I’m Going to Prague! Help!

on January 25, 2017

Happy Wednesday, friends! I’m happy to announce that I will be heading to PRAGUE shortly! So expect lots of castle/snow/(hopefully) gluten free beer photos soon. I’m so excited to expand my experience of Europe – I’ve been to a lot of the Western European countries (UK, France, Italy, Spain) quite a few times, and never even been to Eastern Europe once!

photo from www.bootsnall.com

photo from www.bootsnall.com

Dan and I decided to get these tickets as belated Christmas presents for each other this year. We joked about doing something like this as presents last year, amidst the stress of birthday/Christmas buying. Both of us have late fall/winter birthdays, and both of us get really stressed about present-buying, so by the time we reach Christmas, I just can’t cope with finding another gift.

Earlier this year we were complaining about this to each other, and I reminded him of our little joke last year – “If we were to go somewhere as a present for each other, where would we go?” I mused. Immediately, and in unison, we both asked, “Prague?”

photo from www.hotel-yasmin.cz

photo from www.hotel-yasmin.cz

The only issue is that we’ve both been so busy with work and deadlines, I haven’t had much of a chance to look into things to do! I know there’s a castle, and Charles Bridge, and I found this gluten free restaurant (amidst a country full of sausages, bread, and beer, there is hope lol).

So… have you ever been to Prague? What were your favorite things? What should we do??? Help a girl out!

Sarah xx

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