Vero Beach, Florida

There are some places that mean everything – maybe not the most exotic or far flung destination, but the place you return to again and again.

For me that’s Vero Beach, Florida. I’ve visited my grandparents here almost every year of my life and even though it’s vacation, it still feels like coming home. Over the years we’ve racked up many a tradition that a Vero Beach trip is not complete without! I was lucky to spend a week here while home in the USA.

A week in Vero Beach…

See the sunrise

A jet laggy wake up call from Dan took us down to the noseeum filled beach for this fiery sunrise.           
^^feeling not-so-fresh   

Saturday night lobster dinner

A tradition! There is a tiny airport in Vero Beach that only takes flights from Maine and Newark. Random much? Basically the Vero air industry is run by Maine lobsters (Florida lobsters are NOT yummy).

Beach Walk to Nino’s

Our family has done this 6 mile beach walk pretty much since I could first take a step! The long, hot, sandy walk ends at the family run Italian restaurant Nino’s, where we guzzle down lemonade and pizzas.  


^gluten free! Meant to be!

Ice cream at Cravings

Another favorite in downtown orchid island is Cravings, this quirky, tasty ice cream parlor and café.     

Chill at the pool

The Florida heat called for this… 

A lot of this…  

Golf at the Moorings

My first ever golf experience…involved driving the cart around and hiding in the shade as my companions hit their golf balls (into palm trees, rivers, occasionally the hole). ^^what an awesome aerial view…stolen from the Moorings website

  ^^The weather wasn’t always nice…commitment!


Defying gender norms and even seeing some otters playing in the pond outside the spa!  

Fishing in Indian River

I love Florida fishing, especially in late summer when the big fish come out. A classic way to spend a morning in Florida – and we even got the fish fried up for lunch! Our favorite charter company is Vero Tackle and Marina, and we’ve been out fishing with them since I was just a little kid.

^Triple tail  ^ Trout  

^^optical illusion 

Going out to eat & family time

We had lots of nice dinners across town, at the Moorings, Ocean Grill (my favorite), Bonefish Grill, and more.    ^^dinner shenanigans  
  ^moscow mule drink  ^^posing    ^My Grandma’s painting on display!  

Lots and lots of games

A classic in the Bence household was to get competitive over all sorts of games!

Round Island Park & Beach Walks

Apart from the long walk to downtown, there were lots of other walks on the beach to be had, and we even explored Round Island Park (unfortunately did not spot any of the usual Manatees that hang out there!).

And of course rifling through family photo albums…

Against my will at first (embarrassing baby pics) but I did get into looking through all the old family photos!

^my dad


^my all time favorite photo of my Grandpa…and their pet rooster, Clyde, who graced their suburban backyard for a summer!
Thank you GJ & Sir for having us!

Sarah xx

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  1. I hope I don’t sound like a broken record, but your pictures are stunning. That sunrise! This is such an awesome tradition and I’m so glad you go to go while you were back in the states!

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