The Lost Gardens of Heligan

If you’re into gardens, and in England, then the Lost Gardens of Heligan is the place to be. Back when my parents were visiting me in England, this was the garden all the locals recommended. So on a free weekday, we took the train to St. Austell to see for ourselves!


You can drive to the gardens, or if you’re carless or American like us, you may want to stick to public transport…

We took the train to St. Austell station in Cornwall, and from there you can either take a taxi or a bus (the times are listed there) to the gardens. If you have three or more people, the taxi price is pretty reasonable!

You can also buy your ticket at the station – it’s just a bit cheaper than tickets at the gardens! Updated prices are listed here.

The gardens themselves are truly massive. It really takes a whole day to just get a feel for it – this is one I hope to return to!

I think my favorite part of the whole garden was right at the beginning – these amazing statues. The giant and the mud maiden!

I loved how the grasses and vines made her so much more lifelike.

From there, you can follow the map or just meander down the winding paths through the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

We visited during a special exhibit honoring the soldiers from the local town who were lost in World War II, and this whole field was filled with poppies, the British symbol for WWII.


My other favorite part of the gardens was the jungle section….

Mainly because I got to climb across this hanging rope bridge!!

This is definitely a popular part of the gardens – there was a long line as only a certain number of people can be on the bridge at a time! So don’t save this for last.

^^My dad (with requisite camera) crossing the bridge.

^^ mid-bridge selfie

^^walking over the jungle tree tops!


The rest of the garden is lovely and lush and we had a great time exploring…

There’s one section that’s devoted to the produce that they use in their restaurant…called the “kitchen gardens.”

^^It even hosts its own particularly British scarecrow  

^^My mom powering through the Lost Gardens of Heligan

^^Mom posing with British Scarecrow Man

^^There’s even some wildlife to meet, including these OSTRICHES!! Ostriches have historically been kept on the garden grounds.

^^The family garden-lover enjoying the day out

Admittedly, I don’t have a green thumb. And for those of you less horticulturally inclined, like me, you’ll be happy to know the Heligan Kitchens is amazing.

It’s super cute and quaint and colorful.

The food is locally made (with the veggies from the Kitchen Garden) and there are plenty of gluten free options, all marked! I was in foodie heaven.

^^Our v. aesthetic spread…on top of the garden map!

^^I loved this rhubarb and vanilla drink!

^^so cute.  

The Lost Gardens of Heligan were huge, gorgeous, lush, and…yummy. I highly recommend if you are in the Southwest area!


Sarah xx

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