What I’m Loving About Repatriating to the USA

One thing I’ve noticed about repatriating to the USA is that people are always asking me, “Are you okay?” Like they are so concerned about me, like they assume I hate being back in the USA. I do appreciate the concern – it was difficult to leave England, and I would rather have someone acknowledge culture shock than ignore it! But on the other hand, it was my decision to move back to the USA. I wanted to come back for multiple reasons, and it’s definitely been the right decision for me. 

I also feel like I’ve been being a bit negative on le blog lately. These two recent blog posts (1 & 2) were both me speaking my truth, but also kind of downers. Which is all to say, I think some sunshine and rainbows is a bit overdue on Endless Distances!

After I moved back to the USA from England, everyone asked me if I was "okay." Like they expected me to hate being back in the states. While some things are difficult, there are some great things I am loving about repatriating to the USA. Here's a list of the best things about repatriating to the USA!
good things about being home: childhood friends who make you AMAZING get well baskets when you have to go to the hospital!!!!

I’ve been keeping a little note on my iPhone for the last two months that I’ve been living back at home in Michigan. A little list of small things I love about repatriating to the USA. So on this bleary Wednesday… I thought I would share!

What I Love About Being Back in Michigan

  • Having a fireplace – my favorite smell
  • So many flat running routes!
  • I can literally drive down the road and hang out with my childhood friends
  • Easily finding half & half and gluten free cheerios in the store
  • Free shopping carts at the store (okay I know you get refunded in the UK but I never had a pound coin with me at the shop!)
  • Everything stays open later
  • I can use Poshmark to resell my clothes. It only works in the USA and you get a much better deal than on Ebay.
    • Shop my closet here
  • So much family time
  • Not having people ask me where I’m from every time I meet someone new.
    • Okay, I kind of liked this part of being an expat as it made me feel “special.” But it also got old, and it always made me feel like an outsider. It was always being pointed out that England wasn’t my “home” because of my accent – and no matter how long I lived there that would be the case. And sometimes ya girl just ain’t in the mood!!
  • Lots and lots of yoga studios – there was only one yoga studio where I lived in England and it closed down!
  • The little one-screen old-fashioned movie theatre in the town next to mine, where you can see a movie for $4 with $1 popcorn!! I’ve been going every week.
  • My favorite hairdresser, Wendy.
  • Driving!!!
  • Actually getting to see my baby niece!!!
  • Good, cheap sushi
  • My gym has a hot tub 🙂
  • High quality facials
  • Seeing my doctor quickly
    • Also seeing the same doctor every time
  • Not having to use the dark web/weird internet extensions to watch my fave TV shows
  • Nobody asks me about Trump like they expect me to explain my entire country’s political division. Nobody asks me about Trump at all. IT’S AMAZING.
After I moved back to the USA from England, everyone asked me if I was "okay." Like they expected me to hate being back in the states. While some things are difficult, there are some great things I am loving about repatriating to the USA. Here's a list of the best things about repatriating to the USA!
Other good thing: This lil pup we are dogsitting

YAY!!! I know not all these things are specific to repatriation or to Michigan… I probably could have found a gym with a hot tub or brought pound coins to the store in England tbh. But, I’m lazy. And some things are just home comforts, you know?!

Tell me what you guys love about home (whether that’s living abroad, or where you grew up, or a new state). I would love to hear about your favorite things.

Sarah xx

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  1. Hi! I think my list is about 90% the same every time I’m back visiting in the USA! I love that places are open later and you can find half & half and other seemingly insignificant things (that you miss like crazy when you’re abroad). Not feeling like an outside counts for a lot. And family time, of course, maybe the most important of all. 😉

    1. Hahah I’m glad it’s not just me then!!! I totally respect places closing early in the UK/Europe, and I think Europe has a lot better workers’ rights and reasonable closing times is a big part of that… but also… I would come home from work at 5:30pm in England and half the shops would be shut!! How was I supposed to do my shopping? Lol! Would love to see your own list if you decide to make one 🙂

    1. It’s great, I’ve made a lot of money on there! You just have to keep active on it, though… sharing your clothes to “parties” and following people. I’ve been ignoring it for a couple weeks and haven’t made many sales, but when I was super active in January I made a lot of sales! And they email you the shipping label and everything so all you have to do is pop it in the mailbox.
      I usually look up my item first to see if someone else is selling the same thing, and what it’s generally going for. There are some items that I kind of like though, so if I don’t get a high enough price I don’t want to sell them. I have a brand new Kate Spade purse I’ve listed for $70 which is kind of high compared to other ones on there, but it’s super high quality so I don’t want to get rid of it for nothing.
      People can also “bid” on your items, too. I usually list my item a bit higher than I think it will sell for because people will always bid lower.

  2. I’m reading your list of things and agreeing with you that I wish most of those things were available/possible in the UK! Those ones I understand, anyway 😉 I haven’t been back to the UK yet so I’m not sure how I’ll feel about it when I do. As yet, there isn’t much stuff I miss (other than people obviously!) but I do miss knowing exactly what shop I need to go to for such-and-such. That’s mildly annoying, but does at least give room for positive discoveries.

    It’s interesting you note the accent marking you out as a foreigner thing. I didn’t think that would bother me here, but it actually does. Despite how many British people there are here – I still stand out and that’s never going to change.

    1. Hahah I know right!! Tbh there are lots of things I miss about the UK too though, I have a separate note on my iPhone for all of those!! Do you have any upcoming trips back to the UK planned? I didn’t really start noticing these things until I moved back to the states actually… well, a few of them bothered me in the UK but most of them I’ve just realized how much I appreciate them after being back here.

    1. Hahah I made an American friend when I was living in Plymouth, and every couple months we would have a sushi date trying to find a suitable place that was GOOD but also not going to make us destitute… unfortunately we never found one, but spent a lot of money haha. My boyfriend is visiting from England next month and his number 1 thing he wants to do is get sushi!!

  3. I like how the milkshakes here aren’t literally milk that’s been shaken. And we have words to differentiate sweatshirts from sweaters. And I’m used to the texture of the yogurt. End of list.

  4. Haha the Trump point… I feel like that must be the WORST for Americans overseas. My favourite things about my London home are how there are always (too many) things to do, the easy access to travelling Europe, all of the opportunities in jobs and blogging, and all of the delicious vegan/dairy-free food options haha.

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