October 2015 | Recap

Here’s to October, the best month of the year when everything gets crisp and colorful and changes (and my birthday and candy).



  • As of October 5th the British government legislated that you must  buy plastic bags at the grocery store… And I hope the USA follows suit soon!
  • I gave two presentations and handed in my first two essays of my degree! But the work continues as I have my research proposal and two other essays due in November.
  • I’ve been going to the International Activities Society at my university and met the most amazing friends from all over the world!! Italy, Spain, France, Hungary, India, you name it. I need to start planning a trip!
  • Daylight savings time = SO DARK.



  • I had my first “cheeky Nando’s,” a quintessential British experience I am told.
  • Ate like a queen on my birthday, and expanded my cooking repertoire to include chili, quesadillas, and omelettes!
  • I’ve been to the Dutton three times this month, it definitely deserves its own blog post soon.
  • Finally tested out Glorious Art House in Exeter



  • My reading for fun ground to a halt as I’ve been researching my dissertation 
  • However I’ve been putzing around the Internet and love…this article on how volunteer work abroad can actually oppress more than help
  • and of course this poem:   



  • I went zip lining and tree top adventuring at Go Ape! Definitely an item checked off my bucket list.
  • Saw some Dartmoor ponies and beautiful views on this hike
  • Bought my ticket to Dublin in November!
  • Dressed as a snarky-political-undead-devil for Halloween, debatably the best holiday of the year.  



 I hope you all have nice memories to look back on, and are looking forward to November! 

My dad just arrived in England for a visit on Friday, so I’m excited about that, as well as a few other thrilling things happening this coming month. But you’ll have to stay tuned to see where I’m going, what I’m doing, and most importantly what I’m eating 😉

Sarah xx

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  1. Well done on getting a lot of work done for Uni, wishing you the best of luck with the work you have to hand in this month as well. That chocolate cake looks absolutely delicious, what I would give for a slice of that right now! I absolutely adore the quotes in those photographs that you posted, so inspiring! Happy November dear! xxxxx

  2. looks like a great october! and LOVE the costume! too funny.

    PS: check out my most recent post! it’s for a jewelry company i think you’d LOVE! plus, i hate a coupon code too! when your there you could even follow me, if you’d like! (no pressure though!)

    have a great week!

    love, rach.

    So, hi.

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