October 2016 | Recap

October is my favorite month – the turning leaves, apple cider and hot soup, candy and creepy costumes, pumpkins and Halloween, and my birthday! Whereas September is the beginning of Autumn, October is when we really get into the swing of things. I hope you all had wonderful Octobers, here’s a short overview of my jam-packed one.

Where was I in October?

All about England! Plymouth, Falmouth, Exeter, on a train commuting across the southwest (lol), Bristol, Staffordshire.

Most popular instagram…

2 minutes later it rained #England ???

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My favorite instagram…


Working on my skillet skills this weekend ?☕️?

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October adventured like…

  • Lots of dogsitting via Holidig…I met my puppy dog love Sixpence and spent every evening for a fortnight hanging out with her!
  • I’ve started my second placement for my Masters. It’s very different from my first placement as I’m working in an acute physical setting whereas my last one was community! It involves a very long commute and an unflattering green pants uniform, but I’m learning so much and have met some wonderful people (both coworkers and patients)!
  • Birthday festivities! I had so much fun celebrating with friends here in England and hearing from friends & family at home. I painted pottery with some close friends, had a little gathering at my house, and got gluten free pizza on my actual birthday 🙂
  • Managed some day trips to Falmouth & Exeter in between placement and work!
  • My friend Beth got married!!! I traveled up to Bristol & Staffordshire to celebrate her big day (Stay tuned for more on this one!).

^^Jagoda, Me, Vaish & Amanda celebrating my birthday

^^Rainy Plymouth mornings

^And sunny Plymouth mornings!

October tasted like…

  • I’ve definitely gotten more into cooking – I’m trying to do a big meal on the weekends so I can freeze that and use it throughout the week as I’m so busy with the commute etc. I’ve been making lots of soup and chili!
  • Loved trying Espressini Coffee in Falmouth. Will definitely return!

October mantras…

Here’s to November!

Sarah xx

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