25 Stocking Stuffers for Travelers That Won’t Break the Bank

If it can fit in a stocking, it can fit in a carry on! That’s why these stocking stuffers for travelers are the ideal gifts for those friends and family who love to travel.

Chances are, if your loved one is a travel lover like me, they don’t want big, bulky, or expensive items for Christmas.

Personally I prefer to spend my time (and money) up in the air, seeing the world, and material possessions just drag me down. I think this is a pretty common quality among those of us with wanderlust!

Check out these stocking stuffers for travelers as you’re shopping in 2023. I’ve updated the below list, especially now that traveling is back on everyone’s radar!

I’ve hand picked some of my favorite products, ranging from handmade Etsy items to easily purchased Amazon gadgets. Each one is useful and unique.

What Makes Great Stocking Stuffers for Travelers?

First of all, what makes a good stocking stuffer in general?

Here are the qualities I try to look for:

  • Small in size. Can fit in the palm of your hand, and more importantly be stuffed down a stocking!
  • Not super expensive.
  • Shows thought and creativity.
  • Useful: Not a trinket for the sake of being a trinket, but something that will actually come in handy.
  • Bonus: Complements a gift they are receiving under the tree. Think of it like a “clue” to get them guessing…

And if we’re adding travel in the mix, that will help you zone in on the thought and creativity category. If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re on the right track. You’re already thinking of what your giftee loves and enjoys (“giftee” can be a thing now, right?)

If it can fit in a stocking, it can fit in a carry on! These 21 stocking stuffers for travelers come at an affordable price and are ideal for travel lovers. #stockingstuffersfortravelers #stockingstuffers #travel #travelstockingstuffers

The Best Stocking Stuffers for Travelers (2023)

1. Anker Power Bank

I literally do not travel without a power bank! In particular, I love my Anker power bank because it is high quality and holds so much power.

I have this power bank. This is what I used when I trekked to Everest Base Camp and did not need to recharge it once in 11 days! It’s the perfect pick for more serious travelers.

If you want a more affordable option from Anker then go with this one, which holds less charge but is a bit slimmer so easier to pack!

2. COSMIYA Travel Jewelry Box

This chic jewelry box from women-owned brand COSMIYA would definitely fit in a stocking, and would be ideal for keeping earrings, bracelets and more organized during a trip. I like this jewelry box in particular because there is a convenient snap on/off strip for earrings, and the design itself is very timeless yet sturdy enough for traveling.

3. SIMO Solis Lite Travel Wifi

A travel wifi like SIMO Solis Lite is, in my opinion, one of the best stocking stuffers for travelers, particularly anyone traveling abroad.

Basically, a travel wifi lets you conveniently access cellular data and the internet without buying a SIM card.

The SIMO Solis Lite is the #1 rated travel wifi on the market, and works in over 135 countries around the world.

This is the priciest stocking stuffer on this list but would make for the most appreciated gift!

4. Sleepwell Travel Kit of Essential Oils

This little essential oils kit from Etsy is designed exactly for travelers, to help you sleep on that red eye flight or overnight bus. The kit comes with scent blends such as lavender, grapefruit, rosewood, peppermint, and lemon balm. There is even a mini pillow spray!

Photo credit: Innerscents Scotland on Etsy

5. Zero Waste Travel Kit

This zero waste travel kit is so fun – the perfect gift for someone looking to reduce their environmental impact during travel. The kit comes complete with bamboo toothbrushes, a shampoo bar, bamboo cutlery set, and a wooden comb. The set comes in 100% recyclable and plastic free packaging, to boot.

Photo credit: BattleGreenBox on Etsy

6. Silk Eye Mask

I bought this silk eye mask last year and never looked back. Eye masks are so, so, so useful, especially to travelers, because we often have to sleep in light-filled areas, like planes and buses.

This eye mask is comfortable, eco friendly, and light blocking. I wish I’d bought one years ago. The perfect gift for the travel (and sleep) lover in your life.

7. Colorful Beanie Hat

This cute beanie hat comes in multiple colors. I bought the “lake blue” one before my recent trip to Peru, and it really made my hiking photos pop (not to mention… kept my head warm).

This beanie will fit in a stocking, and it’s perfect for travelers heading to chillier locations this winter.

8. Instax Polaroid Film

This is another one that always ends up in my own stocking on Christmas Day… and for good reason! I love traveling with my instax camera, but of course I need to restock film now and then. Instax film is cheap to purchase on Amazon or elsewhere online, and easily fits in a stocking.

There are so many fun types of Instax film out there nowadays.

Try one of these instax films:

This could also be a great gift idea for someone if you plan on gifting them an actual Instax camera under the Christmas tree (think of the stocking as a wee hint).

Here are some of my recommended Instax cameras:

9. International Travel Adaptor

This is one of the most practical stocking stuffers for travelers! If your person doesn’t already have an international adaptor… pop one in their stocking, pronto.

This little thing can be adjusted to fit a variety of plug types, meaning they can travel to multiple countries all with one adaptor! I personally use one EVERY time I travel and it’s a game changer.

10. Encircled’s Renew Scrunchie

Encircled is one of my favorite clothing companies that designs ethically made, sustainable products… particularly with travelers in mind!

For a stocking stuffer, their Renew Scrunchie is the perfect fit. It’s made from leftover fabrics to reduce waste. And with 11 colors and patterns to pick from, it’s super cute!

Photo credit: Encircled

11. Settlers of Catan Two Player Game

You’ve probably heard of the popular board game Settlers of Catan, but did you know they also sell a travel-friendly two player game set?

Before we left for our round-the-world trip, one of Dan’s friends gifted him this game. It was so fun! And, it’s the perfect small size to slide into a stocking.

This is a perfect stocking stuffer for any traveler who loves games, or has a long flight or train journey coming up.

12. Kindle Gift Card

I absolutely love traveling with my Kindle. Even if you’re a dedicated paperback book lover, the benefits of traveling with a Kindle are undeniable. I recommend popping a Kindle gift card in their stocking.

If they don’t actually own a Kindle yet… well, this is a perfect “hint” for what might lie under the tree! My recommended Kindle is the Kindle Paperwhite – I personally use this one and it is now waterproof and has twice the storage!

13. Keychain Compass and Thermometer

If it can fit on a keychain, it can fit in a stocking. But don’t just get them any random keychain – get a useful one!

Nothing is more useful than this keychain – it not only has a compass, but a carabiner and thermometer as well! This is the perfect stocking stuffer for travelers who like to hike.

In fact, I got one of these for myself and Dan last year and we don’t go hiking without it! Even if they’re not into hiking, a compass is always an important thing for travelers to have, in my opinion.

14. Homesick Travel-Themed Mini Candles

I absolutely adore the concept behind Homesick’s candle line… each candle’s scent is designed to remind you of a certain place. As travelers, we are always homesick for somewhere – whether it’s actually the place we were raised, or a country or city we have memories in.

Pop one of Homesick’s mini candles in your loved one’s stocking. They’re the perfect size, at 1.5 oz, and there are plenty of options: Florida, Northern California, New York City, United Kingdom, and more!

15. Yeti 10oz Rambler Mug

Granted, this one is going to bulk up your stocking… but trust me, it’s worth it! Yeti makes the best travel mugs – they keep liquids hot or cold for 8 hours. Plus, the magnetic lid closure means no spills (my favorite part).

This 14oz Rambler mug is perfect for a cup or coffee or tea, and will fit in a stocking with a bit of encouragement.

16. Personalized RFID Luggage Tag and Passport Holder

Looking for a classic stocking stuffer for a travel lover? LUGGAGE TAGS. There are so many places you can purchase a luggage tag, but I love this handmade and personalized option on Etsy.

You can order it with their initials to make it that much more special. It comes with a matching RFID passport cover, to keep your information safe from hackers.

stocking stuffers for travelers passport cover and luggage tag
Photo credit: BINSCREATIONS Etsy

17. Carry On Cocktail Kit

They might not need carry on sized cocktail kit… but they definitely want a carry on sized cocktail kit!

These little kits are so adorable, and what’s more, they’re TSA approved! I love this company because they offer everything from an old fashioned to a margarita, all in carry-on size.

18. Deluxe Dry Shampoo

Let’s face it… most travelers are going to use dry shampoo sooner or later. I like to use this deluxe, natural dry shampoo. Maybe it’s a mental thing, but I prefer to feel like I’m indulging in something nice rather than delaying the grunge for yet another day.

19. Earbuds Cord Cable Manager

A lot of people have traded in earbuds with cords for cordless airpods. However travelers still have a major need for traditional earbuds: watching movies on planes!

To be honest, I also generally just prefer my old fashioned earbuds… apart from the fact that I always get the cords tangled in my bag.

Enter this super cute earbud cord cable manager. It is ideal for keeping cables knot-free. It’s also the perfect stocking stuffer as it’s small, cute, and very thoughtful.

20. Guppy Friend Washing Bag

This mesh washing bag is fab for sustainable and eco-conscious travelers… as we should all strive to be! This reusable bag is designed to hold synthetic materials in the washing machine. It collects micro plastics and prevents them from entering our water system.

21. TSA-Approved Locks

This TSA-approved padlock is an amazing stocking stuffer for people who enjoy hosteling. This is the one I personally use, and it has come in handy almost every day on my round-the-world trip!

I like this lock because it’s small, lightweight, and perfect for securing belongings in shared accommodation, during long bus rides, or even for locking a checked suitcase. I have two myself and so does Dan!

22. Go Toobs

These Go Toobs are the current darling of the travel world and make an ideal stocking stuffer due to their small size.

They are the perfect size for packing liquids (think: shampoo, conditioner, body wash) in a carry on, and I can attest that they are spill-proof and durable.

In fact, I have five myself and they are incredibly useful on my round-the-world trip. I even bought an extra one before I left.

stocking stuffers for travelers go toobs
Photo credit: REI

23. Sea to Summit Delta Cutlery Set

This travel cutlery set by Sea to Summit was another last minute purchase before my round-the-world trip that has come in extremely useful on my travels.

Why do I love it? The fork, knife, and spoon snap together to be very compact and lightweight. Combined with the carabiner, it’s an ideal thoughtful gift for travelers!

24. Vaccine Card Protector

A new stocking stuffer for travelers that I’ll recommend in 2023? This (very cute) vaccine card protector.

One thing I’ve realized on my long term travels in South America this year is that this little card is pretty much your lifeline to getting into most countries. But… it’s just a flimsy piece of paper. I really wish I had this protector to keep my own card safe.

Take it from me, this is a great gift idea for anyone planning international travels next year!

25. Ornaments From Your Travels

And finally, one of the most thoughtful stocking stuffers out there… an ornament from your actual travels! It’s kind of a thing with travelers, but we love to decorate our Christmas trees (and refrigerators… and houses… and lives…) with mementos from our travels.

So next time you go on a trip, with or without your loved one, buy a little Christmas present to surprise them in their stocking!

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Happy Stocking Stuffing!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and don’t get too stressed by the shopping. After all, that’s not what the season is about. Keep it fun and keep it thoughtful and that’s all that matters!

Any more tips for stocking stuffers for travelers that I missed? Let me know in the comments below. I’m curious… who else loves stockings as much as me?

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Check out this full guide to the best stocking stuffers for travelers, written by a full time traveler!
Check out this full guide to the best stocking stuffers for travelers, written by a full time traveler!

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  1. Hey Sarah,
    a heads up – there are a couple of broken links in the list, like for the power bank (the 1st one) and the dry shampoo 🙁
    Anyways, the list is so amazing, with so many useful things!
    I especially liked the idea of getting Christmas ornaments – never thought of that! But I definitely will look for something on the next trips that we have planned this year!

    1. Thanks for your comment! The article is now all updated for this year so check it out – all the links are fixed and there are a few new items on the list. I update the post each year before the holidays but I think you checked it a bit before I got to it this year!

      1. Oh yeah, I see! The list is definitely even better than before! So many things I want now, haha. And I’m just like you – eye masks ROCK! So many hotels don’t have proper curtains for blocking out light, it’s quite a necessity for travelers!

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