August 2017 | Recap

AUGUST. What a month. I think my lack of travel over the past few months of 2017 (#libraryslave) has been made up for by August. I’ve managed to see so many places that I’ve been wanderlusting over for years, as well as places that weren’t even on my radar. It’s been the big Eurotrip that I have longed for but been unable to find time/money for since I have been living in the U.K.

Where was I in August?

Where wasn’t I?! England (Plymouth, Penzance, Isles of Scilly, Mousehole, Poole, London), Belgium (Brussels, Ghent, Bruges), Hungary (Budapest), Austria (Vienna), and Slovenia (Ljubljana, Bled, Bohinj, Bovec, Skocjan, Ptuj, and everywhere in between!!!)

Most popular instagram in August…

My favorite instagram in August…

August adventured like…

  • I started out August on HIGH stress level as I finished my Masters dissertation on the 7th (eeeek!). However I finished it about five days early, so I booked a very last-minute trip to Penzance for the weekend. On my second day I took a day trip to the Isles of Scilly, a place I have wanted to go for years but hadn’t make happen yet! It was definitely what I needed, and a taste of solo travel that I really enjoyed!
  • After that, everything has been a whirlwind. I moved out of my home in Plymouth (and realized how much STUFF I have accumulated after two years living there!). It was sad to say goodbye to Plymouth but I know I will be back next month for graduation (eeeeek!)
  • And then, well, I’ve been on a massive Eurotrip with Dan! I haven’t shared many blog posts about it yet as I’ve been truly immersed in traveling, but I’m updating my blog instagram and you can keep updated on our adventures there! And definitely look forward to lots of blog posts about it in September (tbh don’t know how I’m going to write them all I have SO much to tell! AND SO MANY PHOTOS).
Interrailing in luxury
Finally made it to the fireworks championships in Plymouth before I moved out
A final night out with some course mates when we submitted our dissertations
Lovely bunting on St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly
Dan and I on top of a mountain in Slovenia!!!

August tasted like…

  • It has been a little challenging trying to find gluten free food whilst traveling. Not that there haven’t been options – but it’s a bit exhausting to have to research for every meal. Sometimes you just want to pull off to the side of the road to a little “Mom and Pop” type place but that doesn’t work. I have spent a fair few days just having coffee and cheese/meat for breakfast and then chips (“crisps”) for lunch.
  • However I have also found some amazing gluten free restaurants along the way and I’m planning on writing gluten free guides to Brussels, Ljubljana, Budapest, Vienna, Bled, and more! So stay tuned over the coming months 🙂 And if you have any questions about those cities before I write them, you can email me at [email protected]
breakfast with the best-ever homemade jam at our Airbnb in Vienna (best Airbnb ever!)
Coffee-tasting in Ljubljana with Curiocity… more coming about this awesome experience soon!

August read like…

  • I was definitely on a reading spree before I left for my Eurotrip however I did not bring a book with me, and found it really difficult to actually buy an English-written book until we reached Ljubljana! So I’m currently on my way through a book of Slovenian poetry which is pretty incredible to read whilst in the actual country!

August mantras…August 2017 recap mantras August 2017 recap mantras


How were your Augusts? I want to know! It still very much feels like summer to me (I’m writing this from a hostel bar after an 80F day of white water rafting and hiking… so… #summerforever). Very strange to think September and autumn is approaching, but I am excited for all it has to offer. I will actually soon be going off to start my volunteer project I explained before, so I need to snap out of vacation mode ASAP. What do you all have on for September and this new season?

Sarah xx

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  1. What an amazing month! Looking forward to reading all about it and seeing allllllllllll of the pictures! Nick has been on a work marathon for the past year and we haven’t been able to do much, which sucks when you have the wanderlust bug. But I’m hoping we can go away for New Years! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

    1. Haha there will be LOTS of pictures. Honestly feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of posts I now have to write up – not sure it will ever feel complete! It’s so frustrating when you have wanderlust but can’t go anywhere – I felt like that too for a lot of my Masters. You are really good at finding interesting things to do at home, though! (I mean, it helps that home is Hawaii haha). I hope you get to go somewhere fun for New Years!!

  2. Ahh no need to tell me about how tough it can be getting a half decent gf meal whilst out and about. I’ve had some of the most shocking meals in the interest of staying safe! But I don’t care because seeing somewhere new is always worth it.

    Huge congrats on the dissertation and what a great way to celebrate! Slovenia in particular looks absolutely beautiful. We kept trying to get over there but it never quite seemed to happen sadly. So I’m looking forward to all your pics! And all the gluten free guides. Whilst I don’t imagine we’ll be going to any of those places any time soon (although really you never know, right?!) I just love knowing what gf food is out there!

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