The Very Hungry Birthday Girl

This is a story similar to the very hungry caterpillar, except all the leaves are replaced with sugar and carbs, and instead of becoming a butterfly I turned 22!

My birthday was last weekend, and in the midst of all my deadlines I wasn’t up for planning a big party (my 21st birthday costume party is still enough to tide me over into this year!). Instead, I just wanted to chill out… And eat!

The weekend’s menu started out with this amaaaaazing (gluten free!) chocolate cake, baked mostly by Dan. The recipe uses almond flour instead of wheat flour, and a dash of coffee along with dark melted chocolate adds flavor.

I have a new favorite British word: scrummy. And that’s exactly what this cake is! Scrumptious + yummy.

The almost finished product…

Ta da!

I also managed to cook two full English breakfasts that weekend… Eggs, bacon, salami, baked beans, toast with marmite, and of course coffee!

Naturally this food had to be walked off with a stroll down to the sea…

And a cheeky pop into the Dutton, my current favorite cafe/tea house right over the ocean.

I tried Annings cider (elderflower and pear flavored) for the first time and it tasted just like sweet juice!

And of course some aesthetically pleasing birthday scones were in order. Complete with Plymouth made “Janner Jam” – yum!

After opening cards and presents from family and friends, and a long Skype back home, I was pretty tired. And it wasn’t even really my birthday yet! My mom likes to remind me I was born 6pm in California, so with all the time zones taken into account my birthday should actually be celebrated 1am on the 26th of October, not the 25th! Basically I get an extra long birthday 😉

I ended the weekend with some take out pizzas with my flat mate as we watched the movie The Chef. Which – you guessed it – is all about food!!! Actually it’s all about working in a food truck, a profession close to my heart after this summer. I thought it perfectly summed up the theme of my birthday weekend though, which unintentionally became all about food!

That’s it my friends! I hope your weekends were equally yummy. I am now off to treat myself to some leftover birthday cake for breakfast!
Sarah xx

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