June 2017 | Recap

First of all, ignore me hyperventilating because WHAT THE HECK SUMMER’S HALFWAY OVER?! I mean not really, but still… I always think of summer as June and July, and now June is gone! I have had quite an exciting June, though, despite my all-consuming Masters thesis and the related stress.

Where was I in June?

Plymouth, Exeter, St Ives

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June adventured like…

  • Second month in a row of one-country-fidelity! I’ve mostly been sticking it out in Plymouth as I reached the end of my final placement (!) but I did manage some day trips to St Ives and Exeter, which I wrote two v sappy posts about.
  • I spent two weekends dog sitting which is almost like traveling (?) as I spend the weekend at their house. It’s the same American pup (from Georgia!) that I’ve dogsat for the last year. Even though I’m all alone on these dog sitting weekends I really enjoy the solitude, I get a lot of studying done, and I can almost imagine having my own place one day! With a dog of course…
  • Dan jetted off to India a couple weeks ago! I am definitely jealous of his travels and his photos are giving me major wanderlust.
  • I’ve been trying to be more mindful of not using my phone as much…. less scrolling more traveling (living?) am I right? I’ve started wearing a watch instead of checking my phone! I was super excited that JORD asked me to join their influencer program and sent me a watch, you can join my giveaway with them by clicking ** here ** for $100 off, and EVERYONE who enters gets $25 off!!
  • With the end of placement came the real start of summer… which tbh I will be spending in the library due to my looming Masters thesis. However, I spent the first post-placement week having a relaxation week… including sea swimming, yoga, bonfires with smores, a massage, scones by the sea, and going on a southwest coastal path walk with fellow blogger Ellie!
  • What else to say except I am keeping up with Love Island AND the Bachelorette. It’s a hard life being addicted to trashy TV in two different countries (judge me, I deserve it).

June tasted like…

  • Besides my feasting night of s’mores I have to say that the heat this month has put me off massive meals – mostly I’ve been concocting salads and stir frys. I did give Mary Berry’s express lasagne a try as well – keeping it nice and light and simple as far as cooked meals go!
  • However, I did enjoy myself in St Ives, and wrote a gluten free guide to St Ives to prove it!

The best city in Cornwall for a day trip: you must take a St Ives day trip. Enjoy my photo journal, hotel, and food advice for the best St Ives day trip!

June read like…

  • I finally finished Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler!!! After the marathon reading month that was April, it took me two months to finally finish Sweetbitter, but it was worth the wait. At the end, I was staying up until 2am nightly to finish it. Such a poetic book by a fellow Kenyon alum who completed the same program I did, which has really inspired me on the writing front.
  • …….So much so that I have actually submitted some poetry for publication, which I haven’t done in over a year. Happy I’m back into it but super sad I fell out of it for so long!
  • With that said, I’ve run out of books to read! Does anyone have any recommendations? Please keep it light as my brain is drowning during the day with scientific reading!
  • Oh also…. one of my Michigan bezzos has stepped it up and is now self hosting her blog, so check it out: Antipodal Pull

June mantras…

I am SO excited for July but a bit terrified at the same time! I have lots of fun things planned, including WIMBLEDON and seeing my BFF from college in London, as well as hopefully checking some items off my Plymouth / Southwest bucket list. A bit nerve wracking though as I’ve got a presentation and dissertation to balance at the same time!! On that note I’m off to the library!!

Sarah xx

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  1. No judgement on your trashy tv taste. I LOVE the Bachelorette! Especially the travel bits 😉

  2. I love your inspirational quotes and your photos have me wanting to jump on a plane! I had to do a thesis for my undergrad, but it was about Harry Potter, so no science at all! Have you read A Man Called Ove? It’s a lighter read but it does get sad/emotional. Do you like thrillers? I recently tore through The Couple Next Door!

    1. Ahh thank you – it’s a way to put my pinterest quote-hunting habit to good use 🙂 I did a thesis for my undergrad as well (poetry!) and it was soooo much more enjoyable than this aha. Hopefully all the stress and struggle will make it feel that much more worth it when it’s over! Ooh yes I saw that in the book store the other day but I did remember it was a sad book so I might put it off until I’m done with the dissy aha. I do LOVE thrillers though so I am going to get The Couple Next Door next!! I’m currently reading The Paris Wife… have you read it?

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