GLUTEN FREE GUIDE: Original Pancake House

on July 2, 2015

A month later and I’m still drooling over this breakfast…and planning my next trip to this franchise in Oregon! The Original Pancake House is a gluten free mecca, with over 100 locations in the USA. I, however, had never heard of it until a fateful “gluten free” google search during my trip to Florida. My friends and I were staying in Fort Lauderdale at the end of our trip, and this was just a short Uber ride away from our condo. The location wasn’t perfect (off the N. Federal Highway, so not by the beach) but the food made up for that!


The first step was obviously beverages. I usually don’t order drinks when I go out to eat but I am a sucker for fresh squeezed juice…and it just so happened that our table was right by the Original Pancake House resident juice machine! We watched the fresh oranges and grapefruits roll down the assembly line and turn into perfect, pulpy, colorful juice.

GLUTEN FREE GUIDE: The Original Pancake House

I broke down and ordered a fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, especially once I learned that one of my friends had never had grapefruit juice before! Shameful!



There is a gluten free section to the Original Pancake House menu. There are tons of options including various flavored crepes, pancakes, pigs in a blanket, waffles, and more. GLUTEN FREE GUIDE: The Original Pancake House

I ordered sweet ricotta cheese and berry stuffed crepes, which is not on the online menu so might just be a specialty for the Fort Lauderdale location. It was gooey and incredible and dusted with powdered sugar. I wanted to try every single flavor! (Until the food coma hit, of course).GLUTEN FREE GUIDE: The Original Pancake HouseGLUTEN FREE GUIDE: The Original Pancake House

My friends never turn down a brunch (one of my top ten friendship requirements, maybe top five) and I think they were equally pleased as myself.GLUTEN FREE GUIDE: The Original Pancake House



We did have one issue regarding an allergy order, however. One of my friends is allergic to nuts and she ordered her crepe and asked to have it without nuts on top. However, the waitress brought the crepe and it had nuts inside. An oversight from them, but it ended up being fine. I don’t think that mistake is any kind of tarnish on the Original Pancake House as an establishment or anything, but just a reminder that when you eat out with a food allergy, intolerance, celiacs, or whatever it might be, no restaurant, no matter how good the reviews, is infallible. So be careful and double check!GLUTEN FREE GUIDE: The Original Pancake HouseHappy eating, friends!

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