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Hey there y’all – I’m here this week with one of my favorite kind of posts, and that’s an update on my upcoming travel plans! I think as I’ve gotten older I’ve started getting more and more enjoyment just out of the travel planning and booking process. Anyone else?

At the start of 2018, I felt a bit lost in terms of travel. I’d just spent the last few months non-stop traveling throughout Europe, having visited 17 countries just in the previous year alone. When I looked ahead to this year in my annual “2018 travel plans” blog post, I realized that… well, I didn’t have a clue! I mentioned a few places I’d love to go, but nothing was concrete.

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Now that we are a third of the way through 2018 (!!) I have a much better picture of where I’ll be jetting (busing, driving, sailing, etc) off to this year. So of course, I wanted to share that with you!

My Upcoming Travel Plans


Quebec City, Quebec – Women in Travel Summit

I’m so excited to be heading to my first ever travel blogging conference in May with the Women in Travel Summit. I managed to swing myself a free ticket and will be writing multiple posts about the experience over the next month, including how I got a free ticket to WITS!

The conference also happens to be in Quebec City, and was well-timed with an award my Dad is receiving in Toronto, so we are making the whole thing into a big family road trip. I’m thrilled to return to Quebec City for the first time in about 10 years! Send me all your tips!


Lansing, Michigan – Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau

You may be wondering why I’ve listed my home town under a “travel plans” post, but that’s because I’m going to be traveling in my own city! I’m going on a press trip with the Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau which hopefully will show me a side of the city I haven’t seen before – and when I write about it I can convince all of you to come visit me of course 😉



Stratford, Ontario

We wanted to combine a trip to the famous Stratford theater festival with our Canadian road trip in May, but didn’t have enough time to fit it all in (now that I have a job and all). The nice thing about living in Michigan, though, is we are neighbors with Canada! We actually used to take school trips into Canada, including the Stratford Festival, when I was growing up. So we are going to try and make it over to the festival in June 🙂



Cleveland, Ohio

I mentioned in my 2018 travel plans post that I would be making my way to Cleveland, Ohio… I’ll definitely be there for a day in July, but I’m hoping I can return for a longer visit later in the year!


The United Kingdom (London, Dorset, Wales)

My BIG trip of 2018! I mentioned a couple weeks ago what is on my 2018 UK bucket list. However, at the point I wrote that post I didn’t know if I would get the dates off work. Luckily, I did! I’ll be headed to the UK for almost three weeks this summer to see Dan, reunite with friends, and see my favorite country!!! I am thrilled!!!

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Want to meet up in the UK? Let me know!


Lagos, Portugal

Okay, I lied. I won’t really be spending a full three weeks in the UK because… I will be jetting off to Portugal for one of those weeks! We are staying in a surfing hostel in a small town in the Algarve that I’ve had my eye on for literally three years. I was sooo close to visiting in October, but plans fell through, so to say this is a long time coming is an understatement. It will be so nice to finally have a proper beach holiday 🙂

I also just saw a post on Hand Luggage Only about Lagos today, which seems like pretty surreal timing. I always feel like they visit the same places I do right before I go! Or maybe it’s just that they’ve been everywhere? Lol.




Macinac Island, Michigan

I’m taking my Mom to Michigan’s famous car-less Macinac Island this summer. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to this sweet island (literally sweet…it’s famous for its fudge!), and I’m so happy to return. I’m also going to be partnering with a wonderful hotel for this trip and I can’t wait to share more details soon 🙂


{In the works…}

Well, that pretty much covers me for the summer, but I’ve already got my cogs working for some Autumn and Winter travel plans. I (probably) won’t be going on any further international trips, because I’m busy working and Dan is visiting this Autumn. Dan would really like to go to the USA West Coast in combination with his trip this coming Autumn, though, so I’m hoping we can make that work. He’s certainly been to Michigan enough times, I understand why he wants to see somewhere new!

Some possible trips in the works:

  • West Coast: Road trip through California, Oregon, Washington, or maybe a roadtrip through the Grand Canyon?
  • Michigan: Hoping to make the most of Michigan this summer and fall with lots of camping and hiking trips, and lake swimming of course!
  • Chicago & Florida: I’ve already been to these two cities in 2018 but I wouldn’t say no to return visits!


Soooo… looks like it’s turning into a busy year! Any new travel plans in the works for you guys? Any recommendations for the places I’m going this summer? Let me know in the comments!

Sarah xx

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