Mackerel Fishing in the English Channel!

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So Father’s day was, what? A few months ago? But when my dad visited all the way from the USA in July, I had to treat him to a classic (belated) father’s day treat – fishing! And Mackerel fishing in the English Channel no less!

Fishing has been a big part of my life – and my relationship with my dad! Both my parents are biologists, and my dad studies fish (to put it simply).  I grew up fishing in the lakes in Michigan, off of docks and canoes and row boats. I learned to fly fish in the local river park when I was 7 years old.  When we travel we love to fish as well – we’ve caught salmon in Alaska and each time we visit my Grandparents we go fishing in the lagoons and briny rivers of Florida. I remember being 8 and catching a lady fish in Florida, and taking a photo back to show and tell in my fourth grade classroom.

So fishing seemed like the perfect way to celebrate a belated Father’s day, and get some sight seeing in for my parents as well! Luckily, there are some great charter fishing companies in Plymouth. I opted to go with Plymouth Fish ‘N’ Trips Mackerel and Deep Sea Fishing 3.5 hour trip. Their prices are really reasonable, and they also have a reduced “spectator” price (which my non-fishing mother was pleased about).


Fishing: £25.00 per person

Spectator: £15.00 per person


Sarah xx

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