St Ives Day Trip: Photo Journal

You know soul mates?

Screw ’em. Let’s talk about soul places.

To me, St Ives is one of those places. The first time I took a St Ives day trip, I meandered with friends through the low-tide harbor. I ate gluten free crepes, clambered on rocks, wrapped up in a warm blanket under a heat lamp at the Porthminster Beach Cafe with a bottle of wine and the sound of night-time waves just a few meters away.

I’ve been back to St Ives a few times since then, each time my jaw dropping at the perfect afternoon light, the crescent curve of the harbor, the shingled roofs. When I saw Jaime’s post about St Ives a couple weeks ago, it hit me: I now live only two hours from St Ives, yet I hadn’t been on a St Ives day trip for two years. Two years!!

Why is that? Well, living life day to day, other things always seem so important: I need to do my weekly food shop, laundry, bank. I really need to catch up on American Gods on Amazon Prime. (And let’s be real: Love Island, soz if you lose respect but we all have a vice). When I have a free afternoon, I either end up hunched over in the library with a cappuccino, or (if I’m lucky) in the beer garden at the local Wetherspoons. And when I travel? Well, I go to Spain, Morocco, Norway, the Czech Republic. I keep brushing off little old Cornwall, thinking “it’s so close, I’ll go another day…”

Seeing Jaime’s post reminded me: I don’t have to get on an airplane to travel. Also, announcement, but I won’t be in Plymouth for all that much longer. I need to take advantage of the incredible ability to go on a St Ives day trip while I can! (And a St Ives day trip for the same price as my library cappuccino, I might add).

The best city in Cornwall for a day trip: you must take a St Ives day trip. Enjoy my photo journal, hotel, and food advice for the best St Ives day trip!

So, last weekend my housemate and I hopped on the train (with our laptops in stow… it turns out I am very productive on trains!) and commenced our St Ives day trip. I’m hoping to fit in another few St Ives day trips over the summer, plus a long weekend in September when my family visits!

So, St Ives, my little soul place… I have lots of advice (the best gluten free restaurants! The most heart clenching views! Everything Virginia Woolf!) but for now, I want to give you guys my St Ives day trip photo journal. Because a picture’s worth a thousand words, as they say, and I’m sure I’ll be writing thousands more words on St Ives over the course of my life…

Some details…

I hope my photos convinced you to take a St Ives day trip! Have you ever been? Do you have a soul place?

Sarah xx

P.S. – I used my Canon camera for this trip. Do you guys like the photo quality? Can you tell the difference? I would be really interested to know!! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think 🙂

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The best city in Cornwall for a day trip: you must take a St Ives day trip. Enjoy my photo journal, hotel, and food advice for the best St Ives day trip!


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  1. St. Ive’s looks like such a dream! I haven’t made it to Cornwall yet, but now I really want to. I really need to explore more of the UK!

  2. I love St Ives – even in March when I was last there, it’s so pretty and your photos are stunning. I’d never have thought of it as a day trip from Plymouth either, definitely something to make the most of. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

    1. The first time I visited was in March – actually I think I’ve been a couple times in March, and if it can be beautiful in a rainy/foggy English March it is beautiful any month of the year, haha! I’ve done a day trip to it from Exeter before, too, which is a bit more grueling, but it’s quite comfortable from Plymouth!

  3. Gorgeous photos! You’re lucky to have this beautiful place so nearby, great that plan to make the most of it! We’re heading there this weekend and I’ve made a note of your suggestions. Really looking forward to visiting; it looks wonderful and I can’t wait to be by the seaside! #CityTripping

  4. Those colors are gorgeous!!! Great photos 🙂 The boyfriend and I are planning a weekend road trip through the UK in August and we almost chose Cornwall (ended up on the Cotswolds because they are closer to London!)

  5. Oh Sarah, it looks dreamy! All those blues. Despite being British, I’ve never been to Cornwall – but I’m more convinced than ever I really should. The picture quality looks great by the way!

  6. Stunning photos, Sarah. Cornwall really is beautiful – especially when the sun is shining. We went to the Lizard peninsula over Easter and we were blown away by its beauty. #citytripping

  7. I love the term “soul place.” It makes total sense to me. And, wow, I can see why this place won your heart quickly. It is spectacular. I have see photos of Cornwall that have left me speechless. Good you were able to go and enjoy! #citytripping

  8. We always forget about the places that are close to home, don’t we? I haven’t visited St Ives since I was a child, but I’m dying to get down to that part of the world again soon. Gorgeous pictures! #citytripping

  9. When I read “St Ives”, I was imagining a place somewhere in the Caribbean and then you write about England of all places??!!! Honestly, your pictures could have been taken in a much warmer climate though cause that does not look like the England I know. So stunning!! And I absolutely love the quality of those pictures – especially the one of the pink flower! Makes me want to get it as a poster to hang on the wall!!

  10. We went to St Ives two years ago and really liked it. We didn’t get such nice, sunny day at the time, but I can see why it would look even better during summer. Of course I am going to say how much I miss scones. hehe

  11. I have been wanting to visit St Ives ever since I moved to the UK. I have to make it happen, and hope for some glorious weather. St Ives looks gorgeous in your photos.

  12. I have just moved to the UK and I’m always looking for new places to visit, this is great! I’ll definitely try to visit during the summer. Great pictures!

  13. I haven’t got round to visiting St Ives yet but your post may well give me the push that I need! The ice cream looks very tasty. I’d love to visit the Tate outpost there.

  14. Beautiful pictures! I haven’t been here but I’ve heard lovely things and your post has definitely made me want to visit 🙂

  15. I COMPLETELY understand what you mean about soul places! I’ve never thought of them like that before but it’s SO true. Mine would probably have to be St. Albans in England. I’ve only been twice but fell completely in love. St. Ives looks so beautiful, I can see why you love it so much!

  16. OMG
    -the fact that the ice cream place is called Moomaid is the best
    -yay American Gods!
    -that is the bluest and most beautiful water I’ve ever seen
    -I’m pretty sure St Ives was plucked out of a peaceful fairy tale

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