Why I Changed My Blog Name to Endless Distances

I finally did it!! I changed my blog name. So why did I do such a thing, and what happens now??

First, I wanted a new blog name mainly so when people googled me or my family, the first thing to pop up wouldn’t be my rambling. I also feel that over the last year, my lil internet space has matured and developed in focus. I wanted a name to reflect that.

All the rules out there tell you to brand your “niche” with your blog name – take the incredibly successful travel blogs, “Adventurous Kate” or “The Blonde Abroad.” The travel blog lists recommended buzz words “travel” and “gypsy” and “explorer” and “adventurer” and “journeys” – Fill In Your Name Here. But one name has been swirling around in my head for months, but it took me a while to commit to it because it doesn’t follow the rules. Endless Distances.


Here’s why I chose “Endless Distances”: 

  • I write about travel (hence, the “distances”) – but I also write about life. I want to write about distances in every sense – the distances between people, places, the distances I will go to tell a story. I feel defined by distances – I live thousands of miles from where I came from, I’m consumed with traveling, learning about, and even running to places far from me. To me, “distances” encompasses the things I long for, in every sense.
  • The phrase “endless distances” comes from one of my favorite poems by Robert Hass. Before blogging, before traveling, before expat life, before almost everything I am now, I wrote poetry. I still do. And I want my narrative writing to reflect the awe I have for the written word. Hass wrote that “a word is elegy to what it signifies.” Words are beautiful, but they mark an end. They mark the transition of experience into story. And that’s sad, but it’s also what keeps humans connected.

What can you expect from me now?

  • I’ll still be writing about my travels, so don’t worry. But what I’ve discovered over this last year of writing is that I’m not really inspired by travel guides or how-to lists. And I’m not so sure you guys are, either. There are literally thousands of other travel blogs out there that tell you “how to find the cheapest flight” “how to spend a weekend in Budapest” “why you should quit your job right now and travel!!!” – and to be honest, they are probably much better at telling you what to do than I am. What I can offer, though, is me. Nobody has ever had the same experience as me, because they aren’t me, so I’m going to be offering you some more personal reflections, some more stories.
  • I’ll be trying to keep to my Wednesday & Saturday posting schedule – and you can catch me linking up with Wanderlust Wednesdays, hopefully weekly!
  • As I’ve “rebranded” you can now find me on pinterest, twitter, instagram (@endlessdistances), bloglovin, and soon…facebook…all with my new name!
  • I’ve got a bit more website editing to do, so bear with me through this lil process of change 🙂


Finally, I hope you all had very happy New Years – here’s to a wonderful year ahead.


Sarah xx

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