June 2016 | Recap

on July 3, 2016

A bit delayed this month (because I wanted to get my post for the travel link up in!) but here’s a recap of June… A pretty eventful month for me equally full of travel and hard work for my masters!


June Adventured Like…

  • Serious adventures this month! I randomly went to Norway for a week at the beginning of the month, where I explored Oslo and Stavanger, went on the most incredible hike of my life, and a couple more adventures you’ll read about this month! Truly a trip of a lifetime, and it was made even better that I could combine it with visiting three friends I made whilst on placement.
  • England’s hiking didn’t disappoint either in June… I got to finally see Old Harry Rocks and it was everything I dreamed of (but hotter!)
  • MY PARENTS ARE HERE!! I’m so excited for family time, showing my parents around England, and even experiencing some new things in England with them… like Liverpool!

June on the Blog…

  • Ive been trying to post more regularly and the “schedule” feature is coming in handy… Have you noticed?
  • I’ve restructured my blog menu so it’s easier to navigate, and sorted travel by country… Check it out!
  • I think this is the first time I’ve ever posted about a trip right after it’s happened! So I’m really happy about that (and hope you haven’t gotten sick of Norway talk)!

June Tasted Like…

  • I discovered the ins and outs of gluten free food in Norway which did not disappoint!
  • I’m so into grilling!!! This whole European disposable grill thing has blown my mind!


June Read Like…

  • I finished reading Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant and it’s been the perfect book to transition me back into “serious” reading after my year-long hiatus/English major recovery

June Mantras…



Exciting adventures coming up… I’ve booked my ticket home for a few weeks this summer, where I’ll be galavanting around Michigan, hitting up Florida for a week (hi GJ and Sir!!) and I’ve even rigged it so I can stay just long enough to see my cousin get married! I love booking plane tickets, especially when there are people I love at the other end 🙂 For July, though, I’m still in England finishing up work for the first year of my masters and traveling around the UK!

Sarah xx

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