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Sometimes when you travel, you’re not interested in the top ten sights or the best restaurants or Doing Every Possible Thing. Yes, this even happens to travel bloggers 😉 I’ve found myself increasingly craving this kind of travel: travel where I can soak everything up, take a moment to breathe, and not worry about seeing all the sights. I think this is partially because of my health issues lately, that when I travel I want to have the most relaxing experience possible and not further aggravate any of my symptoms. Also, the two trips I’ve taken so far in 2018 (Florida & NYC) were to places I’ve been many times, so I don’t feel that pressure to see the top sights because, well, I already have.

But… that doesn’t mean I’m not going to write about them 🙂 I recently went to Florida for a week on a very last minute trip. It was a week of relaxation by the ocean with my family and was just what I needed. I’ve decided to share a similar post to the the Budapest travel impressions post I wrote a few months ago. Here are my impressions of Vero Beach, Florida…. {if you want a more informative post, you can click that link}

Vero Beach Florida is…

Sandpipers following the tide

The dense smell of coffee, waking me from my morning sleep

Burbling holes in the sand after a wave breaks, where little sand crabs have burrowed in

Puffed up blue jellyfish blown along the shoreline like tumbleweed

The salty humidity in the sea wind. When I hold out my hand it feels like holding hands with the air.

Boiled P-Nuts, Gator Jerky, Navel Oranges: The familiar road side farm signs from the last 20 years of driving the same smooth highway to the airport.

My Aunt Pam, blowing out the candle on her 80th birthday

My Grandfather, winking to me across the dinner table

A round yellow moon through the palm trees

The shockingly full aftertaste, or maybe the existence of any aftertaste at all, of a Pinot Grigio much more expensive than I would drink at home.

Beach sand on a windy day, like tiny needles on my legs.

Walking with my dad along the beach

Dogs chasing tennis balls in the surf

My Grandfather’s new walker, and his ferocious pushing of it down the tiled hallway

Pastel purple sunrise, the colors catching up only once the sun burned above the ocean horizon

Fresh lobster

Crushed ice from the French refrigerator

Sneakers slapping against pavement

Dark lizards, pushing their chins out in warning, or greeting?

Oh, and obviously the annual selfie with my Grandma…

Sarah xx

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  1. Lovely; so evocative. I hope you had a wonderful trip, it certainly sounds like it. Can I borrow your dog to go on beach walks with please?

    I’m also going for a more ‘slow travel’ type approach recently. Not just because it’s trendy, but stuff is so far apart here you kinda have to. It’s not like going to Paris where you could fill your day with endless sights – things here tend to be more of a relax and enjoy type of situation. That’s ok with me but it’s taking some adjustment to my usual travel style!

  2. I love to travel with my mom and sister. It is tons of fun! I enjoyed reading about your impressions about Vero Beach. I agree you need to be in the moment when traveling. Nowadays, there seems to be too many distractions even when we are “resting.”

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