as I get to try these afternoon teas! If you know of any other gluten free afternoon teas in London, comment below and I will add to this list!

1. Bea’s of Bloomsbury

Locations in Bloomsbury, St Pauls, and Marylebone serve afternoon tea.

Require 24 hours notice for gluten free afternoon tea.

£27.50 per gluten free afternoon tea


You're my cup of tea 🙂 pc to @mango0722 !!!!!

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2. B’s Bakery

A bit less traditional than some others on this list, B’s Bakery has a cafe in Covent Garden, as well as afternoon tea bus tours, picnics, boat tours, and deliveries. I went on the bus tour two years ago and was pretty appalled by the service, but I’m open to checking out their cafe and realize that my experience might have been a one-off.

Price ranges from £29 (afternoon tea in the cafe) to up to £70 for the tours (depending on location of your seat).


3. Claridge’s

The priciest on this list, but also with the best reviews out there! Claridge’s is a really swanky luxury London hotel, known for their sumptuous afternoon tea. Luckily, that includes gluten free afternoon tea!

Served daily 2:45pm, 3pm, 3:15pm, 3:30pm, 4.45pm, 5pm, 5:15pm & 5:30pm

Advise you are gluten free when you reserve.

£60 per afternoon tea.

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4. 108 Brasserie

I had not heard of 108 Brasserie before doing my research for this post, but the restaurant looks lovely with multiple locations across London.

Marylebone location.

Price starts at £32 per afternoon tea.

Lovely picture from @b_arose of our terrace. #regram

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5. Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason are the London gurus of tea… so you know the actual tea part of afternoon tea will be on point here! I was happy to hear they offer gluten free afternoon tea, although it’s on the pricier end of this list!

181 Piccadilly, London, W1A 1ER

Price starts at £44 per afternoon tea.

Tea o'clock

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6. Bluebird Chelsea

Bluebird is the instagram haven of Chelsea, perfect for any Made in Chelsea wanna be’s out there. No judgement though as it’s absolutely gorgeous, especially in summer with all the flowers in bloom! They have tons of food options including afternoon tea. Despite the posh Chelsea location, Bluebird actually has one of the cheaper gluten free afternoon tea offerings on in London.

350 King’s Road, London SW3 5UU

£21.50 per afternoon tea.


Afternoon tea in London ☕️🍰

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7. Chesterfield Mayfair

The Chesterfield is a luxury hotel in Mayfair which also boasts a well renowned afternoon tea, including gluten free! I’m particularly excited about this one because they have a fun “Charlie and the Chesterfield” (AKA Charlie of the Wonka variety) themed afternoon tea that’s on until November 2017!

Served 1-5:30pm daily.

35 Charles Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 5EB

Price from £38.50 per person


I can’t wait to check some items off my gluten free afternoon tea London bucket list when I get back to the UK. I’m currently off galavanting through Europe (you can see more on my instagram). Happy afternoon tea week, everyone!


Sarah xx

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  • Thank you for the shoutout lovely! And what a great list. Although I’m not gluten free I can confirm that Claridge’s is spectacular. They have the best egg mayonnaise sandwiches!

  • These all look delicious! I *love* the afternoon tea at F&M … it’s so special!

    • I can’t believe I’ve never been to any of these places waaahh, but Fortnum & Mason is def top of my list!!

  • yum! saving this for if/when I make it to England. thanks for doing all the GF research 🙂

  • I love afternoon tea too and have worked my way around many of the tea-tastic offerings here in Sydney. When I’m in London I always go to Fortnums – it’s just an all round tea-riffic experience from the food to the service, and of course, the tea. You really do get what you pay for, it’s worth every penny 🙂

  • What a fantastic gluten free resource!
    I seriously think they need to bring afternoon tea to Chile, it’d go down a treat! … having said that, I can count the number of times I’ve had afternoon tea on one hand. I’m so unBritish, oops!

  • I’d totally be up for afternoon tea on a bus but then again, those prices are rather steep!!

    • It was suuuuuch a cool idea. But yeah I think the prices were too steep, especially considering the poor service when we went. Although they did have a special offer of gin and sushi on the bus this month…. which was tempting until I thought of the potential for car sickness hahah

  • Oooh these look so good. Especially the first one look so cute and yummy, without spending too much money! I went to sketch and for me it was still pricey, but i’d say the cute pink interior paid them off! :”)

    • Yes I still definitely want to make it to Sketch some day… maybe for nibbles instead of a full blown afternoon tea, but I really want to see the bathroom pods hahah

  • I have never had tea in London (or anywhere). I know it does sound alright and I know I need to fix that one way or another. Wow, the places you have shown in here, how gorgeous! I need to visit two or three of those. #wanderfulwednesday

    • I hope you can try it someday!! Even just a pair of scones and tea down south at a little cafe, nothing too fancy, is still wonderful 🙂

  • Tea in London, that should be in my bucket list by now. Nothing like the perfect excuse for having sweets and tea! xx

  • You can’t beat a good gluten free afternoon tea! I’m researching the best ones in Sydney so maybe we should link up in some way 🙂 I’ve not had many in London, but the one at the Intercontinental was very good. I do not recommend the one at the Berkeley, but Kelly swears by Claridge’s. If you haven’t read Kelly’s blog she’ll have a wealth of info on all the gf afternoon teas:

    • Ahh we definitely should! I’ve been thinking for a while we should do some kind of gluten free travel related link up, the gf travel community seems to be quite spread out so would be good to have some kind of collated/regular resource!! Ahh yes I always see Kelly’s posts first on Pinterest when I search GF in new cities!!

  • nice choices! and great that you included the price too:)

    • Thanks Tanja ! Yes it took some hunting to find the prices but (at least for me) they are so important and I personally enjoy posts that list the prices of the things they promote!

  • And it all looks so delicious.

  • Lilla Bálint

    Oh I wanted to try Bluebird for ages 🙂 Very useful list, saved it for later. Still on a hunt for good sugar-free afternoon teas

    • I’ve had a wander through before but never tried it – it’s definitely one of the cheapest so high on my list!! Good luck with the sugar free hunt 🙂

  • LC

    I looooove afternoon tea and took myself on a tea tour around London when I lived there too. Ichi Sushi & Sashimi Bar do a good one as well – I took a mate with a peanut allergy and they were very accommodating.

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