A Walk in Central Park (the British One)

Some things never change. Among these enduring truths is that I am a procrastinator.  

Which is something it is relatively easy to be when you’ve just moved to a new city in a new country and your options are 1) explore, or 2) read articles on systematic review protocols.

So yesterday I put my reading aside until bedtime and ventured out to Plymouth’s Central Park.

The largest park in Plymouth, it is a huge green space of trees and meadows and trails leading up to a high hill. On the hill there’s a gym (although I’d already had my workout just climbing up to it!), a golf course and food hut, and beautiful panoramic views of the city in all directions.

Although I will admit it would have been helpful to be a bit taller to easily enjoy the views. Sigh. 

I’m hoping to revisit someday soon with my running shoes, or better yet a bottle of wine and a picnic.
Hope everyone’s weekends are starting off well and you find some time to explore!

Sarah xx

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